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By the beginning of 2100, Nintendo will release a soundtrack for New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE. It features 46 songs. Nintendo did orchestrated remixes of popular songs from Mario history, combined a few, and used some elements to make some new songs. These come mainly from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. If you can't find the CD at stores, just go to YouTube and type the track names in parenthesis.

Track Listing

  1. Main Theme (Gusty Garden Galaxy + plus SMG2 title theme)
  2. Peach's Party (Star Festival)
  3. Invasion (Airship Attack Theme)
  4. Red Star (Red Star)
  5. Bowser Jr. (BJ boss fight in BJBB from SMG2)
  6. Knocked Off (FInal Bowser Battle Intro)
  7. World 1 (Gusty Garden Galaxy)
  8. World 2 (Dusty Dune Galaxy)
  9. World 3 (Starshine Beach Galaxy)
  10. World 4 (Wild Glide Galaxy)
  11. World 5 (Space Junk Galaxy)
  12. World 6 (Freezeflame Galaxy/Shiverburn Galaxy)
  13. World 7 (Hazy Maze Cave)
  14. World 8 (Bowser's Galaxy Generator intro + Bowser's Star Reactor)
  15. Overworld (Toy Time Galaxy)
  16. Underground (Flipswitch Galaxy/Nostalgia 1)
  17. Athletic (Yoshi Star Galaxy)
  18. Tower (Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla)
  19. Castle (Bowser's Lava Lair)
  20. Airship (Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada)
  21. Lemmy Koopa (Dino Piranha)
  22. Larry Koopa (Peewee Piranha)
  23. Wendy Koopa (Beach Bowl Galaxy + Megahammer)
  24. Iggy Koopa (Megahammer + Major Burrows)
  25. Morton Koopa (Megaleg)
  26. Roy Koopa (King Kaliente)
  27. Ludwig Koopa (Peewee + Megaleg)
  28. Desert Overworld (Slipsand Galaxy)
  29. Beach Overworld (Beach Bowl Galaxy)
  30. Underwater (Beach Bowl Underwater)
  31. Moon Overworld (Battlerock Galaxy)
  32. Space Station (Space Storm Galaxy)
  33. Ghost House (Big Boo's Haunt)
  34. Ice Overworld (Freezy Flake Galaxy)
  35. Lava Overworld (Melty Monster Galaxy)
  36. Forest Overworld (Bubble Breeze Galaxy)
  37. Factory Overworld (Buoy Base Galaxy/Topman's Tower)
  38. Bowser's Castle (Bowser's Galaxy Generator)
  39. Bowser Battle, Stage 1 (Bowser Brawl SMG2)
  40. Saving Peach (SMG Universe Rebirth)
  41. Bowser Battle, Stage 2 (Final Bowser Battle, SMG + SMG2)
  42. Saving Peach Again (Peach Returns SMG2)
  43. The Koopalings and the Decision (Bowser Brawl SMG)
  44. Credits (SMG Credits and SMG2 Credits) (That mix would be the best thing ever)
  45. The Galaxy Cave (Bowser's Galaxy Reactor)
  46. Theme of New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE (Trailer theme, Gusty Garden Galaxy + SM64 Credits)

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