New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE
The boxart, by Simpson55 (tbc)
Developer(s) Great Games, Inc.
Publisher(s) Great Games, Inc.
Platform(s) The Future Nintendo
Release Date(s)
Single Player

Multiplayer (2-4 players)

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Media Included Future Nintendo Disc
This game is a two-dimensional Mario platformer. It was created to add many more features to the New Super Mario Bros. series after some of the previous installments were criticized for lack of originality (cough-New Super Mario Bros. 2). It is based on some of the older games, such as Super Mario World.


Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad all arrive at Peach's Castle for a party to celebrate Peach's last rescue, in which all of them contributed to. There are Toads and Yoshis there. As the party goes on, Mario remembers that he has forgotten something in the castle and leaves to get it. When he comes back, Peach has been dragged onto an airship by the Koopalings and all the Toads attending the party are fleeing. Mario reaches into his pocket where he keeps his emergency power-up supply and pulls out a Red Star from Super Mario Galaxy. He flies up to the airship where Peach is captive and battles Bowser Jr. Mario seems to have won after he knocks Bowser Jr. and the rest of the Koopalings off of the ship, but Kamek flies up and uses his magic to stop the Koopalings' fall. He then zaps Mario, making him fall off and into World 1.

Mario progresses through the world, catching up to Lemmy Koopa at his castle. Mario keeps defeating the Koopalings, but Bowser still has Peach captive in his castle, according to information Mario and friends found after defeating Ludwig Koopa in World 7. They progress to Bowser Jr.'s airship, where he duels Mario. Mario wins and goes to Bowser's Castle. Bowser turns into a robot, which Mario must duel with ground-pounds. After five hits, Bowser gets bigger, but he accidentally breaks Peach's cage open. Peach tells Mario she knows how to stop Bowser and heads inside a small hatch in the robot's leg. Mario and Peach get to the top and hit a switch to destroy Bowser. However, Kamek flies in and gives Bowser power, and then leaves. Bowser Jr. arrives on the scene and he and Bowser battle Mario and Peach. Mario overpowers them and destroys the castle.

The Koopalings get to Bowser's Castle too late. They decide against rescuing their dad and brother because Bowser would punish them greatly for not stopping Mario.

After defeating Bowser with all Star Coins in the game, a special scene shows where Bowser's kids are looking for something called the Galaxy Cave.


Gameplay of New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE is very similar to the gameplay of past 2D Mario titles, mainly New Super Mario Bros. U.

New Elements

This game introduces many new modes to the series, including a Minigame Mode featuring minigames purchasable from Peach's Castle with Star Coins, a DIY mode with a level creator, and a Rush Mode, where the player has to clear a world in the fasted time possible. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is also implemented into this game. New power-ups are also introduced, which are a Wiggler Suit, a Hammer Flower, a Magic Wand, and a 5-Up Mushroom.

Returning Elements

While featuring new elements, things from other games return too, such as an interconnected world map and hint movies. Gameplay of New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE is also nearly identical to past games, featuring classic items and similar controls and story. Mario also has his classic moves: the jump, triple jump, somersault, backflip, spin jump, and ground-pound.

Game Modes

  • Story Mode: This is the normal game availible from the start of the game where Mario plays through courses trying to defeat Bowser and his kids. Levels from Story Mode are playable online with up to four players. They can vote on a world to play in and then the level within the world.
  • Minigames: Mario can access Peach's Castle and purchase up to 20 fun minigames that can be played through the main game, too. The player can submit their records into a worldwide leaderboard. The mode is unlocked after defeating Lemmy Koopa in his castle.
  • D.I.Y. Mode: Here, the player can use elements from the game to create any type of level and if the player wants, they can submit it into a worldwide library where others can play your level.  This mode is unlocked after defeating Iggy Koopa in Wiggler Jungle.
  • Rush Mode: The player selects one world where they must travel through the world and beat the castle boss with only one life. Mario is timed. The player can submit their record for any world and get into the worldwide leaderboards. This mode has no map, so Mario is just transported to the next level depending on which exit he uses. Secret exits leading to cannons are blocked off. This mode is unlocked after defeating Ludwig von Koopa in Nuclear Factory.



There are four playable characters, listed below. Each have their own unique stats.

Name Picture Stats
Mario Mario has average statistics. He doesn't jump as high as his brother, but makes up for that with increased strength.
Luigi also has average statistics. He jumps higher than Mario, but is weaker than him.
Blue Toad
Blue Toad can jump very high, even higher than Luigi, and can run fast, too. However, he has low traction and is very weak.
Yellow Toad
Yellow Toad can also jump high, but runs slower than Blue Toad. He is stronger, though.
Yoshi (NSML)
In some levels, Yoshi eggs can be found which contain either green, cyan, pink, or yellow Yoshis, who can be ridden on. They can flutter jump and walk faster than Mario. If they eat five pieces of fruit or five enemies, then they will spit out an item.


Name Picture Description
Peach is the damsel-in-distress, kidnapped by Bowser's mischievous children in the beginning of the game. Mario and co. must rescue her.


Name Picture Tactics Worlds
Lemmy Koopa
Lemmy Koopa
Rolls at Mario on his ball, who must jump on him three times to defeat him. In the castle fight, the edges of the arena have lava. 1
Larry Koopa
Larry's battle takes place in an arena with quicksand on the edges. He tries to jump around and stomp on Mario, and after the second hit, he releases three Dry Bones from the sky (five in the castle) to attack him. 2
Wendy Koopa
Wendy O. Koopa Artwork
Wendy's battle takes place in a large room with many platforms made of water geysers. These rise and lower, and Wendy jumps from them to try to attack the player. After her second hit, she sends out a Porcupuffer to attack the player (three in the castle). 3
Iggy Koopa
Iggy runs around the course trying to zap Mario with his wand. The blasts will create holes in the floor that reveal poison water. In the castle fight, he will shoot three fireballs, but the ground will fix itself after each hit. 4
Morton Koopa
Morton Koopa is fought outside, unique to all of his siblings. His arena is large. Kamek will increase his size about two times (three in the castle) and will set Goombas and Koopas on Mario while trying to stomp on him. Morton can be jumped on by bouncing off of an enemy. 5
Roy Koopa
Roy LS
Roy Koopa is fought on three ice pillars (two in the castle fight) that rise high. They are slippery, which can make Mario fall between the gaps. Roy tries to jump on Mario and run into him. 6
Ludwig Koopa
504px-Ludwig NSMBWii
The battle takes place on three moving platforms in the air like in the Wii game, but holes in the wall release Goombas, which are Venus Fire Traps in the castle fight. Ludwig will try to hit Mario with fireballs from his wand. He can flutter-jump. 7
Bowser Jr.
Jr.'s fought the most out of any boss in the game, a good seven times. In all of the airship battles, he can be stomped on, but he uses different things in each. He is also fought four times in World 8 using his World 6 Airship skills. 8 + Airships
Bowser 8


There are many enemies in this game, so many that they get their own page.

Main article: Enemies (New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE)


The worlds of this game all take place in one location, like in Super Mario World. World 1 is in a grassy field, World 2 is in a desert, World 3 is by a sea, World 4 is in a forest, World 5 is on a planet, World 6 is in a tundra, World 7 is in a factory, and World 8 is near a volcano. The map is all connected, a feature returning from New Super Mario Bros. U. Cannons will also return, being present in each world. Bowser's Castle's cannon is unlocked by beating Bowser himself and shoots to World 9. After using this portal, another one will be availible in World 1. Switch palaces from Super Mario World will also be present, with Red in World 2, Green in World 3, Yellow in World 5, Blue in World 7, and Rainbow in World 8.

World Name Description Levels Cannon
1 Mushroom Lake Ground + Water 12 World 4
2 Dry Dry Desert Desert 13 World 5
3 Seaside Resort {Water + Mountain 18 World 6
4 Wiggler Jungle Jungle 21 World 6
5 Mushroom Moon Moon (Ground) 22 World 7
6 Frozen Tundra Ice + Water TBA World 7
7 Nuclear Factory Factory + Mountain 25 World 8

Bowser's Castle

Lava + Mountain 25 World 9
9 Star World Varies 10 No Cannon

Toad Houses

Toad Houses work like in the New Super Mario Bros. series and Super Mario Bros. 3. Usually, there are common items in red houses, 1-Ups in green houses, and powerful items in yellow houses. Instead of only a star from the yellow ones, it will also give Golden Flowers and Mega Mushrooms. New Blue Toad Houses work like red ones, but also contain Yoshis as soon as one is used in a level in the same world. These are rarer.

Peach's Castle

After defeating Lemmy Koopa in Mushroom Lake Castle, Peach's Castle will become availible in the middle of the map, north of Dry Dry Desert. Hint movies can be purchased along with minigames.

  • Hint Movies: These cost one Star Coin each and can give Mario tips about tricky courses.
  • Minigames:


Transforming Items

Name Picture Function Picture
Super Mushroom Turns Mario into Super Mario.
Fire Flower
Turns Mario into Fire Mario.
Ice Flower
Ice Flower - Mario Kart 8 Wii U
Turns Mario into Ice Mario.
Super Leaf Turns Mario into Raccoon Mario.
NSMB2 RaccoonMariotransparent
Mini Mushroom Turns Mario into Mini Mario.
MiniMario NSMB2
Mega Mushroom Turns Mario into Mega Mario.
MegaMario NSMB2
Hammer Flower
Hammer Flower (SMU)
Turns Mario into Hammer Mario.
Boomerang Flower Turns Mario into Boomerang Mario.
Cloud Flower
Cloudy pie
Turns Mario into Cloud Mario. Cloudmario
Propeller Mushroom Turns Mario into Propeller Mario.
Star Turns Mario into Invincible Mario.
I 20475
Wigger Suit - NEW Pic will come soon. Turns Mario into Wiggler Mario.
Wiggler Mario
Magic Wand - NEW
Turns Mario into Magic Mario.
Gold Flower
Turns Mario into Gold Mario.

Non-Transformation Items

Name Picture Function
Coin Coins are very common. They contribute to the player's overall score and if 100 are collected, an extra life is earned.
Red Coin
Coin - Gold Red
Eight of these appear after the player passes through a Red Ring. If all of them are collected, then they will get an item. If they are using a power-up, then a 1-Up Mushroom, if not, a normal power-up.
Blue Coin
Blue Coin Art
These appear when a blue P-Switch is pressed. They stay on the level for usually about ten seconds and appear in large amounts.
Red Ring
A Red Ring creates eight Red Coins, whose functions are stated in the Red Coin box.
Star Coin
Three of these are found in each level and can be used to buy goodies from Peach's Castle.

1-Up Mushroom

The player gets one extra life.
5-Up Mushroom
5 up
The player gets five extra lives. This item is very rare.
? Block
QuestionBlock NSMB
When ground-pounded or hit from below, these blocks spew out either a power-up or a coin, turning into a Used Block.
Winged ? Block
Flying Question Block
These are the same as ? Blocks but fly around, making it harder for the player to hit.
Brick Block
Brick Block
If hit from below, it can either break or spews out a power-up or a coin. If something comes out, it becomes a Used Block.
Used Block
UsedBlock NSMBWii
A ? Block or Brick Block after an item comes out.
Roulette Block
Roulette Block SMWU
Pictures of items flash very quickly, and the player must hit it to try to get the item they want.
Snake Block
Snake Block SMWU
These blocks move along a set path, usually above an abyss. The player can walk on it, but it may dip into hazardous substances such as lava or poison.
Ice Block
Giant Ice Block
Slippery blocks that can be picked up and thrown.
Note Block
Blocks that give a little spring to the player's step if they press the jump button at the right time.
Grab Block
Grab Block SMWU
Grab Blocks can be grabbed and thrown for a variety of purposes.
POW Block
If thrown, these blocks kill all enemies on screen and make any coins from above fall down, including Star Coins.
Super Guide Block
If the player has died eight times in a level, a cosmic version of the character used comes and takes over the stage, doing it for the player, but the level marker on the world map stays red (not flashing).
Stretch Block
Stretch Block
They will look like one block but expand ("stretch") horizontally or vertically, showing all (usually five) blocks.
Glow Block
Glow Block SMWU
In dark places, such as caves and Ghost Houses, these can be found. These produce light and can be carried around, at the cost of using a power-up.
Yoshi Egg
Spawns a Yoshi.
Berries that can be eaten by Yoshi. If five are eaten, then the player gets power-ups.
P-Switch NSMB2
Can do a variety of functions, most commonly making Blue Coins appear, which are described above.
One appears in each world except Star World. These can shoot the player to another world. They have to be unlocked by finding a level's secret exit.
Cannon Pipe
Mg cannon
These work like Warp Pipes, but instead of taking the player somewhere else, it shoots them high above.
Warp Pipe
NSMB Warp Pipe
These are the chief means of transport in the Mushroom Kingdom. Some do nothing, but others warp the player to different places. Some come in a smaller form which only Mini Mario can enter.
Like with Note Blocks, these can also be used to jump high, but these can be carried around, unlike Note Blocks.
Beanstalk NSMBW 2012
These can be used to climb to secret places (but can be part of a normal level, too). These are found in Brick Blocks or Invisible Brick Blocks.
+ Clock
Plus Clock SMG2
In levels with little time, these clocks can be found which give ten seconds to the clock, or blue varieties which give fifty seconds.
Checkpoint Flag
Checkpoint Flag SM3DL
These are what their name suggests: checkpoints. If the player dies, they return here if they have been passed.
Goal Pole
Red Flagpole NSMBDIY
These signify the end of the level. The player must jump on it to officially complete it. They get points the higher up they land, getting a 1-Up at the top.


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Sequels and Spin-Offs

At 2099, its sequel, Super Mario Galaxy ULTIMATE was announced, scheduled for release in early 2101. A spin-off, Mario Sports Resort, was also announced. Its release date is in 2100.