New Super Mario Bros. U 2
NSMBU2 box
Developer(s) CS Games
Publisher(s) CS Games
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Normal Mode, Coin Rush Mode, Nabbit Mania Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Media Included Disc
New Super Mario Bros. U2 is a Wii U Game combining elements of NSMB2 and NSMBU.



Image Name Description
Mario Jump NSMBU Mario Why else is it a Mario game? Our favorite plumber is venturing out again into the Mushroom World to figjht Bowser and get Peach Back.
NSMBULuigi Luigi Of course Luigi helps! He has higher jumps than Mario does.
Yellow Toad Running SMWU  Yellow Toad Yellow toad is back alongside the other 4 heroes.
Blue Toad NSMBW2-BB Blue Toad OK, OK, we get it, he's back. we'll skip the intro for your sake.
Rosalinasmg2 Rosalina Rosalina is back alongside the other 4 heroes.


Yoshis as well as Baby Yoshis appear in Super Mario World U. In the game Yoshi comes in Green, Yellow, Cyan, and Pink, they all behave the same like in New Super Mario Bros. U. Baby Yoshis have their own unique powers and they can be taken along the adventure unless they are thrown or run into Lava, Poison Water or an abyss.

Image Name Description
WiiU NewMarioU 2 char01 E3 Yoshis Yep, it's Yoshi, appearing in almost every Mario game, including this one.
BluebabyyoshiNSMBU Bubble Baby Yoshi These Bubble-blowing Yoshis are, for the third time, blowing bubbles for Mario to...Ok, we get it. (But what does he eat? Dishwashing Liquid?)
MagentababyyoshiNSMBU Balloon Baby Yoshi Balloon Baby Yoshis are inflating for mario to help him get to out-of-reach places again.
Glow Baby Yoshi NSMBU Bulb Baby Yoshi Bulb Baby Yoshis, yeah ,yeah, we get it.
Dash baby yoshi Dash Baby Yoshi Faster! Faster! Exactly! That's this guy's power!




Image Item Powerup form Description(if new) Form
- - Small Mario - Small-mario
SuperMushroomNSMB2 Super Mushroom Super Mario - Mario NSMB2
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower Fire Mario - NSMB2 Fire Mario
Ice Flower SMWU Ice Flower Ice Mario - IceMario.
NSMBU Star Super Star Invincible Mario - 7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o
PenguinSuit Penguin Suit Penguin Mario - Penguin Mario
Super Acorn
Super Acorn Squirrel Mario - Flying Squirrel Mario
GoldFlower Gold Flower Gold Mario - NSMB2 Golden Mario
Spring Mushroom SMG Spring Mushroom Spring Mario - Spring mario boing
Life Mushroom SMG Life Mushroom Life Mario Life Mario can get hit 5 times before turning to Super Mario.
Life Mario
Bronze Flower
Bronze Flower Bronze Mario Bronze Mario turns stuff into Bronze Coins. Those are worth half a Coin.
Bronze Mario
NEW!Ink Flower Ink Flower Ink Mario Ink Mario Can blind enemies with Ink, making them attack blindly, often missing Mario.
Ink Mario
Ray Mushroom
Ray Mushroom Ray Mario Squirrel Mario, except it's easier to glide.
Ray Mario