This page will serve as the list of boss battles in New Super Mario Bros. Theta.

Tower Bosses

World Image Name How to Defeat
1 576px-SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art Boom Boom
2 Sumobrofist Sumo Bro.
3 551px-Pom Pom 3d Pom Pom
Unagi SHMW
5 Flutter - MP Island Tour Flutter
6 Reznor4 Reznors
7 Spike - Super Mario 3D World Spike
8 364px-Kamek-212x283 Kamek

Airship Bosses

  1. Iggy: Not surprisingly, the cheating koopaling uses a Chain Chomp-pulled chariot to fight you, as well as his wand; to defeat him, just stomp him three times.
  2. Morton Jr.
  3. Lemmy
  4. Larry
  5. Roy
  6. Wendy
  7. Ludwig
  8. Bowser Jr.
  9. Bowser

Castle Bosses

A Castle Boss is usually always the main enemy in a world, enhanced by Kamek's magic:

  1. Gigoomba (Giant Goomba)
  2. Mummipokey (Pokey covered in bandages)
  3. Chief Chilly (A Frozen Bully)
  4. Gooper Blooper (A Giant-Squid variant of the Blooper)
  5. Petey Piranha (You all know him, right?)
  6. Monty Tank (A Big Monty Mole in a tank)
  7. Lakithunder (An electricity charged Lakitu)
  8. King Boo (The Ruler of all the ghosts and Luigi's dire enemy)

World 9: Bowser

Image Name Phase No. Description
Bowser SSB4 Bowser 1 In the first part of the fight, ol' spikeshell sports a new Koopa Klown Car, complete with automated mechanical arms (Sonic 3 final boss, anyone?). While he stays above you, virtually safe from harm, he tosses in Bob-ombs and summons Micro Mecha-Bowsers, while staying above the battlefield, laughing at you while you either get blown to bits or killed by his windup toys. To end this phase, hit him with either the Bob-ombs or the Mechas three times to drop him off his little toy and into the lava (why does he put his castle in a volcano anyway?!)
520px-DRYBONESBOWSER Dry Bowser 2 He comes back to guard Peach in his bony form, tossing bonemerangs (like the Boomerang Bros.) and spitting blue fireballs. To drop him, simply stomp the switch behind him to drop him into the purple goo.
Giga Bowser SSBR Giga Bowser 3 The form first seen in Brawl returns in this final phase: You must climb out of the crumbling volcano, while Giga Bowser chases after you, spitting fireballs and occasionaly swiping his tail; the strategy is simple: just RUN; don't even think of fighting him, just run to the big switch at the back of the volcano to bring him down.

World Star (Mega Man only)

Level Image Name Weakness
Star-1 Pharaohman Pharaoh Man Thunder Beam
Star-2 Airman Air Man Leaf Shield
Star-3 Hard Man Hard Man Crash Bomber
Star-4 Ringman Ring Man Pharaoh Shot
Star-5 Elec-Man Elec Man Metal Blade
Star-6 Crash Man Crash Man Air Shooter
Star-7 Metal Man Metal Man Ring Boomerang
Star-8 Wood Man Wood Man Pharaoh Shot
Star-Castle MortonKoopaSr.

Morton Koopa Sr.