New Super Mario Bros. Theta, or New Super Mario Bros Θ, is a fan game and a 2D sidescroller, featuring old enemies, new concepts, and a new character to use.



Image Name Description Special Ability Unlock?
200px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Mario Basic.
150px-Luigi Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World
Luigi Basic.
Rosalina SSB3M Rosalina Basic.
576px-Toad Minecart Artwork - Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Captain Toad Basic.
Yoshi-ssb4 Yoshi Beat World 5.
DonkeyKongSSB4 Donkey Kong Purchase in shop for 10 Star Coins.
WarioOverallsSSB4 Wario Purchase in Shop for 10 Star Coins.
150px-Waluigi PizzaRulez
Waluigi Purchase in Shop for 10 Star Coins.
470px-MegaManSSB4 Mega Man Beat the game, then purchase in shop for 50 star coins.


Image Name Description Mega Man Variation
MushroomMK8 Super Mushroom Charge Buster
FireFlower Fire Flower Pharaoh Shot
Propellermushroom Propeller Mushroom Air Shooter
HammerSuit Hammer Suit Hard Knuckle
BoomerangSuit Boomerang Flower Ring Boomerang
ThunderFlower Thunder Flower Thunder Beam
BomberSuitSME Bomber Suit Crash Bomber
Metal Flower Metal Flower Metal Blade
121px-SuperLeafMK7 Super Leaf Leaf Shield


See Boss Battles


The Layout for the worlds is simple, two courses, a tower, three courses (plus a hidden route), an Airship, two courses to choose from, then the castle (the secret worlds don't use this layout):

  1. Mushroom Plains: The starting world and Bowser's first line of defense.
  2. Donut Desert: A desert level where every Pokey loves to be and no water dares to flow.
  3. Vanilla Glaciers: The ever-cold glaciers from Super Mario Kart return.
  4. The Sunshine Isles: You ever miss the Sunshine Isles from Sunshine and 64 DS? Now you can re-explore them again (just be sure to watch for Deep Cheep Chomps).
  5. Rumble Jungle: These Pirahna Plant-infested jungles are hazardous, but not required to get to Level 6 (just take Flower World instead!).
  6. Choco Mountains: Ever wonder where N64's Choco Mountains came from? Explore beyond the Mario Kart racetrack and climb up the delicious peaks.
  7. Marshmallow Clouds: Fluffy, bouncy and tasty, the Marshmallow Clouds are both flavorful and terrifying (to anyone that has a fear of heights, that is).
  8. Ghost Valley of Bowser: Instead of his usual fiery kingdom, Bowser allied with King Boo, turning the Ghost Valley into his own lair (Yes, there is a Luigi's Mansion stage: it's the local castle to be exact)
  9. Bowser's Volcanic Fortress (One stage only): When Bowser set up shop in the haunted valley, he grew a volcano in the middle to act as his castle, ruling over everything in his molten fortress.
  10. Mushroom World: A hidden level that provides an alternate route to World 3.
  11. Flower World: A secret boss-free world that gives safe passage to those wishing to avoid the dense jungles.
  12. Star World: A challenging world only playable with the blue bomber, Star World houses 8 robot masters from past games that he must face before taking on the final castle.



  • Instead of being powered-up with similar abilities, when Mega Man picks up a power-up, he gains one of his downloaded abilities and the coloration he sports when he gains the power.

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