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A first look

New Super mario Bros. The Finale is a sequel to the New Super Mario Bros. 3. It is the last game in the Super Mario Series. The Main Characters are Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, and Blue Toad.


One Day Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi are out and about playing in the fields outside of the Mushroom Kingdom. All of a sudden they see Bowser's airship go flying by. Then Toad comes by running and out of breath saying Koopalings ... Attacked us .....  Princess Peach .... Kidnapped! " Then The four of them run and get into the car driven by Blue Toad going after the princess and Their Koopa Foe.


The game will consist of 8 worlds with 6 levels each. There is a add on to world 8. Including a tower and a Castle. Towers will be ran by either Boom Boom, Pom Pom, or Kamek. The 7 Castles will be ran by the koopalings and the final castle ran by Bowser.



Koopa Troopas

Banzai Bills

Bullet Bills


Hammer Bros.


Dry Bones

Cheep Cheeps

Piranha Plants






Boomerang Bros.

Para Beatles

Spike Pillars



Monty Mole


Lava Bubble


Chain Chomps

Fish Bones


Shadow Mario

World 8 Add on Final Castle

When bowser jr. has been defeated, princess peach is freed and she goes to mario. then bowser jr. gets up and kamek comes and ressurects bowser. then bowser grabs peach in his hand and bowser jr. blows a whistle. then all of the enemies and the koopalings with boom boom and pom pom with Shadow Mario surround them and then bowser pulls a curtain showing all of the toads including Yellow Toad, Toadsworth, and Toadette in a cage. then another cage comes down with the baby yoshis and Daisy in it. Bowser then says Surrender Mario. I have the girl, i control the kingdom and you are lost. then Mario says Guys ... NOW! Then it goes in to action and adopts the fre roam ability of the 3d mario games and you control mario and the others are controlled by the computer and mario goes to attack bowser and save peach and the others hold off the enemy. then it goes back into movie mode and Mario's face turns into a hero's face and he says Luigi. then luigi says yes and mario then says take good care of Peach and then Mario does the unthinkable. he runs into bowser and the two of them fall into the lava and die once and for all. the Peach says " Mario ", Toad says " Mario " and Luigi, shocked says " Brother!!!!! ". then The enemies retreat back to safe territory and Blue toad frees the toads and daisy and peach, toad, and luigi cry as they all walk back to peaches castle. That officialy ends the Super Mario series and Mario/Bowsers Life.

( Note there is a sequel to this game also the starter of a new series the Super Luigi series )

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