New Super Mario Bros. Terrible Tornados

New Super Mario Bros. Terrible Tornados is a game in the Mario Series. It is also a game in the New Super Mario Bros. Series.


Bowser has Kamek use a magical spell that sends tornados throughout the mushroom kingdom. He also sends one special tornado that kidnaps Princess Peach and brings her to Bowser's castle. So Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad go on an adventure to rescue her.

Playable Characters:

Main Characters:


The gameplay is drastically different from the other New Super Mario Bros. games. The major difference is that tornados are in every course, and will try and suck you/your friends/your items up into them. Although the bosses aren't very creative, the last boss (after a Bowser fight and a giant Bowser fight) is against all the previous bosses in a giant tornado.

Beta Content:

Originally, Bowser was going to be playable when the tornados take over the world, but Nintendo thought Tornados as villains in a main series Mario game was stupid, so they just went with a slightly different then usual Bowser kidnap plot.


The game got positive reviews. People thought the concept alone of tornados everywhere was good.

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