New Super Mario Bros. TV!
Producer(s) Super Leaf Studios Animation Dept.
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Broadcaster(s) Disney XD
Type CGI Animation
First Air Date(s)
October 21, 2016
Last Air Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
TV-Y7 (Seasons 1-2)
Charles Martinet, Samantha Kelly, Mark Hamill, and more
Original Language English
Season(s) 1
Runtime 22 Minutes (30 Minute Block)
Status Upcoming

New Super Mario Bros. TV! is a CGI animated TV show that will premiere on Disney XD in July 2016. It will be a cartoon, like the 3 other Mario TV shows (Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World), but will be very different in that it is 3D CGI instead of 2D Animation.


New Super Mario Bros. TV Was formally announced on March 20th, 2016, at the launch event for the Nintendo FutureX. That same day, a trailer was released. On May 5, 2016, The Cast and Network Details were announced, as well as an official Release Date of July 15, 2016. However, on June 1, 2016, It was delayed to October 21.


  • Charles Martinet as Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth, Wario, Waluigi, and Additional voices.
  • Samantha Kelly as Peach, Toads, Toadette, and additional Voices.
  • Mark Hamill as Bowser, Larry Koopa, Iggy Koopa
  • Jason Isaacs as Ludwig Von Koopa
  • Caety Sagoian as Bowser Jr.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Wendy O. Koopa
  • Taylor Gray as Lemmy Koopa
  • Fred Tatasciore as Morton Koopa Jr.
  • Steve Blum as Roy Koopa
  • Ashley Eckstein as Rosalina
  • Various as Bowser's Minions (Such as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Hammer Bros.)


The Series, despite its name, Is not only focused around the New Super Mario Bros. Series. It follows a unique chronology, beginning with the Events of Mario Bros. (1983) and Super Mario Bros. (1985) in a prequel special, which will air on Youtube on July 1, 2016, and then time-skipping to The events of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and New Super Mario Bros.