New Super Mario Bros. Sunshine
Developer(s) UniversalGaming Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Winter 2012-2013(JP)

Spring 2013 (NA, EU, AU)


Multiplayer Battle Mode Mission Mode

Age Rating(s)
Rated E for Everyone
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

New Super Mario Bros. Sunshine is a one to two-player game centered around Bowser Jr.'s return to Isle Delfino, and its surrounding islands. He is causing trouble, around the same time that Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toadsworth plan another vacation to Isle Delfino. Mario reunites with F.L.U.D.D., while Luigi gets a counterpart, known as H.I.D.R.O.


Mario and Luigi recieve a letter from Peach, which reads:

Peach's Letter

Upon boarding the plane, the four characters are once again presented with a "Welcome!" video, but this time, it has been redone.

The screen shows multi-colored Piantas in front of the main statues. "Welcome to the tropical island of the Shine Sprites!"

The screen shows various scenes of the different areas of the world. "We have a nice town based near a windmill, a harbor full of many wonders, a relaxing beach, an amazingly fun amusement park, a beautiful hotel with great scenery, a vibrantly colored bay, and an amazing tree-top village! We also have succulent seafood, and a volcano that is quite a site. Just come on over for an amazing time!"

The plane lands on the airstrip, with the camera angled at the very end. There, Shadow Mario is seen behind the mini water tower. He leans around, laughs, and pulls out his paintbrush, admiring it. The screen zooms in on Professor E. Gadd's emblem, which then fades into a scene of Professor E. Gadd welcoming Mario and Luigi to the airstrip, much to their surprise.

Toadsworth says, "Right-o, who is this fellow?"

Professor E. Gadd replies, "I am Professor Elvin Gadd. I am an inventor of sorts who has helped Mario and Luigi on more than one occasion.

"Why, that is quite amusing. What sort of inventions are those?" Toadsworth asks, motioning towards F.L.U.D.D. and H.I.D.R.O.

"Although F.L.U.D.D. has met Mario, I believe a proper introduction is in order. Meet F.L.U.D.D. and H.I.D.R.O., two of my finest inventions, if I do say so myself! They are high-pressured water pumps, one of which once used to clean up this very island! I am leaving them in the hands of Mario and Luigi, as I have heard spreading rumors of Mario creating filthy displays on all of the surrounding islands. It seems that Bowser Jr. is at it once more, disguising himself as Mario, and using my Magic Paintbrush! As evil as this sounds, there is a mystery; it seems that there is also a Luigi imposter, and the Shine Gates on the surrounding islands have had their Shine Sprites stolen. I will stay here, at a new lab in Delfino Plaza, and research potential locations in-need of your assistance! F.L.U.D.D.! H.I.D.R.O.! Activate tutorial mode." Professor E. Gadd informs.

Upon completing the tutorial, Bowser Jr., as Shadow Mario, is once again shown behind the water tower, and he proceed to run into the open, grab Peach, and call for his mini-Clown Car. He rides away, pulling off his mask, shouting, "Mario, if you wish to save your dear princess, you must find me, and fight me! Ahahaha!" Mario and Luigi run to the end of the runway, but are much too slow, and can only hold their hands out as Bowser Jr. gets away. The group agree to head to Delfino Plaza, and there, Mario and Luigi are informed that even the surrounding islands were struck this time, and they are in dire need of help. According to the Pianta police, Mario is the only hope for the entire series of islands, and he must return the Shine Sprites to each and every Shine Gate around, including the one on Isle Delfino.



  • Mario- The main protagonist, he has helped Isle Delfino before, and will proceed to do it once more.
    • F.L.U.D.D.- A water pump Mario once used to rid Isle Delfino of Bowser Jr.'s graffiti
  • Luigi- The brother of Mario, he gets little attention. In this game, he is second player's character.
    • H.I.D.R.O.- A companion to F.L.U.D.D. Professor Elvin Gadd invented for Luigi's use.
  • Peach- The damsel in distress, she gets kidnapped once again by Bowser Jr., and his mysterious partner.
  • Toadsworth- A caretaker of sorts to Peach, he is not a fighter, and leaves the rescuing to Mario.
  • Professor Elvin Gadd- A scientist who is always coming up with great inventions. He had his Magic Paintbrush stolen by Bowser Jr.
  • Bowser Jr.- The son of Bowser, he vowed to fight Mario again, and found his chance here. He has a mask that can turn him into Shadow Mario.
  • Shadow Luigi- The mysterious brother of Shadow Mario, no one knows who is behind the mask.


The Tutorial from the beginning of the game shows you the controls of the game, which are as follows:

Wii U Gamepad (1-Player)

  • Left Analog Stick- Move Character
  • Gyro Controls or Right Analog Stick (Toggleable in Menu)- Aim F.L.U.D.D. or H.I.D.R.O.
  • Directional Pad- Move Camera
  • A Button- Jump
  • A Button while moving in circles- Spin Jump
  • A Button when direction is changed- Sideflip
  • A Button while ducking- Backflip
  • X Button while still- Examine/Talk
  • X Button while moving or in air- Dive
  • B Button- Duck
  • Right Bumper- Spray Water
  • Left Bumper- Center camera behind character
  • Right Z Bumper- Next Nozel
  • Left Z Bumper- Previous Nozel
  • Start (+) Button- Pause the game
  • Select (-) Button- View Items List

Wii Remote & Nunchuk (2-Player)

  • Analog Stick- Move Character
  • Point Remote- Aim F.L.U.D.D. or H.I.D.R.O.
  • Directional Pad- Aim Camera
  • A Button- Jump
  • A Button while moving in circles- Spin Jump
  • A Button when direction is changed- Sideflip
  • A Button while ducking- Backflip
  • B Button while still- Examine/Talk
  • B Button while moving or in air- Dive
  • C Button- Spray Water
  • Z Button- Duck
  • 1 Button- Next Nozel
  • 2 Button- Previous Nozel
  • + Button- Pause the game
  • - Button- View Items List

F.L.U.D.D. and H.I.D.R.O. Nozels

Once a Nozel has been unlocked, it will only be available to the player once they obtain it within each level. If they retrieved it in one level but not another, it is only available in the former.

  • Default- Sprays water in the given direction
  • Hose- Sprays a large amount of water in the given direction
  • Sprinkler- Sprays water in a circular motion
  • Fountain- Sprays a large amount of water straight up
  • Hover- Sprays water downward to give an upward boost; lasts 5 seconds
  • Rocket- Shoots water downward for a huge upward boost; 5 second charge
  • Jet- Sprays water backwards for a speed boost; slow
  • Turbo- Shoots water backwards for a huge speed boost; fast


Area Shine Sprites Description Boss
Isle Delfino Shine SpriteThe Shine Gate Wall-Jump up to the Shine Gate, and clean off the goop! N/A

Shine SpritePutrid Piranha Raid

Find and defeat the Purtrid Piranhas! 3 Putrid Piranhas
Shine SpritePetey Piranha's Raid After the Putrid Piranhas failed, Petey Piranha came to play! Petey Piranha
RedShineShadow Mario Shadow Mario has the Sprinkler nozel! Get him now! Shadow Mario
GreenShineShadow Luigi Shadow Luigi has the Fountain nozel! Get him now!

Shadow Luigi

Bianco Hills Shine SpriteThe Windmill's Coins Gather the eight Red Coins around the Windmill! N/A
Shine SpriteBuried Town Clean the goop covering villagers and buildings! N/A
Shine SpriteSewage Piranha A large creature has been spotted in the sewers underground... Sewage Piranha

RedShineShadows in the Sewers

Chase Shadow Mario through the sewers! He's got the Jet nozel! Shadow Mario
GreenShineWindmill Shadows Shadow Luigi is running around the Lake; chase him down! Shadow Luigi
Ricco Harbor

Shine SpriteAerial Red Coins

Traverse across the upper platforms to reach the eight Red Coins! N/A
Shine SpriteRay Surfing Mario must race, once again, through the sewers! N/A
Shine SpriteBloopers Galore There are Bloopers everywhere! Fight them all off Gooper Blooper
RedShineShadow Rays Chase down Shadow Mario in a Ray-surfing race! Shadow Mario
GreenShineShadow Luigi's Sprint Chase Shadow Luigi across the upper platforms! He's got the Rocket nozel! Shadow Luigi
Gelato Beach Shine SpriteBeach Party Gather all of the watermelons around the level! N/A
Shine SpriteRed Coin Fishing Eight Red Coins have been scattered throughout the water! N/A
Shine SpriteSand Beast Multipler sightings of a huge beast in the sand have been reported!

Sand Smasher

RedShineShadow Mario in the Sun Shadow Mario is running rampant on the beach, with the Turbo nozel! Shadow Mario
GreenShineShadow Luigi's Beach Shadow Luigi has gained control over the beach; stop him now! Shadow Luigi
Pinna Park Shine SpriteCoins in the Park Find the eight Red Coins scattered throughout the park! N/A
Shine SpritePesticide Locate and destroy the pests stunting the plants' growth! N/A
Shine SpriteCataquack Raid Cataquacks have invaded the park; you must defeat them all!! Cataking
RedShineShadow Mario's Park Shadow Mario has been spotted in the park... Shadow Mario
GreenShineShadow Luigi's Beach Shadow Luigi has been sighted on the beach, carrying the Hose nozel! Shadow Luigi

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