New Super Mario Bros. Star
The logo of New Super Mario Bros. Star
Developer(s) Fantasy Factory Letters Shooting Star Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Release Date(s)
December 2012
Genre(s) Platformer, Adventure
Media Included Wii U Disk, Wii U Download

New Super Mario Bros. Star is a new side-scrolling platform game and the fifth installment in the New Super Mario Bros. series, being the sequel to New Super Mario Bros. U, and the fifteenth in the Super Mario series. The game seems to be partly based on Super Mario Bros. 2 and partly based on Super Mario Bros. 3, featuring several elements of both games, and of course the New Super Mario Bros. series. The game was announced and is in development by Fantasy Factory and Shooting Star Studios.


Bowser and his henchman Kamek caused havoc to the Mushroom World again! The evil duo captured all Mushroom Kings to take over their worlds, and released their troops. Now it's up to the mustached hero Mario and his friends to save the kings and restore peace to the worlds!


The game plays similar to past installments, being a side-scrolling platformer. Mario must clear levels by defeating enemies within an amount of time. Players can play up to 4 players at once, returning from New Super Mario Bros. U. Each character now has different stats, like in Super Mario Bros. 2 and all can be chosen before starting a level. Familiar items and power-ups return, like the Midway Flags and the Fire Flower. Vegetables can be picked and thrown just like in Super Mario Bros. 2. Flagpoles however are replaced by Cards, like in Super Mario Bros. 3. However, the cards have a new use. Mostly, the cards give Mario coins, but sometimes a 1-up or Star Card is given, which opens Star Houses or Life Houses where the player receives the item shown on the card. Mario doesn't have to collect the same 3 cards in a row to open one anymore. Also, the new Star Jump move is added, which is an upgraded version of the Spin Jump. With it, Mario can perform a Spin Jump as on the ground in the air. A new type of levels is also added, called Dive Levels, where Mario jumps from a very high place and has to dodge multiple obstacles while falling, and eventually grab the Card to complete the level. Also, returning from Super Mario Land, the Marine Pop and Sky Pop levels return, but this time they are viewed from first person view. Mario can steer like in 3D to avoid the many obstacles the level has. Another thing that is new in the New Super Mario Bros. series are the mini-bosses. These are bosses found at the end of ordinary levels, where Mario has to pass the boss instead of attacking it.

Confirmed Characters


Image Name Description
NSMBS Mario Mario Mario is the most balanced character in the game. His speed and jumps are well balanced and Mario is easy to control, and therefore the best choice for beginners.
Luigi MP9 Luigi Luigi has higher and slower jumps than his brother, but is also the hardest character to control, slipping a bit after running. Luigi is excellent for advanced players.
Toad3DLand Toad Toad has very low jumps, meaning he can't beat every level himself, but is the fastest character in the game, which makes him a good choice for speedruns.
Peach Perry NSMBS Princess Peach Peach has balanced jumps and low speed, but has the ability to float for a short time and protect herself with her parasol Perry, making a good recover.


Image Character(s) Description
NSMBS Bowser (Beta) Bowser Bowser is confirmed to be the final boss in the game. Bowser captured all Mushroom Kings, which Mario and the others have to save.
KamekNSMBW Kamek Kamek is Bowser's henchman and is confirmed to be the Fortress Boss of each world. Kamek uses his magic to power the Castle Bosses too.
TBA Yoshi Yoshies are rideable dinosaurs and good friends of the heroes. There are various colors, each with a different ability. Unlike New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Yoshies don't leave Mario after exiting a level.
TBA Toads Toads can be seen in Toad Houses. They also appear in the opening of the game and sometimes have to be rescued by the heroes.
TBA Mushroom Kings A Mushroom King is the ruler of a world within the Mushroom World that has been captured by Bowser or Kamek. After clearing a world, the Mushroom King will be saved and will reward Mario with a power-up.


Image Name Effect Egg
Yoshi NSMBW Green Yoshi Green Yoshies are the default Yoshi type that can flutter jump. It also jumps a bit higher than the other Yoshies. They usually appear in grass and fortress stages. YoshiEggNSMBW
Yellow YoshiSMWWii Yellow Yoshi Yellow Yoshies can spit a fireball after swallowing an enemy. They also double the coin value. They mostly appear in desert stages. Yellow Yoshi Egg
Pink YoshiSMWWii Pink Yoshi Pink Yoshies are the only Yoshies that can climb vines. They also jump higher after swallowing an enemy. They only appear in jungle and forest levels. Pink Yoshi Egg
Cyan YoshiSMWWii Lightblue Yoshi Lightblue Yoshies can spit a iceball after swallowing an enemy. They are also a bit faster than the other ones. They are seen in ice levels. Light Blue Yoshi Egg
Blue YoshiSMWWii Blue Yoshi Blue Yoshies are a rare type of Yoshies in the game. They can walk on water for a short time and can swim very fast under water. They are seen in beach levels. Blue Yoshi Egg
Orange YoshiSMWWii Orange Yoshi Orange Yoshies are a rare type of Yoshies in the game. They can turn into a balloon after swallowing an enemy and can float like Balloon Mario. They are seen in sky levels. Orange Yoshi Egg NSMBDIY
Purple YoshiSMWWii Purple Yoshi Purple Yoshies are a rare type of Yoshies in the game. They can spit Vegetables after swallowing an enemy. The size of the vegetable depends on the enemy that has been eaten. They are seen in mountain and sky stages. Purple Yoshi Egg
Red YoshiSMWWii Red Yoshi Red Yoshies are the rarest type of Yoshies in the game. After eating an enemy or power-up, it runs at high speed and is invincible for a while. The time and speed depends on the enemy that has been eaten. Red Yoshi Egg



Image Item Description Form
N/A N/A Small Mario is Mario's standard form. While Mario is small, he can't break Brick Blocks and instantly loses a life if touching an enemy or obstacle.
Super Mushroom Super Mario is able to break Brick Blocks, but will return to his small form after getting hit by an enemy.
Fire Flower Fire Mario can throw fireballs to defeat enemies and melt ice or frozen objects.
Ice Flower Ice Mario can throw iceballs to freeze enemies for a time and defeat fire enemies.
Super Star Invincible Mario is faster as well as stronger for a short period of time, so he can run through all enemies and obstacles.
Mini Mushroom Mini Mario can jump higher and run faster than normally. He can also run on water and enter small Warp Pipes.
Mega Mushroom Mega Mario is invincible and able to crush anything on his way like Warp Pipes or Used Blocks and all enemies for a short time. Doing a certain damage will result 1-Up Mushrooms as rewards.
Penguin Suit Penguin Mario, like Ice Mario, can throw iceballs, but he's also able to slide on his belly and swim faster and better in water.
Propeller Mushroom Propeller Mario can fly up vertically to reach high places and is able to perform a Drill Spin when descending.
Hammer Suit Hammer Mario is able to throw hammers to defeat most enemies and can slide and protect himself with his shell.
Super Leaf Tanooki Mario can spin his tail to hit nearby enemies and descend slowly when jumping. He can also turn into a statue.
Moon Orb NSMBS Moon Orb Werewolf Mario is able to run extremely fast and claw most enemies. Doing the claw attack will let Mario accelerate for a time as well. Mario can also dig underground in some levels and can do long jumps so he can pass through longer bottomless pits.

Other Items and Objects


Confirmed Enemies

NoteA * denotes a new enemy and a ** denotes a new enemy that was scraped of another game.

Confirmed Bosses


These bosses are found at the end of some levels. The player has to avoid them or pass them to continue the level. However, there are some mini-bosses that have to be defeated to continue, as they may drop (or make appear) something important such as a Key or a Door, much like in Super Mario Bros. 2.

  • King Boo - King Boo appears in a few Ghosts Houses. He acts exactly like Boohemoths from New Super Mario Bros. 2. However, he sometimes spits blue lavaballs at the player, and can also make Boos.
  • Birdo - Birdos act like they did in Super Mario Bros. 2. They have to be fought, and after being defeated, they drop a Key to open the next Door and continue the level. They only appear in the levels of Subcon Hills.
  • Red Birdo - Red Birdos act just like normal Birdos. However, they shoot burning eggs, and oddly a normal egg, so they're a bit harder to defeat. There are only three Red Birdos, two in 2 levels of Subcon Hills, and one in a level of the lavaworld.
  • Green Birdo - Only one Green Birdo appears in the whole game. Green Birdos only shoot rocks that the player can't get. So the player has to get another item to throw at Green Birdo, making this one even harder than Birdos and Red Birdos. It appears in a level of the skyworld.
  • King Bully - King Bully acts like ordinary Bullies. However, they're bigger and stronger, so they can push much more than a normal bully. They have to be dodged to continue the level and are located in lava and mountain levels.

Confirmed Worlds

World Theme Ruler Description

World 1 - Treetop Valley

Grass A grassy valley surrounded by flowers and trees.
World 2 - Jungle of Giants Jungle A bushy jungle where everything is giant-sized.
World 3 - Muda Marshes Water A world that sunk to the bottom of the mysterious marshes just outside the forest.
World 4Calamity Sands Desert A world where everything is sand, ruins, pyramids and other desert-related stuff.
World 5 - Candy Clutter Athletic A big world where everything is made out of all different kinds of candy.
World 6 - Snowside Summit Snow A cold and snowy world centered by a large summit.
World 7 - Subcon Hills Night A world based on dreams, as well as nightmares...
World 8 - Deepsky Galaxies Space A world outside the Mushroom Kingdom that contains confusing gravity elements.
World 9 Lavaland Inferno Lava A world that is located near lava seas and several dangerous volcanoes.
World ★ - Special World Rainbow This world contains levels that each represent one of the earlier Super Mario titles.