New Super Mario Bros. Sigma (little times described as New Super Mario Bros. Σ) is a side-scrolling platform video game published and developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld game console.

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Peach offers Mario some cake through the mail, and Mario goes get the cake with some of his best friends: Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Waria, Waluise, Sonic, Mephiles, Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, Silver, Metal Sonic, Goombario, Goombella, Tippi, Ray the Flying Squirrel, Bean the Dynamite, Bark the Polar Bear, Dr. Eggman, Bass, Megaman X, Zero, Amy Rose, Marine, Gamma, Omega, LumaBUSTER, Kirby, Meta Knight, Starfy, Moe, RAAAAAAANZATSU, Honey the Cat, Samus Aran, (We Like) Ike, Ronald McDonald, Mickey Mouse and that one guy nobody cares about. Upon reaching the spot (or X, X marks the spot!) Peach is there with the cake. When she is about to split the cake for 40 different people, Bowser Jr, bad-A as always, came and stole Peach. Along with Peach, he stole Honey and the caek, causing Knuckles to shout "THE CAKE IS A LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE" and go insane for all of eternity, and his head exploded. It's up to our heroes to save Honey and the cake, screw Peach.


Gameplay is very similar to NSMBWii, Wario Land: Darn It, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic & Knuckles, Bomberman, Megaman 69, Megaman ZX, Sonic Rush Adventure, Super Mario Galaxy: BUSTIN', Kirby and the Squeaky Clean, Stafy on Doughtnut 3, The Legend of Knuckles: Emeralds Unleashed, Metroid: The Other One, Firin' Muh Emblemz, Castle of Illusions, that one LCD minigame you could get from McDonalds during 12/21/12, and that one game nobody cares about.

There's no better way of explaining it.


NSMBΣ pushes the DS's hardward to it's limits, proving what it's capable of. With graphics even better than anything ever seen in the PS3 or Xbox360, NSMBΣ's 8-bit goodyness has amazed millions of citizens and inspired thousands of companies to make games with graphics of quality like NSMBΣ.


Players can go OVER NINE THOUUUUUUUUUSAND courses and have fun with any of the 40 characters! ISN'T THIS SCHWEEEEEEEET! Every course has 42 Star Coins hidden on it, collect all of them to unlock the FINAL STAGE!


Full list yet to come.

Image Name Description How to Unlock
None yet Mario Mario likes cake. He always saves Peach thinking: I need someone to make my cake. But not this time, he's tired of it! He'll save the CAKE! And Honey because she's you know... a cat. Meow. Buy the original game (ANTI-PIRACY MEASURES WOOOOOOOHOOOO!!!)
None yet Luigi Luigi is Mario's brother, who has no willpower of his own. He's a complete copycat, so he just follows his brother's footsteps. I'm tellin' ya, there was an unreleased Mario's Mansion before Luigi's Mansion. He's already unlocked
None yet Wario He doesn't fart. HE DOESN'T FART, HEARD ME? Good. He TACKLES enemies cuz he's cool like that. He's already unlocked
None yet Waluigi Waluigi has da bob-ombz. He's already unlocked


Many specialist were hired to hand-pick the most popular songs of all times. This resulted into this game having the greatest soundtrack ever. They only chose a few songs to have the epicness concentrated. The songs are as follows:


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