New Super Mario Bros. Seasons U is a Wiiu game that is coming Mid-summer 2013




Boom-Boom World 1 He'll charge around the room spitting fire specks
Pom Pom World 2 She'll throw boomrangs and do high somersalts
Boss Sumo Bro. World 3 He'll jump around creaing eletric around the snow platforms
Sakuraguy World 4 Thorws knifes and does somersalts just like Pom Pom
Donkey Kong World 5 He climbs on ladders and throws barrels
Giant Twomp World 6 Hits the blocks very hardly and uses his Twhomps minons to squash Mario
Boss Broozer World 7 He'll charge around the room and using his boxing glovees to hit Mario
Kamek World 8

He'll clone hiself and they all create magic that turn to blocks to Monty Moles or Poodoos


Giga Fuzzy World 1 He rolls around the room getting his minons
Evil Candy Heart World 2 It jumps up and down creating shockwaves
Sorbitti World 3 He also rolls around the room and creating snowmans
Whispy Woods  World 4 He blows giant tornados to attack you
 Giant Wiggler World 5 He stomps around the room making Pirrana Plants
Monty Tank World 6 It rolls around adding hands a lazer affect and a giant foot
King Boo World 7  He chases you on a square platform making Spike Balls
Bowser World 8

The battle has 3 parts the 1st part is he walks at you blowing fire and thorwing slege hammers the 2nd part is He is in a Giant Clown Car with 2 hands and the 3rd part is he's giant and slatting you to death


Larry Koopa World 1 He Jumps around blasting blue flames and thorwing Green Koopa Shells
Wendy O. Koopa World 2 She thorws rings and skips around the room
Morton Koopa Jr. World 3 He uses his wand to create Spike Balls and Ground Pounds
Lemmy Koopa World 4 He thorws Ball Bombs and rides his giant orange rubber ball
Iggy Koopa World 5 He rides around in his Chain Chomp Boat with a large plungler and two giant hands
Roy Koopa World 6 He fires a giant Bullet Bill Blaster that has Banzi Bills
Ludwig von Koopa World 7 He flutter jumps and does eletrical earthquakes
Lavora Koopa World 8

She creates False Notes around the room


New Super Mario Seasons U levels

W1 Summer Beach

W2 Candy Acres

W3 Chirstmas Paradise

W4 Japsne Village

W5 Jurrisac Jungle

W6 Spring Mountain

W7 Hauted Halloween

W8 Voclanic Wasteland

W9 Star World

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