New Super Mario Bros. Reloaded
FutureX Edition Boxart
Developer(s) Super Leaf Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo FutureX
Release Date(s)
March 12, 2016
1-2 Players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series New Super Mario Bros.
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Game Card

New Super Mario Bros. Reloaded is a 2.5D platformer video game for Nintendo 3DS, and is a title in the New Super Mario Bros. Series. It was originally planned to be released on Febuary 28, 2014, but the Original author abandoned the project, which was later picked up by Super Leaf Studios in Mid-2015. At a super Leaf Direct that September, it was announced to be released on March 12, 2016. On April 5, 2016, It will be ported to the Nintendo FutureX.


Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach once again, this time with the help of Wario. However, Wario, as he hates Bowser, plots to betray him once he gets his pay for kidnapping the princess.

After Mario Defeats Wario in the World 7 tower, Wario admits that he had planned to betray Bowser this whole time, then begins to act as a double agent. He later is seen flying off with all of Bowser's riches in the credits.


The gameplay is very similar to the previous New Super Mario Bros. Games, with many power-ups returning, such as the Ice Flower, Super Acorn, Mini Mushroom, and Mega Mushroom. The Hammer Suit also returns. It also introduces the Item lifting mechanics of Home Console New Super Mario Bros. Titles to Handheld. By Holding the L or R Buttons alongside the Y or X Buttons, the player can lift items.

Playable and Supporting Characters

Name Image Description Abilities Type
Mario The Red-Suited Plumber hero of his titular franchise, He has set out to save Princess Peach (For... Like... The Millionth time.) Mario is the Most Balanced of the Characters. Default Playable
Luigi The Green-Suited Plumber who is Mario's under-appreciated brother. Luigi Jumps Highest and farthest, although he has worse traction. Default Playable
Blue Toad One Of Princess Peach's Most Loyal Toads, along with Yellow Toad, Red Toad, and Toadsworth, He frequently accompanies Mario on his quests. Blue Toad can discover hidden blocks by pressing up on the D-Pad or Circle Pad. Unlockable
Yellow Toad One Of Princess Peach's Most Loyal Toads, along with Blue Toad, Red Toad, and Toadsworth, He frequently accompanies Mario on his quests. Yellow Toad is the fastest of the characters. Unlockable
Waluigi Luigi's Rival and Wario's Partner, he has decided to side against Wario and with Mario and Luigi. Waluigi can kick by pressing A or B in Midair. Unlockable
Rosalina The Princess and Protector of the Cosmos, and adopted mother of all Lumas. Rosalina can spin by pressing B or A in Midair. Unlockable
Princess Peach Mario's Lover, and the Damsel-in-distress of most Super Mario Games. N/A Supporting
Toadsworth Princess Peach's Closest Adviser; he appears in the Shop at Peach's Castle N/A Supporting
Toad Another one of Peach's Close advisers, he appears in Toad Houses. N/A Supporting



  • World 1 - Grassland Theme
  • World 2 - Desert Theme
  • World 3 - Tropical Theme
  • World 4 - Ice Theme
  • World 5 - Jungle Theme
  • World 6 - Mountain Theme
  • World 7 - Sky Theme
  • World 8 - Volcano
  • World 9 - "Bowser City" - The Current Capital of the Koopa Troop
  • World 10 - Bonus



There is now a Shop at Peach's Castle. for a certain amount of coins (or star coins, in the case of Characters) You can buy powerups, items, or characters. However, the shop is only unlocked once World 1 is fully complete.


  • All Characters: 2 Star Coins
  • 1-up: 75 Coins
  • Super Mushroom: 100 Coins
  • Fire Flower: 150 Coins
  • Ice Flower: 200 Coins
  • Super Leaf: 200 Coins
  • Hammer Suit: 250 Coins
  • Super Acorn: 250 Coins
  • Mini Mushroom: 300 Coins
  • Mega Mushroom: 750 Coins
  • Super Star: 800 Coins