Name_of_enemy Type Information_about_the_enemy
Goomba Basic Brown Mushroom-like enemies that haven't changed since they're first appearance.
Paragoomba Basic Goombas with wings. They will hop around, sometimes fly and drop seeds.
Gloomba Underground Blue Goombas with red shoes that love dark areas, like caves and caverns.
Goombo Misc. A round version of the Goomba. After stomping on it once, they can be picked up and thrown.
Goomdiver Water Goombas with diving helmets on. They can only be defeated by ice balls or invincibility.
Koopa Troopa Basic Green ones just wander aimlessly, while red ones turn at ditches.
Paratroopa Basic Koopa Troopas with wings. Green ones hop around, red ones fly in a straight line.
Scuba Troopa Water Koopa Troopas with goggles and snorkels. Green ones swin in a straight line, red ones in patern.
Hammer Bro. Misc. Koopas that throw hammers, and will sometimes hop up and down in locations.
Fire Bro. Fire Red Hammer Bros. that shoot fireballs instead of throwing hammers.
Boomerang Bro. Misc. Blue Hammer Bros. that throw boomerangs instead of throwing hammers.
Ice Bro. Snow Cyan Hammer Bros. that shoot balls of ice instead of throwing hammers.
Sledge Bro. Misc. Obese versions of Hammer Bros. When they land from a jump, they make a shockwave.
Piranha Plant Flora Monstrous plants that try to snap at you. Some pop in and out of pipes, other just stand in ground.
Venus Fire Trap Flora Piranha Plants that spit fireballs from they're mouths. Much more dangerou.
Boo Undead Ghostly creatures that are shy when you look at them. But turn away and they follow you.
Dry Bones Undead Koopa Troopas that are nothing but bones. They cannot be defeated by stomping.
Thwomp Fortress Big stone dudes that fall when you approach them.
Thwimp Fortress Miniature versions of Thwomps that just hop back and forth.
Kritter Jungle Humanoid crocodiles that move back and forth carrying wooden clubs.
Lakitu Airborne Koopas that float around in clouds. As they float, they throw down Spiny eggs.
Spiny Misc. Small creatures with shells that have spines on them, making stomping on them not an option.
Buzzy Beetle Underground Critters with navy blue shells. They are immune to fireballs.
Koopeleon Jungle Koopas with spiraled eyes that can blend into they're surroundings.
Cheep-Cheep Water Fish that swim around in water.
Deep Cheep Water Green Cheep-Cheeps that move faster.
Blooper Water Squid-like enemies that follow you in an odd patern.

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