This is a NSMB game.


One lovley Spring day, Peach and Toadsworth were wandering around. Suddenly, Peach noticed a button that said "Push Here for a Surprise". Peach pushed it, and it was a surprise... Bowser jumps up and snatched Peach, then ran off. Toadsworth told Mario and Luigi exactly what happened, and they set off.



Character Description_of_character Special_abilities How_to_unlock
Mario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario is the mascot of Nintendo. He can break better. No need to.
Luigi The younger brother of Mario who seems a bit more clumsy. He can jump a bit higher than Mario. No need to.
Pink Boo A pink variety of Boo. He may scare Luigi, causing problems. He can stand on spikes without being harmed. Find all Star Coins in all Ghost Houses.
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong's little buddy, a funky monkey who loves to party! He can swing higher on vines and chains. Find all Star Coins in Piranha Jungle.
Parakarry A cyan Paratroopa that has assisted the plumber before. He can hover for a short time and has a slower fall. Find all Star Coins in Cloudy Skies.
Wario Mario's fat garlic-eating rival. He has a thing for treasure and coins. He can detect hidden coins. Find all Star Coins in Dry Dry Desert

Non-playable characters

Character Role_in_this_game Description_of_character
Princess Peach Kidnapped person The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach is often kidnapped by Bowser.
Princess Daisy Kidnapped person
Shop owner
The ruler of the Sarasaland Kingdom, Daisy is more tomboyish than Peach.
Toad Kidnapped person
Shop owner
Natives of the Mushroom Kingdom, Toads are often found in many places.
Toadette Shop owner A female version of Toad.
Toadsworth Cutscene person
Shop owner
The oldest of the Toads, I think..
Koopa the Quick Racer A Koopa Troopa you must race against in one level.
Waluigi Cutscene person Wario's partner-in-crime.
Bowser Jr. Kidnapped person
Shop owner
Bowser's son who's on the run.
Mallow Cutscene person A marshmellow who thinks still.


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Power Up Items


  • World 1: Mushroom Kingdom
  • World 2: Dry Dry Desert
  • World 3: Shimmer Shine Ocean
  • World 4: Frostbite Fields
  • World 5: Piranha Jungle
  • World 6: Crumbling Canyons
  • World 7: Cloudy Skies
  • World 8: Magma Mountains
  • World 9: Bowser's Castle
  • World 10: Special Star


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  • This is one of the few games where Diddy Kong is playable and Donkey Kong doesn't even appear.
  • This is the first playable appearance of Pink Boo, as well as the first appearance where Parakarry is playable not as a partner.
  • Trading cards were released afterwards.