New Super Mario Bros. PiiWii is an upcoming NSMB game for the PiiWii by Outer Inc.. It will be a sprite game.


Name Form Abbility Rarity
Fire Flower Fire Mario Shooting fireballs. Common
Ice Flower Ice Mario Shoots Iceballs. Common
Super Leaf Raccon Mario Tail Swipe & Flight. Common
Gold Flower Gold Mario Shoot Gold Fireballs. Rare
Diamond Flower Diamond Mario Shoot Diamond Fireballs. Very Rare
Tanooki Suit Tannoki Mario Same as Raccon but Statue. Common
Star Invincible Mario Can't be Killed. Rare
White Super Leaf White Raccon Mario Can't be Killed. Die 5 Times
White Tanooki Suit White Tanooki Mario Can't be Killed. Die 10 Times
Zombie Bolt Zombie Mario Undead don't Attack You. Common
Acid Flower Acid Mario Shoot Acidballls Common
Bullet Suit Bullet Mario Fly. Rare
Sand Flower Sand Mario Shoot Sand. Common
Gold Mushroom Coin Mario Collect Coins when Running Common
Banana Flower Banana Mario Shoot Bananas Rare
Ultra Flower Ultra Mario Shoot Ultra Balls Extremely Rare