Image Name Common Locations Description
Goomba look NSMBU Goomba Grasslands Goombas walk around, they will not turn around if they reach a ledge. The are the weakest enemies in the game and can be defeated with anything.
Paragoomba in flight Paragoomba Grasslands and Skies Paragoombas are Goombas with wings, they will jump in the air. Some even fly for a short time. It takes two jumps to defeat them.
Goomba Stack SM3DL Goomba Tower Grasslands Goomba Towers are Goombas stacked onto each other. There can be up to ten Goombas stacked up. The act just like normal Goombas. If there are eight or more stacked on each other the player can get a 1-Up if they stomp on all the Goombas.
Goomba walk NSMBU Grand Goomba Grasslands Grand Goombas are Goombas that are larger than normal Goombas. They walk slower and when jumped on the split into 2 Goombas. It takes 3 Fireballs to defeat them.
Goomba New Mega Goomba Grasslands Mega Goombas are the largest Goombas. They walk the slowest and when jumped on they split into 2 Grand Goombas. It takes 6 Fireballs to defeat them. If the player throws an Iceball at them they will not stay frozen for a while.
Dry Goomba Bone Goomba Fortresses and Castles Bone Goombas are Goombas that wear skulls on their heads. They can't be defeated from a Fireball and they turn around when they reach a ledge.
Blue Goomba SMWU Blue Goomba Underground & Haunted areas Blue Goombas are Goombas that appear in dark areas, they walk faster and take two hits in order for them to be defeated.
Golden Goomba NSMB2 Gold Goomba Various Gold Goombas are Goombas that are very rare. If they are defeated they will give out 15 Coins.
Koopa Troopa NSMB2 Koopa Troopa Grasslands Koopa Troopas are one of Bowser's minions. The green ones will walk off ledges while the red ones turn around at ledges. Jumping on them will make them go in their Shell. There are also Koopas that climb on fences. The green ones are slow and the red Koopas climb faster. They do not go into their shells when jumped on.
Paratroopa New Koopa Paratroopa Grasslands and Skies Koopa Paratroopas are flying Koopas. They will fly in set patterns such as up and down or side to side. Some will even jump around. When stomped on they lose their wings and become Koopa Troopas.
Koopa NSMBU Gargantua Koopa Troopa Grasslands Gargantua Koopa Troopas are giant Koopas. They are slow and they act the same as their smaller ones. Their shells can only be kicked and not picked up. There Shells don't bounce back when they hit regular Brick Blocks but when the hit larger Brick Blocks the shell will bounce back.
Bombshell Koopa Underground and Mountains Bombshell Koopas are Koopas with soft shells. When stomped on the will hide in their Shell. They cannot be kicked but can be picked up and dropped. When their Shells start blinking red they will explode.
BombshellParatroopaSML3D Bombshell Paratroopa Underground and Mountains Bombshell Paratroopas are Bombshell Koopas that have wings and fly. When stomped on the will become normal Bombshell Koopas.
HammerBroNSMBU Hammer Bro. Grasslands Hammer Bros. are Koopas that wear helmets and throw hammers. They are usually in pairs. When stomped on they will not go into their Shell.
Boomerang Bro. SM3DL Boomerang Bro. Deserts Boomerang Bros. are like Hammer Bros. but throw Boomerangs instead. They usually throw two Boomerangs at a time.
FireBroNSMBU Fire Bro. Volcanic areas and Underground Fire Bros. are red Hammer Bros. that throw Fireballs at Mario. They are usually are found in dark areas, caves, or volcanic levels.
IceBroNSMBU Ice Bro. Icy and Snowy areas Ice Bro. are Hammer Bros. that throw Iceballs. The Iceballs can freeze the player.
SledgebrosNSMBW Sledge Bro. Grasslands and Underground Sledge Bros. are large Hammer Bros. that throw sledgehammers, they can also stomp and on the ground causing the player to get paralyzed if they are on the ground.
Sumo Bro. Solo Art Sumo Bro. Volcanic areas and Underground Sumo Bros. are large Koopas that stomp on blocks causing a thunderbolt to strike the ground and cause fire to form. They can only be defeated by Ice form, Invincible form, Hammer form, Earthquake form, Gold form, and Mega form.
Chargin' Chuck Chargin' Chuck Grasslands Chargin' Chucks are large Koopas that can do various attacks. Many Chargin' Chucks will charge into the player, this can be useful because they can break Blocks to reveal hidden areas. They can also throw footballs and throw baseballs. Also some Chucks jump in the air to block the player. It takes 5 hits to defeat them. They can be frozen too but cannot be picked up when frozen.
Magikoopa Card Magikoopa Fortresses and Castles Magikoopas are Koopas that wear robes and have a magic wand. They can cast a spell using their wands and can turn blocks into enemies. Some enemies that will appear after a block was hit a magic spell are Goombas, Koopas, Spinies, Monty Moles and Bob-ombs. They can also teleport to different areas. Magikoopas can be defeated like must enemies.
DRY Dry Bones Fortress, Castles, and Ghost Houses Dry Bones are undead Koopas. When they are jumped on they will break apart. Soon they will come back to life and start moving again. They cannot be defeated with a Fireball.
Lakitu Artwork Lakitu Skies Lakitus fly in the sky. They will throw Spiny Eggs which will turn into Spinies. The can be defeated like must enemies but if the player throws a Fireball, a Shell, or throws a Hammer at them their clouds will not disappear. The player can ride in their clouds for a short time.
Spiny NSMB2 Spiny Grasslands and Skies Spinies are small Koopas that are thrown from Lakitus. They cannot be jumped on since they have spikes on their shells. They be defeated by a Fireball or a way that doesn't involve jumping on them. Some also cling to the ceilings and drop down when the player is near them.
BuzzybeetleNSMBU Buzzy Beetle Underground Buzzy Beetles are Koopa-like enemies. They have a shell that is immune to Fireballs. They act just like Koopas. They are mainly found in caves and can also cling to the ceilings and drop down to attack.
Spike Top SMWU Spike Top Underground Spike Tops are red Buzzy Beetles with a spike on their shell. They are also immune to fire and can only be defeated with an Iceball or a cape twirl. There are some other ways to defeated them as well.
BonyBeetleNSMBU Bony Beetle Fortresses and Castles Bony Beetles are undead Buzzy Beetles. The walk around and at some point they will stop and their spikes will pop up so the player can't jump on them. When their spikes aren't out the player can jump on them and the will break apart like Dry Bones. The can be defeated with a Iceball or a cape twirl.
Para-Beetle NSMBW2 2012 Para-Beetle Skies Para-Beetles are Buzzy Beetles that fly in the air. They cannot be defeated at all. If the player jumps on one it will fly higher, if the player jumps on a Heavy Para-Beetle it will fly lower. Jumping on 8 will make a 1-Up Mushroom fall from the sky.
Piranha Plant NSMBU Piranha Plant Grasslands Piranha Plants are plants that live in pipes. They will come out and chomp on anyone who comes near. They can't be jumped on because of their sharp teeth but the easiest way to defeat them is using a fireball. Some Piranha Plants are also found on the ground or on ceilings chomping at the player. There is also a larger species called a Piranhacus Giganticus which are only found in World 4 and also Super Piranha Plants.
FirepiranhaNSMBU Venus Fire Trap Grasslands and Underground Venus Fire Traps are Piranha Plants that are able to spit out fireballs. They can be defeated like other Piranha Plants. They can be inside or outside of Warp Pipes. There are Super Venus Fire Traps which are larger and are only found outside of Pipes. Their fireballs are larger than normal fireballs.
Venus Ice Trap SMWU Venus Ice Trap Icy, Snowy areas and Mountains Venus Ice Traps are Cyan Piranha Plants that spit out Iceballs, it can freeze the player as well as enemies. Using a Fireball can melt the Piranha Plant's Iceballs. It can be defeated like most Piranha Plants.
Jumping Piranha Plant SMWU Jumping Piranha Plant Grasslands Jumping Piranha Plants are Piranha Plants that will jump out of Pipes. They will spit out two fireballs and will slowly come back down. They can be defeated like most Piranha Plants.
River Ptooie River Piranha Plant Forests River Piranha Plants are Piranha Plants that float on the water. They blow green spiked balls in the air like Ptooies. Sometimes the will blow lightly which the spiked ball will move down. Their spiked balls can be destroyed in Invincible form, while they plants can be defeated like most Piranha Plants.
Ptooie Model Stalking Piranha Plant Forests and Sewers Stalking Piranha Plants are walking Piranha Plants that extend their stem. This can block the players path. They can be defeated like most Piranha Plants can.
Dry Piranha Plant Bone Piranha Plant Fortresses and Castles Bone Piranha Plants are Piranha Plants that are made of bones. They can't be defeated by a Fireball. They act just like Piranha Plants. Also there are Super Bone Piranha Plants which are larger versions.
CheepCheepNSMBU Cheep-Cheep Underwater and Beaches Cheep-Cheep are red fish that swim around. They are usually found in large groups. There is a larger kind called a Mega Cheep-Cheep. They can be defeated with a fireball and other ways too.
DeepCheepNSMBU Deep-Cheep Underwater and Beaches Deep-Cheep are green Cheep-Cheep that can chase the player. They are usually found in pairs. There is a larger kind called a Mega Deep-Cheep. They can be defeated with a fireball and other ways as well.
SpinyCheepNSMBU Spiny Cheep-Cheep Underwater and Beaches Spiny Cheep-Cheep are Cheep-Cheep that can chase the player and have spikes. They are faster than Deep-Cheep too. They can be defeated with a fireball and other ways as well.
PorcuPufferNSMBU Porcu-Puffer Beaches Porcu-Puffers are large fish that swim on the surface of the water. They will jump out and try to hurt the player. They have spikes so they can't be jump. If they will get defeated another one will come after a bit.
Cheep-Chomp NSMBDIY Cheep-Chomp Underwater Cheep-Chomps are large Cheep-Cheeps that try and eat the player. They are slow but when they open their mouth they dive right at the player. Defeating one will give the player a 1-Up Mushroom.
Blooper 3D Land Blooper Underwater Bloopers are squid-like enemies that float in the water. They move around when the player moves. They can be defeated with a fireball but when they a frozen with an Iceball they break free quickly.
BloopernannyNSMBU Blooper Nanny Underwater Blooper Nannies are Bloopers with Baby Bloopers. They will sometimes release their babies and get near the player. When the Blooper Nanny is defeated the babies get defeated too.
Urchin SMWU Urchin Underwater and Beaches Urchins are spiny creatures that live in water.
HuckitcrabNSMBU Huckit Crab Beaches
BooNSMBWii Boo Ghost Houses and Hanunted areas
Circling Boo Buddies 3D Circling Boo Buddy Ghost Houses and Hanunted areas
Boohemoth Solo Boohemoth Ghost Houses and Hanunted areas
Eerie3D Eerie Ghost Houses
MushroombanditNSMBU Nabbit Various
BobombNSMBU Bob-omb Airships, Tanks, and Castles
Para-Bomb SMWU Para-Bomb Airships, Tanks, and Volcanic areas
Bullet Bill Art SMWU Bullet Bill Airships, Snowy Areas, Skies, and Mountains Bullet Bills are missiles that are shoot from Bill Blasters. They soar through the air, the can be jumped on. A Fireball cannot defeat them but other power-ups can. There are larger species of Bullet Bills as well as different types.
Missile Bill SMWU Missile Bill Airships and Skies Missile Bullet Bills are special Bullet Bills that home in on the players. They are red and are much faster than regular Bullet Bills. The can be defeated the same with Bullet Bills can be defeated.
BanzaibillNSMBU Banzai Bill Skies and Mountains Banzai Bills are larger versions of Bullet Bills, they are shoot out from Banzai Bill Blasters. They move slower and spin around. They can be simply jumped on, freezing them with an Iceball will make them stop for a second and break from the block of ice.
King Bill sprite King Bill Skies King Bills are the largest type of Bullet Bills in Super Mario World U. The are invincible and cannot be defeated in any way. The can break through almost any type of block, they move at different speeds and can be shoot from different sides of the level.