Image Name Enemy kind Description
180px-Goomba Goomba Basic It just walks from area to area. It walks off a cliff and cannot jump back. Stomp on it to defeat.
Paragoomba Card Paragoomba Basic They hop or fly. Stomping it once will let it turn into a Goomba.
Ufoomba Ufoomba Galactic Airborne Goombas which try to hurt Mario by beaming him up.
ShoeGoomba Shoe Goomba Misc. A Goomba in his own shoe. He tries to punish Mario to... stomp him. Jump on him him earlier and the shoe is yours!
KillerShoeGoomba Killer Shoe Goomba Misc. A Shoe Goomba going advanced in a Killer Goomba Shoe. His stomps are fatal, they could let Mario die directly. If Mario stomps on him, he got the best shoe of all.

Killer Shoe Goombas may be related to Gloombas due to their coloration.

200px-Koopa Koopa Troopa Basic Green-shelled ones just walk off any cliff. Red ones will patrol each area. Blue ones will jump when they reach a cliff that's too high too reach. They turn back in their shell when stomped, which could be thrown away.
180px-Paratroopa Paratroopa Basic Green-shelled ones hop most of the time, red ones will fly in lines and blue ones will fly in patterns. They'll turn in Koopa Troopas when stomped.
BoombaTroopa Boomba Troopa Weaponry Known as Nokobons in their debut game due to lame translations. When stomped, they turn into Bomb Shells.
ShyGuy Shy Guy Basic Normally shown, but because of their shyness, they run away when Mario comes. Maximum speed differs from color. Ground Pound to defeat it, since he bounces Mario off.
FlyGuy Fly Guy Airborne Fly Guys fly in wavy patterns, but fly away from Mario when close. Maximum speed differs from color. Jump on it to turn it into a Shy Guy.
N/A Stilt Guy Misc. A Shy Guy on stilts. When on Yoshi, Mario could go on stilts.
Bandinero Bandinero Basic Red ones just walk, while yellow ones can jump. Blue ones can inflate themselves, and green ones blow Mario away. Stomp the lil' thing and he's dizzy. To defeat, use a Ground Pound on it.
Pitchfork Pitchfork Basic Bandineros with a pitchfork attached to their head. Cyan ones hang around, and will go after Mario when on the ground, while Lavender ones could jump.
N/A Boomdinero Weaponry Bandineros in heavy armor which shoot spiked balls. Red ones shoot Bullet Bills.
N/A Buccanero Beach Bandineros with arms and everything wielding a sword. They wildly swing with their sword when Mario approaches.
NewPiranhaWii Piranha Plant Flora Appears and disappears in pipes to bite Mario. Some appear on land. They can be defeated by a fireball.
VenusFireTrap Venus Fire Trap Flora It is usually in a green pipe. It spits out fireballs and go back in the pipe like a regular Piranha plant. They can also melt ice. You can kill it by using fireballs to burn it.
NipperPlant Nipper Plant Flora Far family relatives of Piranha Plants. Unlike these, Nipper Plants can move by hopping and can be defeated by a stomp.
N/A Nipper Spore Flora The origin of a Nipper Plant. They turn into Nipper Plants by landing on ground. They could land anywhere because of the wind.
N/A Nipper Dandelion Flora A dandelion which releases Nipper Spores when being blown.
Mucher Muncher Flora These plants are unbeatable! If Mario lands on these, he becomes plant food! Only Invincible Mario or Yoshi could walk on their mouth!
Kritter Kritter Jungle Common Kremling crocodiles which listen to the terrifying King K. Rool, and temporary to Bowser. These need to be stomped three times or be ground pounded one time.
Kritjump Kritjump Jungle These blue Kritters are jumping masters, like Yellow Bandineros. Yet again, stomp it three times, but don't get be stomped on your own.
KlaptrapOmega Klaptrap Jungle Unlucky heroes will get bitten by this big-jawed and surprisingly small croc. Mario can stand on it when the Klaptrap haven't sparred his jaw open. He can defeat it with a Ground Pound.
Klapsand Klapsand Sandy Klaptraps from sand. Mario cannot ride on them, but disarrange these instead. Instead of Dry Bones, when disarranged, the hopes of sand moves to a different area if possible and then rearrange themselves there.
Lakitu NSMBWii Lakitu Airborne Appears on certain places. Throws Spiny Eggs. They can be defeated by a jump, but they'll only leave their cloud when being hit by a fireball or being eaten. Mario can ride that cloud when being unmanned.
Spiny2 Spiny Plains They just walk. Mario cannot stomp them because of their spikes. But Yoshi's tongue could handle this guy, and spit it out as a Spiny Shell..
MontyMole Monty Mole Valley They pop out the ground and rushes to Mario on a slipping way. Mario just stomps the mole to defeat it.
Panser Panser Flora After a long absence, this flower guy returns. Red-petaled ones just hop carefree, green-petaled ones patrol one area and blue-petaled ones follow Mario when the plumber's approaching. Every Panser will spread their petals out and erupt 4 Fireballs per 5 seconds. Mario stomps on these to defeat, but he shouldn't do that when their petals are spread.
Pansic Pansic Snowy Chilly Pansers which erupt four ice balls instead of fireballs. Cyan-petaled ones just hop carefree, orange-petaled ones patrol one area and viridian-petaled ones follow Mario when the plumber's approaching.
Pansora Pansora Valley Roasted Pansers which erupt four thunder balls instead of fireballs or ice balls. Yellow-petaled ones just hop carefree, purple-petaled ones patrol one area and pink-petaled ones follow Mario when the plumber's approaching.
Spike NSMBWii Spike Plains A big-lipped, blue-haired creature which exhales and throws spiked balls, hence the name. Spikes could be defeated with a simple Jump.
BooNSMBWii Boo Undead When Mario looks at him, he turns shy. When Mario does not, he approaches! Can be defeated by any Koopa shell or hammer.

Big Boos do exist as well.

Booline Booline Undead This Boo gal approaches very slow when Mario doesn't look at her. When Mario does look, she approaches him faster. Like Boos, Boolines must be defeated by Koopa shells or hammers.
DarkBoo Dark Boo Undead They do actually the reverse what a Boo does; they approach when Mario looks at them, but stops when Mario turns back. They will be defeated on the same way as a Boo does.
120px-MP8 HammerBrother Hammer Bro. Misc. This rascal throws hammers to Mario. Give 'im a stomp and he's defeated.
BoomerangBro Boomerang Bro. Misc. Blue Hammer Bros. which throw Boomerangs. One stomp is enough for these rascals.
FireBro Fire Bro. Misc. Red Hammer Bro. siblings that spit out Fireballs. Fire Mario much?
IceBro Ice Bro. Misc. These cyan bros. spit out ice balls. Ice Mario much?
BallBro Ball Bro. Misc. These orange-shelled bros. throw bouncy balls to Mario. These are probably Lemmy's favorite troopers.
ShurikenBro Shuriken Bro. Misc. Pink bros. that throw ninja stars, also known as shurikens. They trained much at Nagi and Nata to defeat Mario once and for all.
ThunderBro Thunder Bro. Misc. These yellow fellas throw balls of lightning. Simple Stomps may learn this dangerous rascal a lesson.
VortexBro Vortex Bro. Misc. Don't ask me, but these purple guys learned somehow how to make a small tornado and throws these to Mario. Just jump on them though.
SledgebrosNSMBW Sledge Bro. Misc. Obese Hammer Bros. which throws big sledgehammers instead of normal ones. It also causes earthquakes because of his largeness and big belly.
CurveBro Curve Bro. Misc. Obese Boomerang Bros. which throws big heavy boomerangs instead of normal ones. It also causes earthquakes because of his largeness and big belly.
BlazeBro Blaze Bro. Misc. Obese Fire Bros. which throws fiery flame balls instead of fireballs. It also causes earthquakes because of his largeness and big belly.
FrostBro Frost Bro. Misc. Obese Ice Bros. which throws bitter cold freezing balls instead of normal ice balls. It also causes earthquakes because of his largeness and big belly.
StormBro Storm Bro. Misc. Obese Thunder Bros. which throws shocking big lightning balls instead of normal ones. It also causes earthquakes because of his largeness and big belly.
TwisterBro Twister Bro. Misc. Obese Vortex Bros. which throws very large tornadoes instead of normal ones. It also causes earthquakes because of his largeness and big belly.
BillBlaster Bill Blaster Weaponry Shoots Bullet Bills to Mario when NOT close. Acts as a platform. Immortal.
BulletBillWii Bullet Bill Weaponry When shot, Bullet Bills just go forth in hope to hit Mario. They're fireproof, but could be defeated by just a stomp.
BanzaiBill Banzai Bill Weaponry Banzai Bills are huger versions of Bullet Bills, which appear out of nowhere or being shot out of Banzai Blasters. They can be defeated with a stomp, though.
Cheep-Cheep Cheep-Cheep Underwater Cheep-Cheeps just swim around. Mario can only stomp them above water, so he must use a Fireball.

Some Cheep-Cheeps jump out the water, and some are even found splashing in the overworld.

Deep-Cheep Deep-Cheep Underwater Follows Mario until he's no longer in sight, jumped out the water or when this fish met a wall Mario passed through. Kill him with fireballs.
BlooperMP8 Blooper Underwater This squid follows Mario on a very strange pattern.

There are bloopers that hide themselves behind scenery and swims straight to Mario. Others may also squirt ink to him.

BlooperNanny Blooper Nanny and Baby Bloopers Underwater A whole Blooper family. To be exact, a Blooper mother, followed by her childs. The mommy can give commands by glowing, so the childs scatter around until she glows to return.
Camo Bloop Camo Blooper Beach Bloopers which try to camouflage themselves under the scenery. If they are found, they flee to another part of scenery.
Porcu-Puffer Porcu-Puffer Waterside Tries to chase Mario, if there's water. It also tries to jump to hit him. When it's defeated, another one somehow returns.
Bumpty Bumpty Snowy Penguins that are only beatable with fire, ice, hammers and thunder. However, they cannot hurt Mario. Why are they enemies then? Simply, they are very bouncy. They could bounce Mario to the edge of the ground by simply ramming him. But they aren't that smart though. Yoshi can't slick them, and Ground Pounds won't damage them as well (but bring a good jump instead). Some Bumpties can fly.
Thwomp2 Thwomp Fort Tries to stomp Mario when this plumber's near it. Thwomps are invulnerable, and instead, Mario is vulnerable to them!
DRY Dry Bones Undead They just walk around. When Mario stomps them, they'll collapse. They re-make themselves after a short time.

Some Dry Bones in ghost houses will lose their head and turn into Dry Skulls, leaving their Dry Shell alone.

DrySkull Dry Skull Undead These body-less Dry Bones hop and hop to random directions. When stomped, they bounce to a different location.

When a Dry Skull reaches a Dry Shell, it (somehow) turns back into a Dry Bones.

Nessdark Nessdark Darkness Just hovers from area to area (though they'll still fall when crossing an abyss). Throws their triangle shards to Mario when close. Though these shards are painful, a stomp takes down this enemy.
Mattdark Mattdark Darkness With his shard-made tail with stinger, it tries to sting Mario while patrolling the area. Though looking spiky, they can be defeated with a jump, as long the tail is not in Mario's way.
Speldark Speldark Darkness They just move, but watch out for their big shard, that could act as a boomerang. Defeat it with a stomp.
Splunkin Splunkin Horror It just walks. When stomped, it becomes red and runs faster. When stomped again, it makes a small explosion.
CrowberOmega Crowber Misc. Found around Ghost Houses, volcanic or dark levels, these birds will make a U-turn to hit Mario. These could be stomped
Fwoosh Fwoosh Airborne It floats to Mario and blows him away.

Unlike Green Bandineros and Foos, these guys could be ridden when doing a Spin Jump. Mario then gains the ability to blow things away, and Fwoosh won't disappear until the level is cleared.

Bob-omb walking Bob-omb Weaponry Bomb creatures which flash red and explode later when stomped.
PodobooOmega Podoboo Volcanic Fire creatures which jump out the lava. Some also are found on the ground walking. Fire makes them bigger, but, ironically, ice make them defeated.
FireBar Fire Bar Fort A bar made out of fireballs which swings in circle patterns.
Roto-Discs Roto-Disc Fort A flashing disc circling around a round block. They could be avoided easier than Fire Bars.
Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetle Grotto These big-shelled Koopas are immune to fire. But they act the same as Koopas in other ways.
Mecha-Koopa Mecha-Koopa Robotic They're actually just like Dry Bones; they fall apart and later restore themselves, but these can be carried and jumping on them while they are "sleeping" will reset their sleep timer.
N/A Scowl Bus City Living buses which would flatten Mario if he doesn't watch out. They are unbeatable, but could act as platforms and Mario could go inside via the roof by pressing Down and shaking the Wii Remote.

Sometimes, Goombas are found inside. Even more rare, Coins. In one level, a Star Coin is found inside a Scowl Bus.

N/A Man-Owl City Owls with manhole openings on their head, which fly away when Mario stands on them.
RockyWrench Rocky Wrench City Monty Mole-like creatures which throws wrenches and hide in Manholes.

Some Rocky Wrenches are found on airships.

Plauncher Plauncher City A plunger which launches Mario to above. Needs to be avoided and can be defeated with a Koopa shell or a lightning ball.
Flickster Flickster City A flipper that launches Mario to another place. Yet again, beat it with a Koopa shell or a lightning Ball
Tricoin Tricoin City Looks like a coin, but bounces to Mario when the plumber approaches. Defeat it with a stomp.
Tap-Tap Tap-Tap Misc. Do not step on a Tap-Tap. Even Yoshi cannot step on it! Yoshi's tongue can push it, though
Para-Beetle Para-Beetle Airborne A bigger flying Buzzy Beetle where Mario can ride on. If Mario jumps on eight Para-Beetles in a row, a 1-Up Mushroom falls out of the sky.
Chomp Chain Chomp Valley A chained creature with traits of a dog. It tries to bite Mario, but being chained at a pole doesn't let him attack from far. Free him by ground pounding the pole into the ground... if you dare at least. But don't worry. When freed, it goes away.
N/A Dorky Kong City An ape, looking a little of where it has been based off, Donkey Kong. Brown ones throw barrels, green ones throws spiky jacks, blue ones throw Podoboos.
Mr.I Mr. I Horror An eyeball with stares at Mario the whole time and shoot lasers. Encircling the creature 3 times in a row would defeat it (since it's not a 3D game, Mario must jump, duck, fall and run). Even rotating platforms would help if a Mr. I sits in the middle of the rotating platforms.
BroozerOmega Broozer Undead When it sees Mario, it tries to crush him by punching in his face. Use three stomps, one fireball, or a Ground Pound to defeat it.

Broozers could crush any kind of block, so they must be used in a few puzzles.