Image Name Type Description Power-Up Item Item's Rarity
SmallMario Small Mario Tiny This is Mario's weakest form, and a Standard. None N/A
SuperMario Super Mario Normal Mario's official size is from Super Mario. Now Mario can break Brick Blocks. Super Mushroom Common
Firemario Fire Mario Ability Mario can shoot Fireballs with this Power-Up Fire Flower Common
Ice Mario Ice Mario Ability Mario can shoot ice balls with this Power-Up. Ice Flower Common
ThunderMario Thunder Mario Ability Mario can shoot lightning balls with this Power-Up. Thunder Flower Common
Starmanmario Invincible Mario Temporary Mario will defeat any enemy when hitting one. When hitting eight foes if yet invincible, he will get 1-Ups everytime touching an enemy before the effect is gone. Super Star Rare
MegaMario Mega Mario Temporary Mario is giant-sized and can defeat any foe. Besides of that, he can also crush blocks, pipes and even flagpoles. It also contains a small meter When the meter is full it will empty itself and a number is added. When the effect lasts, the number will convert into 1-Up Mushrooms in the amount of that number. Mega Mushroom Rare
MiniMario Mini Mario Tiny Mario became mouse-sized and is leaping a high risk to be beaten, but unlike Small Mario, it floats a little when jumping and can be missed easily. Since being so tiny, it can bounce off enemies when jumping atop them. He also can walk on water. Mini Mushroom Uncommon
PhoenixMario Phoenix Mario Suit Mario can shoot Fireballs. He also can slow down with falling by flapping and runs very fast. Phoenix Suit Rare
Penguin Mario Penguin Mario Suit Mario can shoot Ice balls. He also can slide on the belly to come to more places and swims better. Penguin Suit Rare
ShellMario Shell Mario Ability Mario can act like a Koopa Shell and even defeat enemies by running on max. He can't control the shell when doing this, but he can still jump and stop with running Blue Shell Uncommon
MarioPropella Propeller Mario Ability Mario can propel up in the sky to come to far places. Propeller Mushroom Common
BurningMario Burning Mario Ability Mario runs a bit faster and can break Wooden Blocks and Solid Blocks when touching. He also can defeat some enemies, but he mustn't touch water. He gives off more light in dark areas, and when touching most fireballs, his flame gets bigger. Burning Mushroom Uncommon
FrozenMario Frozen Mario Ability Mario has the ability to freeze a piece of liquid where he stands, so walking over lava, water, poison, etc. However, touching fire or lava (only when ice platform is melted) makes instant death. This was the Ice Mario from Super Mario Galaxy. Frozen Mushroom Uncommon
BulletMario Bullet Mario Suit This lets Mario fly upon being in the air, and breaking any block. Hitting wall, ground or ceiling doesn't let mario fly anymore until standing on both legs on the ground. Bullet Suit Rare
BalloonMario Balloon Mario Temporary Mario floats to the very top of the level, until he his the ceiling or he's going to empty. P-Balloon Rare
ClassicMario Classic Mario Temporary Mario will let appear Hidden Blocks everywhere between the ground he's standing and five blocks higher. Classic Mushroom Rare
HammerMario Hammer Mario Suit Mario can throw hammers, and is immune to most Fireballs. Hammer Suit Rare
BoomerangMario Boomerang Mario Suit Mario can throw boomerangs, and is immune to most Fireballs. Boomerang Suit Rare

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