Image Name Type Description
NSMBWiiCoin Coin Collectible Getting hundred in a level will give Mario an 1-Up! Coins also are used to buy things at shops.
RedCoin Red Coin Collectible Eight Red Coins will appear after a Red Ring has been touched. Collecting all before they disappear, and everyone gets a bonus.
RedRing Red Ring Object This object let appear eight Red Coins around a part close to it. Red Coins disappear after a certain time.
StarCoin Star Coin Collectible There are three in each level. They'll let the gang access Levels of "a certain world" and buy unlockables and Hint Videos.
Block ? Block Block (floating) These contain Coins or other things.
Winged Block NSMBDIY Winged ? Block Block (floating) As the name says, these are winged ? Blocks that fly in wave patterns.
Used Used Block Block (floating) Result of a ? Block. They can't do anything.
Brick Brick Block Block (floating) Super Mario can shatter this into pieces, but Small Mario can't. They sometimes contain items.
POWBlock Blue POW Block Block (floating) Defeats enemies on screen. Couldn't be carried, but could be hit 3 times.
RedPOWBlock Red POW Block Block (able to grab) Defeats enemies on screen. Could only be used 1 time, but can be carried anywhere.
BeanstalkNSMBW Beanstalk Object Can lead to bonus areas, such as the Coin Haven areas.
OvertheFlagpole Flagpole Object This is the goal of each level. How higher you get, how more points you get. You'll also get 1-Ups every time you got to the top (certain forms can make that easier). When getting two of the same digits at the end in the time limit, there's a chance to get a Red Toad House. Getting two of the same digits at the beginning in the time limit, you get a Green Toad House. Getting all the same digits, gives it a Gold Toad House.
MidwayFlag Midway Flag Object When someone hits this planted flag, it will get the logo of the one who hits it (and overwrites Bowser's logo). When the player dies, it will start here instead of the beginning. Some levels haven't such thing.
SuperMushroom Super Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Super Mario.
FireFlower Fire Flower Power-Up Transforms Mario into Fire Mario.
Ice Flower Ice Flower Power-Up Transforms Mario into Ice Mario.
ThunderFlower Thunder Flower Power-Up Transforms Mario into Thunder Mario.
Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Mega Mario.
NSMBWiiMiniMushroom Mini Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Mini Mario.
BurningMushroom Burning Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Burning Mario.
FrozenMushroom Frozen Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Frozen Mario.
Propeller Mushroom Propeller Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Propeller Mario.
BulletSuit Bullet Suit Power-Up Transforms Mario into Bullet Mario.
BlueShell Blue Shell Power-Up Transforms Mario into Shell Mario.
PhoenixSuit Phoenix Suit Power-Up Transforms Mario into Phoenix Mario.
PenguinSuit Penguin Suit Power-Up Transforms Mario into Penguin Mario.
Star Super Star Power-Up Transforms Mario into Invincible Mario.
P-Balloon P-Balloon Power-Up Transforms Mario into Balloon Mario.
ClassicMushroom Classic Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Classic Mario.
HammerSuit Hammer Suit Power-Up Transforms Mario into Hammer Mario.
BoomerangSuit Boomerang Suit Power-Up Transforms Mario into Boomerang Mario.
NSMBWii1upMushroom 1-Up Mushroom Collectible Gives Mario one extra life.
3-UpMoon 3-Up Moon Collectible A VERY rare item. Gives Mario three extra lives.
WarpPipes Warp Pipe Object Some pipes do absolutely nothing. Others may let you warp to other places.
RocketPipes Rocket Pipe Object Some pipes do absolutely nothing. Others may launch everyone to upside.
YoshiEggNSMBW Yoshi Egg (? Block) Object A Yoshi pops here out. Appears in 12 different colors. When Yoshi ate 5 Berries, he'll lay an egg with an Power-Up.
YoshiEggNSMBW Green Yoshi Egg Projectile Yoshi lays these when eating a foe. He throws these to other enemies. They'll turn into Yellow eggs when bouncing.
Yellow Yoshi Egg Yellow Yoshi Egg Projectile Sometimes found. When hit a foe when thrown by Yoshi, the enemy's defeated and will release 5 coins. The egg turns into a red one when bounced.
Red Yoshi Egg Red Yoshi Egg Projectile Rarely found. When thrown by Yoshi, and hit by an enemy, this foe is beaten, and the Egg will release a special random Power-Up. But the egg breaks and disappears without releasing something, when bounced.
Glow Block Light Block / Glow Block Block (able to grab) They could make a dark room lighter.
DarkBlock Dark Block / Dusk Block Block (able to grab) They could make a light room darker.
Propeller Block Propeller Block Block (able to grab) Who needs a Propeller Mushroom when you got this?! Be sure not to lose it!
SuperGuideBlock Super Guide Block Block (floating) When a player dies eight times in a row in the same level without switching or completing, this useful block appears. Bumping on it let you decide if the computer could do it for you (as Birdo). You won't get everything collected, nor the color of the level will change (thus, not completed). When cleared, you can also decide to do the level by yourself again.Sometimes, this might be irritating.
FlipBlock Flip Block Block (floating) When hit underneath, it rotates, so Mario could go through it, until it stops. It could be destroyed with the Spin Jump.
GrabBlock Grab Block Block (able to grab) It just could act as a projectile when thrown.
NoteBlock ♪ Block Block (floating) Helps Mario to jump higher. Sometimes contain items.
EggBlock Egg Block Block (floating) Dispenses throw-able Yoshi Eggs. Doesn't dispense anymore when there are already six eggs.
Bullet Suit Blaster Suit Blaster Object Dispenses Bullet Suits when Ground Pounded on. As the bullet suit is rare, this is even more rare and appears in just ONE level!
Green Shell Koopa Shell Projectile Green ones comes from Green Koopa Troopas, etcetera. Once bumped and they slide! Watch out to be not hit!
Lakitu Cloud Lakitu Cloud Object Mario can fly around in this cloud, until it disappears.
GoombaShoe Goomba Shoe Object Mario uses this item to defeat more enemies in one stomp and to walk over thorns. The only disadvantage is that Mario hops instead of walks. It appears in 4 levels.
KillerGoombaShoe Killer Goomba Shoe Object This Goomba Shoe has spiked soles, so Mario can defeat every strong enemy (besides bosses) in one stomp and not only walk over thorns, but over lava as well. But Mario can only jump. It just appears in one level.
PoisonShroomOmega Poison Mushroom Object You'd better avoid these items. Why? Because they hurt you!
1-DownMushroom 1-Down Mushroom Object Avoid this very rare item, appearing in one secret level. They take a life away instead of giving one (you somehow may still play the level). They would give an instant Game Over when Mario doesn't have any more lives!
¿ Block ¿ Block Block (floating) This kind of block appears in one level. Unlike ? Blocks, it doesn't contain Coins or Power-Ups, but enemies instead! So instead of a normal coin, a Tricoin, instead of a Super Mushroom, a Goomba, instead of a Blue Shell, a Spiny and instead of a Fire Flower a Panser.