Sketches of how a Merfle would have worked.

The Para-Buddles were in development disappeared and instead, the Merfles were there. However, since there isn't enough 3D art material, they were scrapped out. Not only the characters, but the whole idea as well. But later, the creator got the idea of good Para-Beetles. This became the Para-Buddle.

Kat & Ana were going to be added, but with the same reasons as the Merfles, they are currently scrapped. Adding Kat and Ana were the origins to add Nagi and Nata as bosses.


Super Leafs and brand-new Lakitu Suits were going to be inside, but were later taken out for unknown reasons.

Speed Shoes were going to be in as Power-Ups, that made Mario Speed Mario (which resembles Sonic), but this item was scrapped. The character of Sonic himself replaced the Power-Up.

Enemies and Bosses

Some foes look slightly different than now, such as the Mattdark, which first had pincers instead of feet and a razor-like shard instead of the crescent moon-like one. Precisite's rock coat was going to be longer by having two holes for the eyes, and Precisite self was going to have hairy legs.

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