This page shows the options of New Super Mario Bros. Omega's Battle Mode.


  • Wins
1 2 3 4 5
  • Battle Theme
Character Theme
Mario (Plains VS. (NSMB))
Luigi (Snow VS. (NSMB))
Blue Toad (Overworld (SMB3))
Yellow Toad (Overworld (SMW))
Wario (Greenhorn Forest (WW))
Waluigi (Waluigi Pinball (MKDS))
Sonic (Sonic Boom (StHCD))
Blaze (Vela-Nova (SR))
Overworld Underground Desert
Underwater Forest Blue Sky
Snow Ghost House Pyramid
Beach City Mountains
Cave Volcano Volcano Underground
Darkness Darkness Underground Small Airship
Big Airship Fortress Tower
Castle Small Airship Battle Big Airship Battle
Fortress/Tower Battle Castle Battle Enemy Course
Bowser's Castle Bowser Battle Toad House
Peach's Castle Fitting Area
Character Theme
Character Used
Place Theme
  • Lives
3 5 10 ∞ (not available in Settle Battle)
  • Course
Random Courses will be randomized
Select The player can select the course he/she wants to play
  • Course 2
Normal Normal levels will be played
Special Courses without an end will be played In Racing Rush, if Special is on, these courses could go with laps
Both Both would be played

Big Star Bash Only

  • Mode
Time Collect as many Big Stars as possible before the time runs out.
Big Stars Collect an amount of Big Stars
Ultimate Collect an amount of Big Stars before the time runs out.
  • Time
200 Sec. 500 Sec. 1000 Sec.
  • Big Stars
3 5 10

Cash 'n' Coins Only

  • Time
  • Time 2
200 Sec. 500 Sec. 1000 Sec.
  • Star Coins
  • Bosses
  • Flagpole Bonus *

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