Image Name Description
NSMBWiiCoin Coin 100 coins in a level gives you a 1-Up! They can buy items at shops too.
RedCoin Red Coin After going though a Red Ring, 8 of these appear - collect them all for a 1-Up. They also as normal coins.
StarCoin Star Coin With these coins you collect all three of them in a level and then you can buy hint movies with them
Block ? Block The ? Block contains a item.
¿ Block ¿ Block This block isn't a normal ? Block. It has enemies inside it.
Winged Block NSMBDIY Winged ? Block This one is hard to hit - it tries to fly away from your character.
Used Used Block You can't do anything with this - apart from standing on it.
Brick Brick Block This block is a standard block - the can contain items.
POWBlock Blue POW Block This will destroy all on-screen enemies!
RedPOWBlock Red POW Block This will destroy all on-screen enemies! It can be carried!

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