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It was a peacful day in the Mushroom Kingdom...

(A meteor lands in the kingdom and sky becomes purple)

Until now.

(Camera shows Peach, Mario, and Luigi looking out at the meteor. A Toad comes up to them)

Toad: "Princess! It's terrible! It's gruesome! And it's really bad, too!"

Peach: "Yes, I am aware of the meteor, and I will send a clean-up party to take care of it."

Toad: "I'm not worried about the mess, you're highness! It landed in the same place we burried..."

(Familiar laugh is heard. A black claw then grabs Peach, and she screams and Luigi cowers behind Mario. Peach is then taken off)

Mario: Let's-a Go! (Leaps off)

(Luigi notices he's no longer behind Mario)

Luigi: Mariooooo! (Runs after him)

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