A meteor lands in the Mushroom Kingdom, and it unleashes an unknown evil. Can Mario and his friends save the day?

Playable Characters

Who is playable. There is a total of 8 playable characters, but only two are default.



Description_of_the_Character Special_Abilities How_to_Unlock
Marioleft Mario The legendary hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario has gone on countless adventures to rescue the princess, Peach, from the evil king Bowser. He still stands strong to protect the Mushroom Kingdom from evil. He has better braking than any other character. N/A
Luigi 12 Luigi Luigi has been following in his brother's footsteps for many years, mostly being player 2. Luigi may be clumsier than Mario is, but he has a heart of gold... and a fear of Boos. He can jump higher than Mario. N/A
Peach SSBX Princess Peach For years she has played a damsel in distress, but in this game, she plays a bigger, more heroine role. She may still need saving, but this time Bowser better watch his back! She can float midair for 2–5 seconds. Clear World 1.
Bowser SSBX Bowser Mario's long-time archenemy has joined the brothers on this quest, to prove he's the ultimate villain. He is the powerhouse of the game, but his jumping still needs work. After gaining a Fire Flower, his fireballs are the largest. Clear World 4.
Wario SSBX Wario Mario's rival, who is almost identical to him. Or he would be if it weren't for the few extra pounds and garlic breath. He's just in this for the money. He can double jump. Collect all Star Coins in World 3.
Kirby SSBX Kirby He may be pink and round, but this very hungry puff is actually super tough! He is the hero of his home world, Dreamland, who literaly sucks. He can jump multiple times and can inhale enemies to get they're abilities. Clear World 3
Sonicright Sonic the Hedgehog The fastest thing alive, Sonic joins Mario and his friends on a quest to save the world! Let's see if our favorite plumber can keep up with our favorite rodent. He can run faster than any other character. Clear World 7
Link SSBX Link The legendary Triforce Guardian Hero of Hyrule, Link and his Master Sword have gone on countless adventures, often to save the princess, Zelda. He can use his sword to attack enemies. Clear World 5


# Name_of_World Description_About_the_World Tower_Boss Airship_Boss Castle_Boss Unlocked_by
1 Mushroomy Fields A peacful plain with lucious green terrain and gorgeous flowers, and homeland to the princess, Peach. Hypnotized Larry Koopa N/A Bigga Boom N/A
2 Deserted Dunes A hot, arid desert land inhabited by Pokies and Spinies. Hypnotized Roy Koopa N/A Mummipokey Clear World 1
3 Float Islands A patch of islands from the Kirby universe. Home to some Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers. Hypnotized Iggy Koopa Fawful Hypnotized King Dedede Clear World 2
4 Rockalot Mountains A rocky mountain area with tons of traps! So watch out. Hypnotized Ludwig von Koopa N/A Bowser Clear World 3
5 Hyrule Hills A place from the Legend of Zelda universe that is full of challenges. Hypnotized Lemmy Koopa N/A Hypnotized Ganondorf Clear World 4
6 Toxic Swamp A swamp that puts meaning into the words "No Swimming". Hypnotized Wendy O. Koopa N/A King Chomp Clear World 5
7 Green Hill Zone This place from the Sonic universe has tons of twists, turns, and ramps, so you're going to need some speed. Hypnotized Morton Koopa Jr. Fawful Hypnotized Dr. Eggman Clear World 6
8 Lethal Lava Land A volcanic, rocky area with plenty of fire-themed enemies. Hypnotized Bowser Jr. N/A Mecha Bowser Clear World 7
9 Cackletta's Crazy Course The final world, and it's time for the final boss! Fawful N/A Cackletta Clear World 8



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  • This is the first New Super Mario Bros. game with eight playable characters.
  • Sonic is not voiced by his current voice actor and instead has sound clips from previous games.