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This is a list of upgraded power-ups in New Super Mario Bros. Koopaling Chaos. Upgraded Power-Ups are better power-ups and can only be used when you have the normal power-up.

Upgrade Of
600px-Mini Shroom
Mini Mushroom Super Mushroom Mini Mario can get through small spaces and run super fast.
MiniMario NSMB2
Superball Flower
Superball Flower Fire Flower Superball Mario can shoot super balls and slide on fire.
Superball Mario
Penguin Suit Ice Flower Penguin Mario can slide on ice and shoot ice balls.
Penguin Mario
Thunderbolt Thunder Flower Thunderbolt Mario can shoot lightning and fly.
Lightning Mario
Volt Mushroom II Volt Mushroom Volt Mario II can also do electrified punches and is at lightning speed!
Dry Skull Bowser Mushroom Dry Mario can throw bones and breathe fire.
Spin Drill Super Acorn Drill Mario can fly, glide, and dig!
Drillin underground
Shroom Nega Acorn or Darkness Negative Mario can control dark energy and is more powerful. Aiming dark energy is hard though.
Tanooki Suit Super Leaf Tanooki Mario can fly and use his tail to hurt enemies. However, he does not have a P-Meter.
??? Mushroom II ??? Mushroom Double Random Mario can switch between any special power-ups for a limited time. He also has a ? Block stuck to his fist.

There are not as many upgraded power-ups as there are normal.

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