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This is a list of special power-ups in New Super Mario Bros. Koopaling Chaos

Super Upgrade Of
Mega Mushroom Super Mushroom/Mini Mushroom Mega Mario can stop on everything!
MegaMario NSMB2
Burning Mushroom Fire Flower/Superball Flower Burning Mario is literally made of fire!
Frost Mushroom Ice Flower/Penguin Suit Frost Mario can do anything icey!
Dark cloud flower
Thundercloud Flower Thunder Flower/Lightning Bolt Thundercloud Mario can shoot lightning from the clouds! Dark Cloud Mario
464px-SuperLeaf 3D
Statue Leaf Super Leaf/Tanooki Suit Statue Mario can be a Tanooki, and turn to statue when he wants!
StatueMario 3DL

There are not near as many as power-ups as the others.

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