This is a list of bosses in New Super Mario Bros. Koopaling Chaos.

Pom Pom Pom Pom is one of Bowser's minions, and Boom Boom's partner. World 1 Tower
Bowsers life story wendy artwork
Wendy O. Koopa Wendy gets everything she wants- except defeating Mario. World 1 Castle
Negative Wendy O. Koopa Negative Wendy is a more powerful version of Wendy. World 1 Secret Castle
Boom Boom Boom Boom is Pom Pom's long time partner. World 2 Tower
Ludwig koopa
Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig is odd and "kooky". World 2 Dragon's Den Castle
Negative Ludwig von Koopa Negative Ludwig is even more kooky, and you could even say creepy. World 2 Secret Tower
Boom Boom and Pom Pom The two partners working together! World 3 Tower
R.O.B. The Robot Operating Buddy is mad at Mario... For some unknown reason. (Maybe He Wants Revenge From Deafating Him In SSBB) World 3 Factory
Iggy Koopa Iggy has been obsessed with magic ever since Bowser got him a wand! World 3 Pyramid Castle
Koopa Kid Koopa Kid wants revenge on Mario from the Mario Parties! World 3 Secret Factory
Lakithunder NSMBDIY
Lakithunder A thunder Lakitu. World 4 Tower
Mecha Bowser A new version: 2.0! The last one mysteriously disappeared... World 4 Factory
Morton Koopa Jr. The first of the Jrs, oddly seen wanting lots of gold in this game... World 4 Gold Castle
Koopa Kid 1, 2, and 3 Koopa Kid can split up into three! World 4 Airship
Negative Morton Koopa Jr. The first of the Negative Jrs, who likes gold too... If it is flaming! World 4 Secret Airship
Lemmy Koopa Lemmy likes magic just a little less than Iggy. World 5 Tower
Wario Wario is Mario's evil twin. World 5 WarioWare Factory
Ultimate Lemmy Koopa Still the same person, but ultimately "undefeated"! World 5 Circus Castle
Morton Koopa Sr. Who do YOU think Morton Jr. was named after? World 5 Hidden WarioWare Factory
Waluigi Waluigi is Luigi's evil twin. If Mario has one, Luigi does too! World 6 Tower
Pink Boo A boo that is pink. World 6 Haunted Tower
King Boo The king of all the boos!

World 6 Luigi's Castle

Dry Morton Koopa Sr. You defeated him. Now he's been skeletonized. World 6 Hidden Haunted Tower
MKU Wario Waluigi
Wario Brothers The evil brothers want REVENGE! Escape from their monster truck... If you dare! World 7 WarioWare Factory
Boshi Bad. Yoshi. That's how he got his name. World 7 Island
Cosmic Clone He can gain your power-ups too! World 7 Tower
Roy Koopa 3D
Roy Koopa The strongest, meanest, KOOPALING... Oh wait, I dropped my papers... World 7 Arena Castle
Kamek Uh, still got to get this in order... Okay. Magic Vs. Mario = Uh-oh! World 8 Tower-Mushroom
354px-Larry NSMBWii
Larry Koopa Oh, so sad... The LAST of the Koopalings... Probably, I haven't found all my papers yet... World 8 Castle-Mushroom
Head of the Koopatrol KOOPAS ATTACK!!! World 8 Tower-Flower
480px-NSMBwii BowserJr
Bowser Jr. In Koopa Clown Car Who could forget Bowser Jr, the second Jr? I did. World 8 Castle-Flower
Shadow Mario He was Bowser Jr. Who is he now? World 8 Tower-Leaf
Metal Mario Not a power-up anymore. World 8 Castle-Leaf
Koopalings All of them?! World 8 Castle-Koopaling
300px-NSMBwii dark koopalings-1-
Negative Koopalings Defeat all of the Negative Koopalings separate and you can get to them! World Nega Tower
Bowser He wants you... To be defeated! World Nega Castle
Dry Bowser The end... Of you! World Nega Bowser's Castle

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