Is a game by Jet Inc. for the DSj and is the sequel to NSBW.

Playable Characters



Blue Toad

Yellow Toad

Bowser Jr.




Green Yoshi
Yellow Yoshi
Pink Yoshi
Light Blue Yoshi
Dark Blue Yoshi
White Yoshi
Red Yoshi
Black Yoshi


Name World Type
Petey Piranha 1 Tower
Bowser Jr. 1 Castle
Wario 1 Secret Airship
King Boo 2 Tower
Bowser Jr. 2 Castle
Birdo 2 Secret Airship
Wario 3 Tower
Bowser 3 Castle
Waluigi 3 Secret Airship
Waluigi 4 Tower
Bowser Jr. 4 Castle
Wario 4 Secret Airship
Dino Piranha 5 Tower
Bowser Jr. 5 Castle
Fiery Dino Piranha 5 Secret Airship
Gooper Blooper 6 Tower
Bowser Jr. 6 Castle
King Kaliente 6 Secret Airship
Kamella 7 Tower
Bowser Jr. 7 Castle
Magikoopa Squad 7 Secret Airship
Kamek 8 Tower
Bowser Jr./Dry Bowser/Evil Peach 8 Castle
Magikoopa Squad 2 8 Secret Airship
Wart 9 Secret Airship


World 1 - Peach's Garden

World 2 - Haunted Mountains

World 3 - Koopa's Tycoon Town 1

World 4 - Koopa's Tycoon Town 2

World 5 - Bowser's Burning Garden

World 6 - Bowser's Swimming Pool

World 7 - Bowser's Castle 1

World 8 - Bowser's Castle 2

World 9 - Rainbow Dreams (Secret World)


Mario and Peach are taking a walk, and suddenly Spiny Eggs start falling from the sky. A few land around Peach and hatch, trapping her. They escape with Mario chasing them.

After going through 7 worlds, killing Bowser on the way, Mario ends up at Peach's cage. He's about to free her when Dry Bowser emerged from the lava and blasted Mario to the other side of the bridge, giving him a blue Koopa shell. D Bowser jumps on the bridge switch and starts throwing bones at Mario. Mario hides in his shell, which deflected the bones which hit D Bowser. Soon D Bowser falls into the lava and lands on a switch that was in there. It makes the castle crumble! Mario grabs Peach's cage and the key and runs out of the castle, then watches as Bowser's Castle collapses on top of D Bowser and Bowser Jr.. He then frees Peach and the credits begin.

After the credits, Bowser Jr. emerges from the Bowser's Castle ruins with D Bowser's bones. He drops them into a magic pot nearby Kamek, which causes them to become Bowser again.


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