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New Super Mario Bros. on the Infinity, equals to endless fun.

New Super Mario Bros. Infinity
Developer(s) Zentech Studios New Logo
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Infinity, Infinity GX
Genre(s) 2.5D Platformer
Release Date(s)
Spring 2013
1-6 players
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Game Disk

New Super Mario Bros. Infinity is a launch title for the Infinity and Infinity GX, developed by Zentech Studios and published by Nintendo. The game was announced along the console and the portable, the game was announced to be "an endless NSMB game with infinite possibilies". The game is to be released at Spring 2013, the game features new characters, new enemies, along returning enemies and characters.

The game got a sequel named New Super Mario Bros. Infinity: Double the Possibilities to be released at February 2014. The game introduces the Infinity Mode, where the player can freely create worlds, play other worlds created by other people and more.


Bowser after losing many times, discovers a hidden mysterious magical artifact named the Infinity *, which can literally control everything, Bowser than creates a version of the Mushroom Kingdom which he is the king, he sends his troops to capture Mario's friends and set them on dungeons. Mario, Luigi, Maria and Luise starts to notice something weird with the Kingdom, and then notices that Bowser became the king, they starts an adventure to find a way to stop Bowser.

Later, they meet the Toad Wise, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Toad Wise says that the only one that can stop the Infinity Magic is the princess of the kingdom, Princess Peach, who is trapped on Bowser's Castle.


The gameplay in New Super Mario Bros. Infinity is pretty similar to the previous installments, a 2.5D platformer where the player controls one of the four heroes to reach the end goal of each stage before the time runs out, the heroes can use power-ups which give them new abilites which can be used to defeat enemies or to move quickier. In each stage, there's 3 hidden Star Coins and some levels features secret exits which leaves to secret levels. One of the new features is the Infinity Mode, which the player can freely create worlds and play other people's worlds and levels, the player can use their Miis on those modes, the player can also create their own Mario character and use them during those levels.



Image Name Description
Super mario by mintenndo-d62lh70 Mario The main hero of the series, Mario, the plumber. He was in many adventures, including an adventure inside paintings, a wacky vacation and a galactic quest.
Luigi Alpha Luigi The overshadowed brother, Luigi, the greenie. He was in many adventures along Mario, but he got his own adventure, inside creepy mansions, fightining dream monsters and having his own new adventure!
NSMBΩMaria Maria The hairy cousin, Maria, the heroine. She was along Mario and Luigi on their omega adventure, inside a star journey and also in a let's a go adventure with Mario!
LuiseOmega Luise The not-so-shy cousin, Luise, the sister. She was along Mario and Luigi on their omega adventure and also in the hyper new adventure!
Blue Toad 2 Blue Toad The colored Toad, Blue Toad, the helper. He was in Mario's dreamy adventure and he is with Mario in all his new adventures!
Yellow Toad Running SMWU Yellow Toad The colored Toad, Yellow Toad, the scared. He was in all Mario's new adventures along the paper adventure!


Image  Name  Description
x150px Toad Toad is the host of the Red Toad Houses. He appears in the Red Toad Houses and sometimes appears on levels to ask to the heroes to recover an item that Nabbit stole.
MP7 Toadette Toadette Toadette is the host of the Pink Toad Houses. She appears in the Pink Toad Houses and sometimes appears on levels to ask to the heroes to recover an item that Bandit stole.
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth Toadsworth is the host of the Brown Toad Houses. He appears in the Brown Toad Houses and he saves the game's progress.
Gold Mario Gold Mario Gold Mario only appears on the Newbie Mode of the game, showing to the player how to play.
Luma Luma Luma appears in the Enemy Courses, because they were kidnapped by Bowser's troops.
Lumalee Lumalee Lumalee appears as the shopkeeper, selling items for the heroes.
Rosalina Alpha Rosalina Rosalina appears to get the Lumas back. Depending how many Lumas the player got, Rosalina will give a prize. See the list of prizes here.


Picture Color Ability Rarity
x150px Green No ability Common
Red Yoshi YBA Red Shoot fireballs. Common
Blue Yoshi YBA Blue Can fly using any type of shell. Common
Yellow YoshiSMWWii Yellow Can ground stomp. Common
White Yoshi YBA White Can walk above water and lava. Uncommon
Cyan yoshi Cyan Shoot iceballs. Uncommon
Orange YoshiSMWWii Orange Can run faster. Uncommon
Black Yoshi YBA Black Can defeat invicible enemies. Uncommon
Gold yoshi Gold Can make Boos go away. Only appears in the Ghost Houses.
Rainbow Yoshi Rainbow Have all the abilites as the previous mentioned Yoshis, and also it is invicible. Rare.

Baby Yoshis


Detailed info about the worlds here.

The game have 15 worlds, counting the Special World. Each world is larger and have at least 3 or 4 secret levels. In each world, there's a Red Toad House, a Pink Toad House and a Brown Toad House. Each one are different, giving different challenges and rewards.


See detailed info about of the power-ups here.

The power-ups give the heroes special abilites, like throwing fireballs, fly and more. Some of the power-ups can throw projectiles to defeat enemies and break some blocks.

Some of the power-ups got some upgrades, new power-ups were added. The power-ups are now required to collect some star coins or solve some puzzles.


Question Block
See more detailed info of the items here.

In all the levels, there items which can be destroyed or not. Some of the blocks can hide some secrets like buttons, power-ups and more. The items are blocks, buttons and other type of items, like the Flagpole and Pipes.


Goomba New
See more detailed info of the enemies here.

Every level have several enemies. They are seperated in several categories: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Invicble enemies. The game features new and old enemies.


See more detailed info of the bosses here.

At the end of each world, there's a boss. The bosses work different than the previous New Super Mario Bros. game, each boss have a weakness against a certain power-up, but also, all bosses have three phases.

Extra Modes



  • Arend (tbc): The characters Maria and Luise are owned by him. The artworks for both characters were also made by him.
  • YoshiGo99 (tbc): Artworks of some of the Yoshis.
  • Fire-Luigi (tbc): Rainbow Yoshi's artwork.

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