New Super Mario Bros. III
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Singleplayer, multiplayer
Genre(s) 2D Platforming
Series NSMB
Predecessor New Super Luigi U

New Super Mario Bros. III (New Super Mario Bros. Trey in some regions) is the sixth game in the New Super Mario Bros. series. It introduces many new elements such as Amulets, and the Super Strike.


One day, Ludwig was in the library of Bowser's Airship, when a book bopped on his head; in it, there was written the legend of the Nine Silver Orbs. When collected together, these allowed the fullfilling of all wishes. Toad hears this during a walk. The Mario Bros. are sent to collect the Orbs before Bowser does.


Gameplay includes new elements:

  • Amulets: When grabbing one of those, a temporary (slightly overpowered) item will be granted. One-use items can also appear.
  • Super Strike: By gaining Power-Ups, defeating enemies and scoring points, a bar will be slightly filled (it will decrease if damage is taken). When full, a powerful attack (the Super Strike) can be executed.
  • Energy: By collecting coins, a small bar can be filled, and several special moves can be executed. These all slightly empty the bar, though.
  • More TBA


NOTE: All power-ups save Mario from one hit.

Image of Power-Up/Form (if possible) Name Ability(/ies)
Super Mushroom Super Mushroom Allows Mario to break Brick Blocks.
FireFlowerMK8 Fire Flower Allows Mario to shoot balls of fire. Unlike other games, where they bounce, they now fly in a straight line.
PenguinSuit Penguin Suit Allows Mario to slide on his belly after running for long enough, and shooting ice balls that will freeze enemies.
N/A Acid Flower Allows Mario to throw acid balls, which can make holes in walls and floors. Occasionally, there are points where holes must be made in the walls to progress.
N/A Bob-omb Mushroom Allows Mario to throw lit Bob-ombs.
IceMarioArtwork1 Ice Flower The Ice Flower functions like in Super Mario Galaxy; Mario can run over water and lava (which are turned into hexagon platforms). A added twist, is that he can freeze enemies completely, turning them blue. If the enemies were in mid-air, they'll fall and shatter. The Ice Flower will wear off after 20 seconds, so use it wisely.
MegaMushroomSM3DW Mega Mushroom In this temporary state, Mario turns giant and can devastate everything he comes in contact with (or at least mostly everything). By ground pounding, Goombas and coins will fall down.
Rainbowstartrans Rainbow Star The Rainbow Star from Super Mario Galaxy replaces the Super Star in this game. It's effects are completely the same as the Super Star, except that Mario is invincible for longer, his agility overall increases a lot, and Mario can smash through certain objects and walls.
BlueShell Blue Shell One of the strongest items in the entire game, returning from New Super Mario Bros. for the DS. When gained, running makes Mario slide in his shell, rendering him completely invincible, being able to defeat enemies, damage bosses, and even pass through normally harmful objects. It cannot be gained from ? Blocks or shops; the only way to gain it is by defeating a Blue Koopa Troopa, much like NSMB's multiplayer.
HammerMarioSMF Hammer Suit Finally returning from SMB3, the Hammer Suit allows Mario to throw hammers in a short upward arc, and when crouching, Mario can block most attacks. He cannot slide on slopes, though.


  • Grass Land: The classic first world in the Mario games.
  • Plage Rainforest: A mix-match between the beach and jungle worlds. There's poisoned water and a lot-of ol' l'il fishies 'ere. What more do ya want ?
  • Grey Den: An entirely new world: The CAVE WORLD ! Isn't that great ? No, you say ? I understand, there's a lot of falling rocks, drills, jackhammers and construction devices here. Don't wander too deep, will ya ?
  • Savannah Wastelands: A mix between a savannah, wastelands and the classic desert world. Get enough water with you ! Unique to this world is that you can ride dromedaries and camels.
  • Sky High: This is such a tall mountain you can reach the welkin (figuratively). And you can walk on the clouds ! (literally).
  • Dark Land: Aaaaaaah. Dark Land. Of course this couldn't be missing from the scene, right ? Will you finally confront Bowser ? Rather strange considering Iggy is here too...
  • Vexing Chateau: You already guessed Dark Land was a trap, right ? Well, now this is going to make you say "HOLY GOOMBA !": This huge contraption consists of Bowser's Castle, World Bowser, Bowser's Keep, Castle Koopa and Neon Castle. It will take you long to complete it's 19 courses... but it's worth it.


An unique feature in this game, is that the Koopalings are first fought in their SSB4 Clown Cars, and in the fight's second phase, they fight by themselves or using a weapon.

Image Name Strategy
SpikeBassNSMB Spike Bass Faced in the Fortress of World 1, the Spike Bass travels in the water under the platform the player is standing on. There are Amps moving randomly. Every now and then, Spike Bass will attempt to hit you by jumping out of the water, before going back in again. Position yourself so that Spike Bass will hit the Amps. Doing this thrice defeats him.
Ludwig von B. Koopa Ludwig von Koopa Phase 1

Ludwig von Koopa, faced on his personal airship, starts off in his Clown Car. His only attack here is the car gaining wheels and attempting to run over you. When he stops driving, he'll spin. That's the oppurtunity to him him (repeat it thrice). If you hit Ludwig while he's not driving or dizzy, he'll retaliate by spitting fire, burning the character to a crisp and ending the game.
Phase 2
When the Clown Car is destroyed, Ludwig will hover in the air, and barrage you with homing blasts . After that, he'll swoop down while shooting homing blasts. Hit him when he swoops down. After getting hit, he'll go in his shell and shoot blasts that come in groups of four, while flying and trying to land on your character. After a while, he gets out of his shell and the phase will repeat. Repeat the process thrice and Ludwig is knocked out and defeated.

Lakitu YNI Fishin' Lakitu This Lakitu has a fishing rod. Many things can hang on it, e.g. spiked balls, Chain Chomps, Bob-ombs, Amps and Bowser Stunners (previously known as Bowser Amps). Occassionally, he'll drop down and try to hook Mario. Then, he can be hit, and doing this thrice defeats him.
150px-WendyNSMBU Wendy O. Koopa Phase 1

Wendy, in her Clown Car, won't do much except moving slowly and either attempting to stab Mario with a pitchfork, or move the pitchfork in a upward angle. After being stomped on twice, she'll throw a ring that serves as a black hole. The buttons must be mashed to escape it. Wendy's Clown Car is vacuumed in during the process.
Phase 2
Wendy skates around, and when Mario is in her sight, she'll spin out, while shooting two iceballs to both sides. Jump on her head after she spun, and repeat this twice to knock her out and complete the level.

120px-BigBob-OmbMKDS King Bob-omb (Big Bob-omb) King Bob-omb moves around, either jumping up and down, causing shockwaves by stomping his foot or attempting to grab and throw Mario, after which he'll throw Bob-ombs from Super Mario Sunshine, which have a number on them. The number, which functions as a timer, will go from 8 to 0 in 8 seconds. The seconds left before it explodes is equal to the number. The Bob-omb (known as a Delfino Bomb) chases Mario in the process. Get the Delfino Bomb to King Bob-omb when it's number is at at least 2 and get it to implode in his face twice, after which the king will be defeated.
RoyKoopaSSB4 Roy Koopa Phase 1

Roy will be in his Clown Car. He'll use the Koopa Meteor attack from SSB4; which is flying his Clown Car up, which then explodes and sends him downwards at high speed. After avoiding this, Roy will form a new Clown Car, but he'll be stunned for a second, which is your chance to attack. Do this thrice and the Clown Car will cease to reform.
Phase 2
Roy attempts to ram into Mario, much like NSMB2. If you jump over it, Roy will turn around. If he bumps against a wall, he'll turn around and shoot Bullet Bills, and later Banzai Bills and Bull's-Eye Bills, meaning this only makes the fight worse. Mario has to jump on him while he's ramming. Much like the previous Koopalings, Roy will not spin in his shell after each hit. Three hits and Roy's flung out of his airship, defeating him.

Mummipokey Mummipokey Mummipokey randomly emerges from the floor, while shooting white balls, then going back into the ground to re-emerge elsewhere. His height is random. Only if he has only three segments, he can be jumped on. Do this thrice, and Mummipokey gets the eyernal rest it so deserves.
150px-MortonNSMBU Morton Koopa, Jr. Phase 1

Morton rides in the Koopa Clown Car. He'll use Wendy's pitch fork attacks, but also an attack of his own: slamming wrecking balls on both sides. Jump on him thrice, and he'll perform Roy's Koopa Meteor attack. When he lands, Phase 2 starts.
Phase 2
Morton will pull out a huge about-sledge, and try to hit Mario with it. Every time Morton is hit, he'll perform a ground pound, after which Mario will be stunned if he was still on the ground, and Morton will then throw a spiked ball. Regardless what happened (except Game Overs, of course), the process continues. After the third hit, Morton will climb up the wall, then the ceiling, and drop down, resulting in a shockwave upon landing; this, however, results in the cracking of the floor, due to the impact, and Morton will fall out of his airship, defeating him.

Lemmy K. Koopa Lemmy Koopa Phase 1

Lemmy will drive around in his Clown Car like Ludwig originally did. Once he stops, though, he spins around like Wendy, but hits multiple times, mostly resulting in a potential one-hit KO. Jump on him when he stops spinning to hit him. Watch out, he'll release a giant Mechakoopa, which will walk around for roughly four seconds, then explode. After the second hit, Lemmy will grab the Mechakoopa and throw it. After hitting it for the third time, Lemmy jumps in the air and leaps out of the Clown Car, which falls down exploding. If Lemmy comes near Mario while falling, he will hit the plumber with a hammer. As soon as Lemmy falls on the ground, his ball forms beneath him, and phase two starts.
Phase 2
On his ball, Lemmy can throw bombs and Bob-ombs, and run over Mario. Jump on him to make his ball dissapear. Lemmy will then spin in his shell (and from him onwards, all Koopalings do so). Lemmy will then get on a cloud and pelt Mario with balls, which can push him into the bombs Lemmy throws. Eventually, Lemmy will swoop down and throw a Bob-omb. This the oppurtunity to hit him. After being hit, Lemmy will spin in his shell, and then summon lots of pipes on the ceiling, walls and floor, with two Podoboos flying around. Lemmy, along with two decoys that will spit fire if attacked, will come out of one of said pipes and throw either spiked balls, balls, bombs or Bob-ombs. Hit him one last time and Lemmy's knocked in a swoon, and is thus defeated.

100px-NSMBU LarryKoopa Larry Koopa Phase 1

Larry moves around, while the Clown Car pulls out boxing gloves and try to continously strike Mario. Jump on Larry to make him throw a Thwomp (which remains on the floor), and he will then shoot a gust of wind, attempting to blow Mario into it. The Thwomp dissapears after this attack. Hit him another time to make him launch a Mechakoopa, which will fly a distance, then explode. Hit him again to ejects Larry from the exploding Clown Car, with Larry coming down and striking with a hammer like Lemmy, shall Mario come to close.
Phase 2
Larry walks around, throwing bombs like bowling balls, spitting fire and hitting it to Mario using a tennis racquet, and throwing balls of magma. Jump on the "bowling bombs" to send them back to Larry, which counts as hit. Doing this thrice will make him pass out, defeating him.

ImIggy Iggy Koopa Phase 1

Iggy moves around in his Clown Car, which he leaps out regularly, unlike Larry and Lemmy, with a new one forming as he lands. Iggy has the new abilities to use drills (though this has to charge up), move upside down and spin the propellor (this also has to charge), and grab Mario, hit him with a squeaky hammer, then drill on him, which is a one-hit KO. He also drives a lot faster than all other Koopalings who use the driving attack, and it can and will bury Mario. Jumping on him thrice is the formula.
Phase 2
Iggy turns the area into a lava sea, with platform floating on them. Iggy jumps around, spitting fire, throwing balls of magma, spitting two green fireballs paired with a red one that can one-hit KO Mario, have lightning strike and, unlike the other Koopalings, spin in his shell regularly. Hitting Iggy makes him spin (like in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga), and repeating the process three times knocks him unconscious, ending the fight.

Bowser Jr Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. runs around, while leaping, throwing Koopa Shells and hammers and ground pounding. Grab the shells, throw them back at him and jump on him; repeat this twice to defeat him.
Bowser (WGC) Bowser Bowser flies around in his Koopa Clown Car, throwing stuff like balls, bombs, spiked balls, barrels, Bob-ombs and Mechakoopas. The Bob-ombs and Mechakoopas can be jumped on and thrown back to Bowser. Bowser will then turn topsy-turvy and drops Big Steelies. After another two hits, Bowser will hide in the Clown Car, attempt to ram into Mario from the background, then from the foreground, while fire drops down. After another two hits, Bowser repeats his last two attacks then, followed by Bowser bouncing all over the place while throwing hammers, and sometimes spin out of control and move around the stage randomly. Bowser will then throw Paramecha-Koopas, red Mechakoopas which shoot homing missiles, followed by his usual projectiles (with the exception of Mechakoopas and Bob-ombs) combined with Green Shells. The Green Shells must be thrown at Bowser when his head pops out, but not when spinning. After being hit two more times, Bowser will combine his previous tactics. After being hit six more times, Bowser will spin out of control again, but his Clown Car glowing red. He will try to get as close as possible to Mario. After 25 seconds, Bowser's Clown Car self-destructs (taking Bowser down with him). If Mario was too close, a Game Over will occur. If the final attack has been avoided, the final Orb has been awarded to Mario.

More TBA

Differences from other games

  • Like New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. 2, Kamek is absent.
  • The Ice Flower now functions like in Super Mario Galaxy.
    • Similarly, the Super Star is now replaced by Super Mario Galaxy's Rainbow Star.
  • Alot of enemies from the original New Super Mario Bros. that didn't make it in the next installments return.
  • The Desert World is now World 4.

Beta elements, pre-release and unused content

  • Originally, a whole different story for the game was planned, in which a Ztar known as Nebula destroyed Peach's Castle, then attacked Bowser's Castle and took the Koopalings with him. Bowser was forced to work together with Mario.
  • Bowser was considered a playable character, but due to the first story getting replaced, the idea didn't make it in the final game.


  • New Super Mario Bros. III is the only game in the New Super Mario Bros. series in which Peach isn't kidnapped for the game's entirety. 

More TBA

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