New Super Mario Bros. HWC
Box art used in Japan
Developer(s) SantiTech
Platform(s) HWC
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included SantiTech HWC software disk

New Super Mario Bros. HWC is a Mario game for the SantiTech HWC console, it is the first Mario game for this console, not counting the Space Invaders-clone Boomerang Mario Story.


Mario and his friends were reviving they old glory playing some NES games, but suddenly, at the same time that Mario gets to World 8-4's Bowser Fight, the real Bowser steals Princess Peach, while the NES Bowser steals Princess Toadstool.   Then in the NES appears an WORLD 9-1 screen, and NES Mario and NES Luigi jump out the screen to save Princess Peach (which they think is Princess Toadstool).  That is when the game starts.

Differences from previous Mario games

  • There are two Marios, the 2014 and the 1950 Mario, making it more of a "Mario Generations" game.
  • There are three World Maps, one New Super Mario Bros. like (to play modern levels), other one Super Mario Bros. 3 like (for classic levels) and one that is a mix between them (for crossover levels).
  • [MAJOR SPOILER ALERT, KEEP READING WITH CAUTION] NES Mario becomes the antagonist at the end, being the first time that Mario must fight with himself.

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