New Super Mario Bros. HD is a gome for the upcoming console, the Nintendo HDS.


There are 16 worlds:

Mushroom Kingdom, Frosty Forest, Pipe Maze,

Dry Dry Desert, Boo's Mansion, Yoshi's Island,

Sparkle Ocean, Lava Lair, Mega Mountain,

Toxic Jungle, Rainbow Ride, Crystal Caves,

Sky Heavens, Bob-omb Factory, Gravity Galaxy, and, finally, Bowser's Castle (Not in that order).


Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi are with Princess Peach when the Doomship comes. A bomb is thrown, knocking out the Mario & Wario Bros. Then, the doomship swoops up Peach, who the Bros. run after.

Playable Characters

Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. 'Nuff said.


Boom Boom (Mushroom Kingdom Fort), Larry Koopa (Mushroom Kingdom and Rainbow Ride Castles), Mummipokey (Dry Dry Desert Fort), Morton Koopa Jr., (Dry Dry Desert and Bob-omb Factory Castles), Gooper Blooper (Sparkle Ocean Fort), Wendy O. Koopa (Sparkle Ocean and Pipe Maze Castle), Petey Piranha (Toxic Jungle Fort), Iggy Koopa (Toxic Jungle and Yoshi's Island Castles), Giga Lakitu (Sky Heavens Fort), Roy Koopa (Sky Heavens and Mega Mountain Castles), Chief Chilly (Frosty Forest Fort), Lemmy Koopa (Frosty Forest and Crystal Caves Castles), King Boo (Boo's Mansion Fort), Ludwig von Koopa (Boo's Mansion and Gravity Galaxy Castles), Shadow Mario (Rainbow Ride Fort), Big Bob-omb (Bob-omb Factory Fort), Metal Mario (Pipe Maze Fort), Reznor (Yoshi's Island Fort), Whomp King (Mega Mountain Fort), King Bones (Crystal Caves Fort), Tatanga (Gravity Galaxy Fort), Bowser Jr. (Lava Lair and Bowser's Castle Forts), King Bowser Koopa (Lava Lair and Bowser's Castle Castles).