New Super Mario Bros. GO! is an upcoming Wii-U game that will be set to be realed in May 2015. Unlike Mario Kart and Angry Birds GO! this is a plain game like others. But in World 9 you will ride certain vechiels.
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One cool, summer evening Mario, Luigi, Peach and Orange Toad are celabarteing Peach's half-birthday, until the Koopalings came out from the cake  and shubbed Peach in the cake and ran to the airship. Mario Luigi and Orange Toad chased it all away to World 1.






  • Green [1-3] None
  • Pink [1-4] Can be like an hot air balloon
  • Blue [3-3] Is a very great swimmer and blows bubbles
  • Yellow [2-3] Glows in dark caves, dark nights and hurricanes
  • Orange [4-4] Can use its tounge to differnt places or the flagpole
  • Red [6-2] Is so hot that it could burn the ground
  • Cyan [3-A] Can create thunderstorms at emeimes


Name Levels Tower\Fortess Boss Castle Boss Airship Ememy Course Fianl Boss Saved
Larry's Grssy Plain 7
Larry Koopa 2D Art Upgradde
Kuribon Goomba Model


Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Roy's Boiling Desert 10
Boom Boom 3d

Boom Boom

Roy Koopa 2D Art Upgrade
1218020-bowser jr. new super mario bros. wii super


Orange Toad for sttsg


W1Larry's Grassy Plain

  • 1-1 Peach's Frontyard
  • 1-2 Twisted Tunnel
  • 1-F Reznor's Mortar Fortess
  • 1-3 Tanooki Treeland
  • 1-A Platform Pathway
  • 1-4 High in the Mushroom Skies
  • 1-5 Beetle Bridges
  • 1-C Larry's Throwback Castle

W2 Roy's Boling Desert

  • 2-1 Drybake Desert
  • 2-2 Grrrol's Maze of Pipes
  • 2-3 Tear-Up Tunnel
  • 2-4 Rumbling Ruins
  • 2-A Hot, Hot Hillside
  • 2-F Boom Boom's Bomb Bash Tower
  • 2-5 Chargin Chuck Ruins
  • 2-6 Blooming Wasteland
  • 2-C Roy's Pipeworks Castle
  • 2-A Bowser Jr's Cannonball Airship

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