World 1: Grassy Plains

  • Grassy Plains-1: The Plains
  • Grassy Plains-2: Tilting Tunnel
  • Grassy Plains-Tower: Crushing-Cogs Tower
  • Grassy Plains-3: Rolling Hills
  • Grassy Plains-4: Cheep Cheep Lake
  • Grassy Plains-5: Mushroom Heights
  • Grassy Plains-Fortress: Steel Gear Fortress
  • Grassy Plains-6: Piranha Plant Garden
  • Grassy Plains-7: Grassy Plains at Night
  • Grassy Plains-8: Grassy Plains Spine Coaster
  • Grassland Hills-Castle: Lemmy`s Swingback Castle

World 2: Dry Desert

  • Dry Desert-1: Stone-Eye Zone
  • Dry Desert-2: The Pokey Cave
  • Dry Desert-3: Into The Pyramid
  • Dry Desert-Tower: Spouting Sand Tower
  • Dry Desert-4: Spouting Sands
  • Dry Desert-5: Fire Snake Cavern
  • Dry Desert-6: Spinning Sandstones
  • Dry Desert-Fortress: Quicksand Fortress
  • Dry Desert-7: Dry Desert Mushrooms
  • Dry Desert-8: Rising Quicksand
  • Dry Desert-9: Angry Sun Run
  • Dry Desert-10: Bone Dry Dunes
  • Dry Desert-11: Cactus Desert
  • Dry Desert-12: The Raging Sandstorm
  • Dry Desert-Castle: Morton`s Wind-Up Castle

World 3: Sunshine Beach

  • Sunshine Beach-1: Waterspout Beach
  • Sunshine Beach-2: Underwater Swim
  • Sunshine Beach-Island Tower: Giant Skewer Tower
  • Sunshine Beach-Shipwreck: Haunted Shipwreck
  • Sunshine Beach-3: Huckit Beach Resort
  • Sunshine Beach-4: Cheap Chomp Chase
  • Sunshine Beach-5: Deepsea Ruins
  • Sunshine Beach-6: Urchin Waters
  • Sunshine Beach-Underwater Fortress: Underwater Torpedo Fortress
  • Sunshine Beach-7: Leaping Cheep Cheeps
  • Sunshine Beach-8: The Great Geysers
  • Sunshine Beach-9: Blooper Seas
  • Sunshine Beach-10: Dragoneel Depths
  • Sunshine Beach-11: Porcupuffer Run
  • Sunshine Beach -12: Deepsea Stone-Eyes
  • Sunshine Beach-Castle: Larry`s Underwater Skewer Torpedo Castle
  • Sunshine Beach-Seaship: The Great Seaship

World 4: Frosty Glacier

  • Frosty Glacier-1: Starry Sky
  • Frosty Glacier-2: Cooligan Fields
  • Frosty Glacier-Tower: Falling Icicle Tower
  • Frosty Glacier-3: Slippery Rope Ladders
  • Frosty Glacier-4: Icicle Caverns
  • Frosty Glacier-5: Freezing Waters
  • Frosty Glacier-Fortress: Icy Thwomp Fortress
  • Frosty Glacier-6: Fliprus Lake
  • Frosty Glacier-Ghost House: Swaying Icy Ghost House
  • Frosty Glacier-7: Cooligan Shrooms
  • Frosty Glacier-8: Scaling the Mountainside
  • Frosty Glacier-9: Snowman Clifftop
  • Frosty Glacier-ClockworkTower: Freezing Rain Clockwork Tower
  • Frosty Glacier-10: Piranha Plants on Ice
  • Frosty Glacier-11: Frozen Glacier
  • Frosty Glacier-12: Freezing Blizzard
  • Frosty Glacier-Castle: Wendy`s Fliprus Icicle Castle
  • Frosty Glacier-Airship: Aboard the Ice-Cold Airship

World 5: Overgrown Forest

  • Overgrown Forest-1: Jungle of the Giants
  • Overgrown Forest-2: Poison Waters
  • Overgrown Forest-3: Dancing Blocks
  • Overgrown Forest-Tower: Hollow Tree Tower
  • Overgrown Forest-4: Seesaw Bridge
  • Overgrown Forest-5: Bramball Woods
  • Overgrown Forest-Ghost House: Big Boo's Overgrown Catastrophe
  • Overgrown Forest-6: Wiggler Stampede
  • Overgrown Forest-Fortress: Poison Snake Block Fortress
  • Overgrown Forest-7: Rolling Logs
  • Overgrown Forest-8: Autumn Forest
  • Overgrown Forest-9: Giant Piranha Plants
  • Overgrown Forest-10: Swinging-Vines
  • Overgrown Forest-11: Beanstalk Adventure
  • Overgrown Forest-12: Honeycomb Hive
  • Overgrown Forest-13: Barrel Jungle
  • Overgrown Forest-Castle: Iggy`s Overgrown Waving Lava Castle

World 6: Haunted Swampland

  • Haunted Swampland-1: The Dark Swampland
  • Haunted Swampland-2: Poison Mushrooms
  • Haunted Swampland-Ghost House: Big Boo`s Ghostly Haunt
  • Haunted Swampland-3: Boo Apocalypse
  • Haunted Swampland-4: Scary Night
  • Haunted Swampland-5: Painted Swampland
  • Haunted Swampland-6: Haunted Spine Coaster
  • Haunted Swampland-7: Boohemoth Chase
  • Haunted Swampland-8: Spinning Platforms
  • Haunted Swampland-9: Moonlight Dash
  • Haunted Swampland-Haunted Mansion: King Boo`s Haunted Showdown

World 7: Rocky Mountains

  • Rocky Mountains-1: Fuzzy Mountain
  • Rocky Mountains-2: Porcupuffer`s Revenge
  • Rocky Mountains-3: Waddlewing Cliff
  • Rocky Mountains-Tower: Grinding-Stone Tower
  • Rocky Mountains-4: Light Up Cavern
  • Rocky Mountains-5: Rocky Mountains Spine Coaster
  • Rocky mountains-6: Spike`s Seesaws
  • Rocky Mountains-7: Chain Chomp Climb
  • Rocky mountains-8: Crystal Caverns
  • Rocky Mountains-Fortress: Screwtop Fortress
  • Rocky Mountains-9: The Gold Mine
  • Rocky Mountains-10: The Minecart Ride
  • Rocky Mountains-11: The Switch-Lift Express
  • Rocky Mountains-12: Shifting Floor Cave
  • Rocky Mountains-Factory: Smashing Thwomp Factory
  • Rocky Mountains-13: Piranha Plant Mountains
  • Rocky Mountains-Castle: Roy`s Ironclad Conveyor Castle
  • Rocky Mountains-Tank: Tank Battlefield

World 8: Skyland Clouds

  • Skyland Clouds-1: Cloud Cruise
  • Skyland Clouds-2: Seesaw Shrooms
  • Skyland Clouds-3: Snake Blocks in the Sky
  • Skyland Clouds-Cloud Tower: Foo`s Stonecrush Tower
  • Skyland Clouds-4: Fuzzy Clouds
  • Skyland Clouds-5: Bullit Bill Sky
  • Skyland Clouds-6: Switchback Hill
  • Skyland Clouds-Ghost House: Spinning Spirit House
  • Skyland Clouds-7: Skyward Stalk
  • Skyland Clouds-8: Bouncy Clouds and Boomerangs
  • Skyland Clouds-Sky Fortress: Slide Lift Fortress
  • Skyland Clouds-9: Bubble Skies
  • Skyland Clouds-Clockwork Tower: Electric Amp Clockwork Tower
  • Skyland Clouds-10: Flame Chomp Ferris Wheel
  • Skyland Clouds-11: Lakitu`s Wrath
  • Skyland Clouds-12: Lightning Clouds
  • Skyland Clouds-13: Para-Beetle Parade
  • Skyland Clouds-14: Rainbow Road
  • Skyland Clouds-15: Wiggler`s Flying Blocks
  • Skyland Clouds-Castle: Ludwig`s Sky Castle
  • Skyland Clouds-Airship: Bowser Jr.`s Misty Airship

World 9: Volcanic Core

  • Volcanic Core-1: Meteor Ambush
  • Volcanic Core-2: Magma Cruise
  • Volcanic Core-3: Ash Dash
  • Volcanic Core-Tower: Fiery Snake Blocks Tower
  • Volcanic Core-4: Volcanic Cavern
  • Volcanic Core-5: Rising Lava
  • Volcanic Core-Fortress: Elevator Ride to the Top
  • Volcanic Core-6: Firefall Climb
  • Volcanic Core-7: Burning Party
  • Volcanic Core-8: Lava Falls
  • Volcanic Core-9: Spine Coaster in Lava
  • Volcanic Core-Castle: Bowser Jr.'s Red-Hot Run

World 10: Bowser Land


World 11: Superstar Road (Collect all Star Coins in Worlds 1-10)

  • Superstar Road-1: Grassland Hills
  • Superstar Road-2: The Return of the Angry Sun
  • Superstar Road-3: Fish Food
  • Superstar Road-4: Penguin Slide
  • Superstar Road-5: Poisonous Block Run
  • Superstar Road-6: Boohemoth's Revenge
  • Superstar Road-7: Falling Rocks
  • Superstar Road-8: Rainbow Cruise
  • Superstar Road-9: Volcanic Eruption
  • Superstar Road-10: Bowser Land in Reverse
  • Superstar Road-11: All in One
  • Superstar Road-12: 1-Up Heaven

World 12: Unused Extras (Extra Levels based on extra worlds that were removed)

  • Unused Extras-1: Pipeland Sewers
  • Unused Extras-2: Candy Island
  • Unused Extras-3: Toxic Wasteland
  • Unused Extras-4: Pirate Seas
  • Unused Extras-5: Unlit Cavern
  • Unused Extras-6: Mushroom Skies
  • Unused Extras-7: Steampunk Outskirts
  • Unused Extras-8: Misty Canyon
  • Unused Extras-9: Block Land
  • Unused Extras-10: Painted Realm
  • Unused Extras-11: Amusement Park
  • Unused Extras-12: Ancient Ruins
  • Unused Extras-13: Cheese Land
  • Unused Extras-14: Outer Space
  • Unused Extras-15: Modern City

Power Ups and Items


Super Mushroom

Use: Makes your character grow and also gives you extra protection agains enemies.

Rarity: Found in about ALL levels.

First Appearance: Grassy Plains-1


Fire Flower

Use: Makes your character shoot fireballs out of your hand which can hit enemies and burn them.

Rarity: Found in most levels but NOT all of them.

First Appearance: Grassy Plains-1

Super Leaf NSMB2
Super Leaf

Use: Makes your charcter grow a tanooki tail and ears which is used for hovering in the air for a short amount of time.

Rarity: Found in not many levels but has many appearances.

First Appearance: Grassy Plains-6

Ice Flower

Use: Makes your character shoot iceballs out of your hand which can hit enemies and freeze them.

First Appearance: Grassy Plains-2

528px-Propeller Mushroom
Propeller Mushroom

Use: Makes your character wear a propeller suit which will make you fly into the sky and then slowly descend down or drill quickly down.

First Appearance: Grassy Hills-5

Penguin Suit

Use: Makes your character wear a penguin suit which will make you slide on your belly on ice, swim more easier, and lets you shoot iceballs out of your hand which can hit enemies and freeze them.

First Appearance: Sunshine Beach-2

1-up Mushroom
1-Up Mushroom

Use: Your character will get an extra life.

First Appearance: Grassy Plains-1

Cape FeatherSMWWii
Cape Feather

Use: Makes your character get a cape which can whip enemies with; if you run fast enough then jump you will go up into the air and bounce until you decide to fall.

First Appearance: Dry Desert-6



Use: Makes your character inflate and float for a short amount of time.

First Appearance: Frosty Glacier-Icicle Tower

Mini Mushroom
Mini Mushroom

Use: Makes your character turn tiny and can go through small entrances and lets you jump higher, run on water, and run up walls, but you only get one hit until you`re dead.

First Appearance: Dry Desert-4

Mega mushroom-
Mega Mushroom

Use: Makes your character turn gigantic and you can destroy EVERYTHING for a short amount of time.

First Appearance: Grassy Hills-3

Bee Mushroom

Use: Makes your character become a bee and allows yourself to fly for a short amount of time and stick to honeycombs.

First appearance: TBA

Boo Mushroom

Use: Transforms your character into a boo which can make you go through THIN walls and allows you to get through boos without getting hurt, but this item lasts for a small amount of time.

First Appearance: Haunted Forest-Ghost House

Spring Mushroom SMG
Spring Mushroom

Use: Allows you to get trapped in a spring and with this power up you can jump higher.

First Appearance: TBA

Cloud Flower SMBU
Cloud Flower

Use: Allows you to create three clouds that you can walk on to get to places that are difficult to get to.

First Appearance: TBA

Rock Mushroom SMBU
Rock Mushroom

Use: Allows yourself to become a ball of rock which can make you roll really fast and hit many enemies at a time, but the rolling ability doesn`t last for a long time.

First Appearance: TBA

Boomerang Flower

Use: Gives you the ability to throw boomerangs one at a time, and the boomerangs can collect coins, star coins, and boomerangs can knockout enemies.

First Appearance: TBA

Statue Leaf Super Mario
Statue Leaf

Use: Same abilities as the Super Leaf but allows you to become a statue which is invincible against enemies for a short amount of time.

First Appearance: TBA

Acorn Mushroom
Super Acorn

Use: Allows you to turn into a flying squirrel which can allow you to glide, cling to walls, and allows you to make a secondary jump.

First Appearance: Overgrown Forest-1

Super Bell

Use: Allows you to become a cat which allows you to climb up walls and poles, and also allows you to run faster and perform special attacks with your claws.

First Appearance: TBA

175px-Double Cherry Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Double Cherry

Use: Allows your character to be duplicated up to five times.

First Appearance: TBA

Poison Mushroom

Use: Kills you.

First Appearance: Unknown

3-Up Moon

Use: Your character will get three extra lives.

First Appearance: Grassy Plains-1

Invincibility Star

Use: Makes your character invincible against everything; except lava and poison water; for a limited amount of time.

First Appearance: Grassy Plains-4

Coin Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


Use: Collect 100 to get a free life.

First Appearance: Grassy Plains-1

Star Coin

Use: Collect all three in one level to get 100% on that level.

First Appearance: Grassy Plains-1


Use: You can pick up the barrel and throw it at enemies.

First Appearance: Dry Desert-4

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