Image Item Type
NSMBWii1upMushroom 1-Up Mushroom

Gives Mario an extra life.

1-Down Mushroom 1-Down Mushroom Mario's lives go down.
NSMBWiiCoin Coin Mario must collect all 100 coins to start collecting coins again.
RedCoin Red Coin Collect all of the red coins in order to earn a 1-up mushroom.
StarCoin Star Coin Win three star coins to go to the shop purchase.
Block ? Block Hit to win a power-up or coin.
Brick Brick Block A brick version of ? Block.
N/A Blue Coin A blue version of the coin.
N/A Purple Coin It's a purple coin appearing from purple games.
N/A Orange Coin This coin is a orange one and it can give Mario a 1-Up Mushroom too.
N/A Green Coin A Green Coin is a coin that gives you a green block
POWBlock POW Block Can let everyone except Maria (using girly power) destroy the enemies with POW and coins appear.
SuperGuideBlock Super Guide Block When Mario dies 9 times, Luigi appears in the Super Guide mode.
OvertheFlagpole Flagpole To clear the level
MidwayFlag Midway Flag To turn it into a Mario flag.
Warp Pipe Warp Pipe Filled with Piranha plants
N/A Daisy Balloon The Daisy Balloons are for the enemy courses, collect them all to get a chest with 3 power-ups from the enemy course hostage Daisy.

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