New Super Mario Bros. Dream
European boxart for New Super Mario Bros. Dream.
Developer(s) RaindropStudiosLogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA
25px-Flag of Europe Spring 2013
25px-Flag of USA Spring 2013
25px-Flag of Australia TBA
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platforming
Media Included Nintendo 3DS game cartridge
New Super Mario Bros. Dream is an upcoming 3DS game by Raindrop Studios. It is sheduled for a Spring 2013 release.



Prior to the events of the game, Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad and Yoshi were visiting Princess Peach in her Castle. As soon as they proceed to leave, Mouser appears, along with his troops, and abducts all said characters.

After getting through eight worlds, Mario and co. will arrive at Mouser's Hideout. Mouser will throw Bob-ombs and the player should throw them back at him. When this goes successfully five times, Mouser will be defeated. However, his most loyal servants, other bosses the player had fought, arrive and use a special sceptre to turn Mouser giant. A level will play which involves Mouser chasing the player. At the end waits an enormous button. When pressed, all the poison beneath will disappear and Mouser and his servants will fall down.


3DS A Button A Button Jump
3DS B Button B Button Jump
3DS X Button X Button Dash/Pick Up
3DS Y Button Y Button Dash/Pick Up
Circlepad Circle Pad Move
3DS D-Pad D-Pad Move
3DS Stylus Tap Item in reserve Use Item in reserve



Image Character Description
Mario NSMB2 Mario Mario is the most balanced character. He has average Power, Speed and Jumping.
LuigiMarioPartyDS Luigi Luigi has average-low Power, average Speed and average-high Jumping.
PeachMP8Official Peach Peach has low Power, average Speed and high Jumping.
BlueToad Blue Toad Blue Toad has average-high Power, average-high Speed and low jumping.
YellowToad MP9 Yellow Toad Yellow Toad has low Power, high Speed and average Jumping.
Yoshi FS Yoshi Yoshi has low Power, average Speed and high Jumping.


Image Name Description
ShyGuy Shy Guy Shy Guys are the most basic enemies in the game. They walk back and forth and are lightweight.
Tweeter3D Tweeter Tweeters are enemies similar to Shy Guys; the only difference is that they hop and go slightly faster. They are lightweights.
Ninji 3D Ninji Ninjies are enemies who jump up and down, and remain in one place. They are lightweights.
BlueNinji3D Blue Ninji Blue Ninjies are blue-cloured Ninjies who will charge at the player. When they are near them, they will jump. They are lightweights.
Hoopster3D Hoopster Hoopsters are enemies who go up and down on Beanstalks. They are mediumweights.
200px-Koopa Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopas are basic enemies. When the player stands upon it, it will retreat into its shell, which can be picked up and thrown away, which will result in it sliding. When it hits another enemy, it will defeat it and when it hits a wall, it will bounce back. Note that the Koopa Troopas can't be picked up when they are out of their shells.
Beezo 3D Art Beezo Beezos are flying Shy Guys who will fly in a straight line towards the player character. They are lightweights.
Phanto3D Phanto Phantos are mask-like creatures who will chase Mario and co. when they enter the room the Phantos are in. Phantos can't be picked up and thereby don't have any weight.
Pidgit3D Pidgit Pidgits will fly towards the player in a half circle. When the player picks it up, the Carpet it rides becomes rideable. Pidgits are mediumweight.
Cobrat3D Cobrat Cobrats will jump out of quicksand, vased and pipes to attack. They can also shoot Fireballs. They are mediumweight.
Pokey Pokey Pokeys are tall enemies whom will damage the player upon contact. Their amount of body segements differs per Pokey. They also sometimes slide back and forth slowly.
Panser Panser Pansers are fire-spitting enemies. When the player gets close to them, they will release three fireballs. They can walk back and forth, however, some don't move at all. It is the only enemy who is invincible against Iceballs. They also can't be picked up.
Snifit YG99 Snifit Snifits are Shy Guys who remain in one place and shoot black balls in the player's direction. They are lightweight.
Slurry Slurry Slurries are green Flurries with hands who swing on vines. They just hang but when they spot the player, the swing with the vine to attack.
Porcupo3D Porcupo Porcupos stroll around but they can't be picked up. When the player touches them, they will receive damage. They have no weight.
LavaLotus3D Lava Lotus Lava Lotuses are plants who grow underwater and shoot Fireballs at the player. They are immobile and can't be picked up.
Flurry3D Flurry Flurries are creatures that run back and forth on the ice.
Stand-omb Bob-omb Bob-ombs are creatures that will explode when the player jumps on them. It will take a few senconds before exploding, though.
Albatross These enemies fly through the air, sometimes trying to hinder players. They attack from the air sometimes as well, by throwing bombs. The player can jump on it to make it descent downwards.
Ostro An Ostro is an enemy that runs towards the player. The player can jump on it and steer it past a lot of obstacles, seeing as they can jump with it as well. It can be picked up, and has a small amount of weight.
Trouter Trouters are fish that jump up and down on waterfalls. They can be jumped on by the player, but if they stand upon it even when it falls back to the depths of where it came from, they will lose a life. They can't be picked up.
Cheep-Cheep MK7 Cheep-Cheep Cheep-Cheeps are enemies that swim underwater. In some levels with a water surface, they sometimes jump out, similar to Trouters. The player can't stand on them.
Whale Whales are large creatures that appear in watery areas sometimes. They can be ridden by the player over the water. They will be hurt if they touch it from the side of when they are hit by its tail. They cannot be picked up by the player. Their spout can be used effectively to reach higher areas.


Image Name Description World
Tryclyde3D Tryclyde Tryclyde will attack by jumping on the player and shooting black balls towards them. The player needs to throw items at him to make him confused, and then stomp on one of the three heads to do damage. This has to be done three times, due to the boss having three heads. Desert Oases
Clawgrip3D Clawgrip Clawgrip attacks by throwing boulders. The player needs to pick these up and throw them back at him, dealing damage. This has to be done five times. Poisonous Jungle Beach
Fryguy3D Fryguy Fryguy attacks by shooting Fireballs at the player. When the player happens to touch him, they would receive damage. Like all other bosses, he can't be picked up. The player needs to throw items at him five times. Snowy Iceberg
MouserByJoeAdok Mouser Mouser is the main enemy of the game. In his first battle, he throws Bombs at the player, which they should pick up and throw back at him before they explode. In the second battle, He grows giant with the help of the other bosses and a magic wand, and he'll follow Mario and co. through a level full of poison which he walks through. If the player touches the poison, they will lose a life instantly. At the end of the level, a large button waits to be pressed and when it is pressed, all the poison and ground beneath Mouser disappears and the player completes Story Mode. Blocky Land of Darkness


  • World 1; Grasslands
  • World 2; Desert Oases
  • World 3; Poisonous Jungle Beach
  • World 4; Snowy Iceberg
  • World 5; Dark Grasslands
  • World 6; High Totem World
  • World 7; Cloudy Skies
  • World 8; Blocky Land of Darkness

Optional Worlds

  • World 9; Magical Purple
  • World 10; Magical Blue
  • World 11; Magical Pink
  • World 12; Magical Green
  • World 13; Magical Cyan
  • World 14; Magical Yellow
  • World 15; Magical Gold
  • World 16; Magical Rainbow

Note that the names of the optional worlds are partly conjectural.


Image Name Effect
SuperMushroomNSMB2 Super Mushroom Grows the characters to their Super form so they have more power. They will shrink down when they are hit by an enemy to their small form.
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower The Fire Flower turns the character into their Fire form. In this state, they can throw small Fireballs which will defeat a lot of enemies.
Ice Flower2 Ice Flower The Ice Flower turns the character into their Ice form. They can throw Iceballs which will encase most enemies into a block of Ice, which can be sliden away much like a Koopa Troopa.
Super Leaf NSMB2 Super Leaf The Super Leaf turns the characters into their Raccoon form. In this state, they can use their tail as way to attack and if they run for five seconds, a bar will fill up and they can fly for a short amount of time. They can also glide.
Stopwatch Flower Stopwatch Flower The Stopwatch Flower will turn the characters into their Stopwatch form. In this state, they can throw a Stopwatch at an enemy, which will making it stand still at the same place for a few seconds.
Star Super Star The Starman will turn the player into their Invincible form. In this state, they are harmless to enemies and will defeat most of them upon contact. Its effect will only last for ten seconds.
MiniMushroomNSMB2 Mini Mushroom The Mini Mushroom will transform the characters into their Mini from. They will be extremely small, which enables them to walk on water, jump extra high and travel down Mini Pipes. However, the Mini Mushroom also has its downsides; the player will lose a life when hit and is unable to pick up Mediumweight or Heavyweight items or enemies.
MegamushroomNSMB2 Mega Mushroom The Mega Mushroom will turn the player into their Mega form. In this state, they can crush almost anything except for solid ground and Pipes which are able to enter. Said Pipes will be pushed to shorter size, however.
Acorn Shroom Super Acorn The Super Acorn will transform the characters into their Flying Squirrel form. In this state, they can glide slightly, cling to walls and preform a mid-air jump.
120px-1upmushroomNSMB2 1-Up Mushroom The 1-Up Mushroom will get the player an extra life.
Turnip Turnip Turnips are items commonly found in the game. They are found in the ground and be be plucked and thrown at enemies.


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