These are the levels that appear in the game New Super Mario Bros. Dimensions;

Grand Star Types

Star Name Objective Icon
Grand Explore Star Completing a level to get to the flagpole.
Grand Speed Star Completing race levels to beat the clock/beat racer.
Grand Power Star Completing a boss level and to beat the boss.


World 1: Mushroom Plains

World 2: Dusty Dunes

World 3: Forever Frozen

World 4: Forest of Illusion

World 5: Creepy Catacombs

World 6: Isle Delfino

World 7: Tanooki Falls

World 8: Jammin' Jungle

World 9: Rocky Canyon

World 10:Cloudy Courtyard

World 11: Mole Caverns

World 12: Moonview City

World 13: Maple Treeway

World 14: Thunder Cloud Valley

World 15: Podoboo Volcano

World 16: Bowser's Lava Land

World 17: Dry Dry Graveyard

World 18: Dessert Desert

World 19: Penguin Pole

World 20: Pagoda Peaks

World 21: Swooper Mine

World 22: Shell City

World 23: Cosmic Planet

World 24: Star Bit Galaxy

World 25: Rainbow Park

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