Super Mario Bros. Dimensions is a new upcoming Super Mario 3D Platformer game that will be released for the Nintendo 3DS, it will include a new story involving Dimentio the "Master of Dimensions" appearing alot as Bowser's main assistant;

Super Mario Bros. Dimensions
Developer(s) Hammers R Us Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Summer 2012

Race Coin Race Battle

Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Adventure

3D Platformer

Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge


Button Movement Performs...


The gameplay is similar to any of the Mario platformer games with the player moving Mario across lots of levels, but this game mainly uses the 3D elements of Super Mario 3D Land and some of the elements from Super Mario 64 games;

3D Platformer

The adventure is back in 3D which returns from Super Mario 3D Land. Players can now explore areas and then when finishing the level they will be able to get a Grand Star and the player will also obtain a trophy themed on the level which can be placed in the Trophy Room of each Main Hub of the World.


There are 8 playable characters appearing in the game, every character having advantages and disadvantages, such as having all-around stats but not having any high stats, having a good speed stat but having a low power stat. One character is default while the other seven are unlocked at different parts of the game in the adventure.


Power-Up items return in the all new adventure! There are a variety of retro and new Power-Ups to choose from, every Power-Up having a unique ability to help Mario in his quest! Some of these include the Fire Flower, Mushroom, 1-Up Mushroom and the new Thunder Cloud Power-Up!

Rideable Characters

Rideable characters return, but this time you can choose from Yoshis and Baby Yoshis! Baby Yoshi's have unique abilities such as breathing fire and electric or lighting up dark rooms and other helping things.


There are 25 worlds to explore in the game, 16 Normal and 8 Special Worlds! The last 8 Special Worlds have some of the hardest levels in the game!


New Levels appear with lots of puzzles, challenges and battles involved! In every level you can a Grand Star for completing a level. You can get a trophey of each level if you get a Grand Star in that level!


The adventure is just like any other Mario adventure involving Mario rescue the kidnapped Princess Peach from Bowser and also Bowser has stolen all the Grand Stars from the Castle meaning that their might not be much peace in the land, Bowser does not care, he only cares about using the Grand Stars to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and he has entrusted his co. Villains to protect the Worlds from Mario and his friends!

Toad Houses

Toad Houses or Mushroom Houses return as helping levels, you must play a minigame depending on what colour house you are in, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange or Black. The Toad inside will depend upon which colour the house is (Blue for Blue Toad, Red for Red Toad and so on). Toadsworth has a house in World 1 but he will only give tips and hints.

Toadette's Music Park

This is the other version of a Toad House. Inside you will play a music based minigame where Toadette will play a tune from the World the Music Park is located in, and you must repeat it by jumping on the giant piano keys, if you get it right you will get a Power-Up and Trophy.


There are a few helpers in some levels, such as Nokis and Piantas in beach areas, Kong characters in Jungle areas and many more!

Main Hub

The Main Hub of the game is Peach's Castle. Here you can explore the castle to find coins, items and hints to some levels. In the Castle, there are lots of paintings like Super Mario 64, these paintings are landscape portraits of the 24 Worlds and you can jump into them to get into a room in the Castle that is themed as it, in this room there will be more paintings so you can access levels by jumping into those.



Travel through 24 worlds on a mission to save the poor kidnapped Princess, Princess Peach and collect the Grand Stars along the way so you can restore the peace in the land!


Race against a computer or player online to see who can reach the goal of a course the fastest!

Coin Race

Race against a computer or player online and see who can collect the most coins of a course. The player with the most coins wins!


Battle with 3 Computer or Online Player opponents to see who can stay in the arena the longest!



Playable Characters

Character Description Stats How to Unlock
MarioMKWMario Mario our favourite hero plumber dressed in red, is back in an all new exciting 3D adventure! Mario has all-around stats and is one of the two default characters in the game. TBA Defeat Goomboss
LuigiMKWLuigi Luigi, Mario's cowardly brother dressed in green is back to prove to his friends he can step up and save the day! Luigi has balanced stats similar to Mario but Luigi is a tiny bit faster while Mario is a tiny bit more powerful. TBA Defeat King Boo
WarioMKWWario Wario the greedy business man and mischief maker has teamed up with Mario and the gang to save the day (for some money perhaps?) Wario is the most powerful character in the game though he is the slowest character in the game too. TBA Defeat Dimentio (Battle #1)
WaluigiMKWWaluigi Waluigi, Wario's brother who is always cheating! Waluigi must be helping Mario and the gang because he may want money like Wario. Waluigi is the second most powerful character, and second slowest so his control gameplay is very similar to Wario's TBA Defeat Boom Boom and Pom Pon (Battle #1)
ToadMKWToad Toad, the Mushroom assistant of the Mushroom Kingdom's Princess, Princess Peach has decided to be brave and help Mario save the princess! Toad is the fastest character in the game and is also the weakest character too. Toad may also be trying to impress his girlfriend Toadette! TBA N/A
PeachMKWPrincess Peach Princess Peach, the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is ready to show the Koopas some girl power! Though Peach is kidnapped by Bowser after beating Bowser she is playable. TBA Beat Bowser
DaisyMKWPrincess Daisy Princess Daisy, the princess of Sarassland is back to save her best friend Peach and show the plumbers who's boss! Daisy is ready to kick some Tanooki Tail with her Flower Power! TBA Collect all Star Coins, Super Stars and Grand Stars in Dusty Desert Dunes
BabyMarioMKWBaby Mario Baby Mario, the cute bay form of Super Mario wants to save the day! He may be small n' cute but he sure can hurt you! Watch out Koopas! Baby Mario is the second speediest character in the game and the second weakest. TBA Collect all the Grand Stars

Character Abilities

Character Ability
MarioMKW Star Spin
LuigiMKW Scaredy Rat Run
WarioMKW Money Punch
WaluigiMKW Transport
ToadMKW 'Shroom Bounce
PeachMKW Parasol Float
DaisyMKW Flower Power Kick
BabyMarioMKW Roly Poly

Supporting Cast



Rideable Characters

Yoshi Colours

Baby Yoshi Colours

Baby Yoshi
363px-Red Baby Yoshi

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