In this page, you can see the list of enemies that appear in New Super Mario Bros. Delta:
Image Name Description
180px-Goomba Goomba They are the most simple enemies of the game. They appear in most of levels.
M&S2 Paragoomba Paragoomba Goomba with wings.Less common than Goombas. It's needed two jumps over them to kill them.
Dry Goomba Bone Goomba They are dead Goombas that live in the castles an fortress. They are as easy as the normal ones to be killed.
Golden Goomba NSMB2 Gold Goomba It's a kind of Goomba that gives 5 Coins if Mario jumps over it.
GoldParagoombaSML3D Gold Paragoomba

This Paragoomba has also the ability of giving coins when Mario jumps over it.

NegativeGoomba Negative Goomba A special kind of Goomba that was created by the power of the Negative Star, he can't be killed by Mario without Negative items.
NegativeParagoomba Negative Paragoomba As the Negative Goomba, it can't be killed by a normal hero. This one can fly but he prefers jumping.
KoopaTroopa Koopa Troopa

Koopa Troopas are the base of the Koopa army. When someone jumps on it, it gets into the shell, that can be thrown where you want.

Green Paratroopa NSMB2 Paratroopa Paratroopas are the winged version of Koopa Troopas. They have green or red shells. This kind of enemy loves being flying.
GoldenTroopa Golden Koopa Troopa This Koopa Troopa is similar to the normal Koopa Troopas. But they leave a golden shell that throws coins while it runs and gives coins when it kills some enemies.
Golden Paratroopa NSMB2 Golden Paratroopa It's identical to the Golden Koopa Troopa, but he has wings that make it fly.
NegativeTroopa Negative Koopa Troopa They are the second invention of the Negative Star that can be killed thanks to the negative items. Their shell can kill any enemy, negative or not.
NegativeParatroopa Negative Paratroopa They are the Negative Version of a Paratroopa. Very dangerous in some special cases.
MP7 DryBones Dry Bones Dry Bones is a kind of enemies that can't be killed with jumping over it or throwing fireballs. Ice is more effective to avoid that the bones get reseted again.
PiranhaPlant Piranha Plant This kind of plant leaves the Warp Pipe to eat some plumbers. But they are easily killed with fire or ice, or even other enemy.
Dry Piranha Plant Dry Piranha Plant This is the dead version of the Piranha Plant. It can be found in the Castles. Who would have believed that Piranha Plants had bones too?
FirepiranhaNSMBU Venus Fire Trap These Piranha Plants are experts with fire. They can throw fireballs where they want, but they can be burned too.
Ink Piranha SM3DW Ink Piranha Plant
120px-MP8 HammerBrother Hammer Bro. This enemy usually throws it's hammers to the hero that come next to it. He usually jumps and runs on it's platforms.


Boomerang Bro. When it wants to throw its boomerang, it will. After two boomerangs, the Boomerang Bro waits for the boomerangs to throw them again.
FireBro Fire Bro. Similar to the last two enemies, Fire Bro. uses his hands to throw fireballs to Mario. Fire Mario is his perfect rival but dangerous enemy.
IceBro Ice Bro.
Sumo bro Sumo Bro.
147px-SledgebrosNSMBW Sledge Bro.

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