This is a list of power-ups in New Super Mario Bros. DX.

Form Item Description Item
NSMBUSmallMario Small Mario Mario starts his adventure as Small Mario. In this form he is extremely vulnerable because one hit is enough to make him lose a life. He can't break Brick Blocks in this form. [None]
Mario - New Super Mario Bros U Super Mario When Mario gets a Super Mushroom, he turns into Super Mario. This form is stronger than Small Mario, because not only can he destroy Brick Blocks, but he is also able to take another hit before losing a life.


Super Mushroom

300px-NSMB2 Fire Mario Fire Mario When Mario gets a Fire Flower, he turns into Fire Mario. In this form, Mario can throw fireballs that can defeat enemies and melt frozen blocks.

Fire Flower NSMB2

Fire Flower

IceMario. Ice Mario When Mario gets an Ice Flower, he turns into Ice Mario. Ice Mario is the opposite or Fire Mario, and can throw iceballs that can freeze enemies.

Ice Flower SMWU

Ice Flower

Cape Mario SMWU Cape Mario When Mario gets a Cape Feather, he turns into Cape Mario. After getting a running start, Cape Mario can fly around as much as he wants as long as the player alternates between left and right on the control stick/pad in a rythm.

Cape Feather NSMBVR

Cape Feather

HammerMarioSMF Hammer Mario When Mario gets a Hammer Flower, he turns into Hammer Mario. Hammer Mario is able to throw hammers that can defeat almost every enemy in the game. Because of this, it's a fairly rare powerup.

Hammer flower nsmbu version by machrider14-d5tj54x

Hammer Flower

MarioPropella Propeller Mario When Mario gets a Propeller Mushroom, he turns into Propeller Mario. When the player shakes the Wii Remote, Mario soars up into the air. Shaking the Wii Remote while falling will make him slow down, and pressing down will make him speed up.

Propeller Mushroom

Propeller Mushroom

Penguin Mario Penguin Mario When Mario gets a Penguin Suit, he turns into Penguin Mario. Penguin Mario can throw iceballs like Ice Mario, and is able to slide on his belly down icy slopes.


Penguin Suit

NSMBUMiniMario Mini Mario When Mario gets a Mini Mushroom, he turns into Mini Mario. Like Small Mario, Mini Mario loses a life in only on hit, and can't even stomp on enemies without groundpounding them, but he jumps high and can slip into small spaces.


Mini Mushroom

7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o Invincible Mario When Mario gets a Starman, he is completely invincible. He is able to defeat any enemies that he touches and is able to walk on Munchers. This only lasts for a few seconds though.



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