This is a list of enemies in New Super Mario Bros. DX.

NOTE: If an enemy's description is in bold text like this, it means that it can't be defeated with the Hammer Flower.

Picture Description

Goomba New

Goombas are brown mushrooms that stroll around aimlessly, and are very easy to defeat. Just one bop on the head is all it takes. Goombas don't try to attack Mario and have no problems walking off of cliffs, making them one of the most infamous Mario enemies of all time.

Paragoomba NSMBU Paragoombas are winged Goombas that are able to trick Mario by jumping when he tries to stomp on them, making them a little bit trickier to defeat. They're slightly stronger than normal Goombas, in that they take two stomps to defeat. Some Paragoombas are able to drop Micro Goombas from above. Nobody knows where they keep the Micro Goombas.
Spiked Goomba NSMBDIY

Spiked Goombas are Goombas with spiked helmets on their heads, so Mario can't jump on them. This makes them invincible, right? Wrong. Spiked Goombas can easily be defeated by using fireballs, Koopa Shells, etc. They just can't be stomped. Other than that, they act the same as a normal Goomba.

Goomba Shoe Shoe Goombas are Goombas that jump around in green shoes. They can jump even higher than Mario. Mario can steal the shoe from the Goomba by hitting it from below when it's standing on a block. With the shoe, Mario can jump on enemies he'd normally not be able to (like Spinies and Piranha Plants), and he can jump higher. Jumping out of the shoe in midair gives Mario an extra boost.
Kug Kug is a rather infamous Goomba amongst the fanbase. He isn't actually an enemy, but is instead an easter egg. This Goomba is a sentient painting first spotted in Pinna Park back in the early 2000's. By sentient, that doesn't mean it moves but rather it duplicates itself, which is why it appears in multiple places. He can be found in one level in each world, and gives the player a free item if touched in Boost Mode.
Goombo MASP Goombos are a species of Goomba from the kingdom of Sarasaland. They act similarly to Goombas, but have a few differences. They turn around before they fall off of cliffs, and, like Galoombas, aren't defeated when stomped, but rather fall over and can be picked up and thrown at another enemy.
Koopa Troopa Artwork - New Super Mario Bros. 2 Koopa Troopas take up a majority of the Koopa Troop's alliance, and have also been around since the beginning. When they're stomped on, they hide in their shells. Mario is able to pick up the shell and kick it to defeat nearby enemies and get out-of-reach collectibles. They're instantly defeated by fireballs, and the cape makes their shell flip over. Red ones act like green ones but turn around before they fall off cliffs, unlike their green variety. There is a new type of Koopa Troopa introduced in this game with a grey shell that move faster than their red and green varieties.
ParatroopaNSMBU Paratroopas are winged Koopa Troopas, and take two hits before they hide in their shells. Green ones bounce around in Mario's general direction, and red ones fly in a specific path or angle, and grey ones chase after Mario, similar to ones seen in Super Mario Bros. X.
250px-MP8 DryBones Dry Bones are undead Koopa Troopas that are only alive because of Bowser's evil magic. There's absolutely no way to defeat them. Everytime they get stomped or get hit with something, they collapse into a pile of bones, but they reassemble after a few seconds. They're quite a rare enemy, only appearing in towers, castles, and graveyard levels.
Para Dry Bones - Super Mario 3D World

Parabones fly a small distance above the ground and attack Mario if they notice him. As with normal Dry Bones, there is no way to defeat him. When they get stomped on or get hit by something, they collapse, but will reassemble into their winged forms after a few seconds.

HammerBroNSMBU Hammer Bros are the most elite fighters in the Koopa Troop, and for good reason. They're known for being smart, manipulative and unpredictable. Hammer Bros throw their hammers at Mario if they notice him. They almost always travel in packs, and mostly appear in places where there are multiple places for them to jump on to. This also happens to usually be their undoing though, as Mario can hit the blocks they're standing on from below to automatically defeat them.
BoomerangBroNSMBU Boomerang Bros are a blue variety or Hammer Bros. They throw their boomerangs at Mario and they then fly back to them. They're not as dangerous as Hammer Bros, but they can still be dangerous in their own ways.
FireBroNSMBU Fire Bros are a red variety of Hammer Bros. They throw fireballs at Mario, just like Fire Mario. The Fire Bros's fireballs, however, are a little bit bigger than Fire Mario's, and also bounce a little bit higher. They can also light up dark areas, and if they go into a hidden alcove a small aura from them can be seen.
IceBroNSMBU Ice Bros are a light-blue variety of Hammer Bros. They throw iceballs at Mario that can freeze him and make him lose a powerup. As with Ice Mario's iceballs, they move slowly and disappear quickly.
Bomb Bro A new type of Bro introduced in this game. Bob-Omb Bros are a black variety of Hammer Bros that throw Bob-Ombs at Mario. The Bob-Ombs explode if they touch him. Mario can actually pick up the Bob-Ombs and throw them back at the Bomb Bro to defeat him.
LakituNSMBU Lakitu is another species of Koopa Troopas that ride around on their clouds, following Mario around the level. There are two types of Lakitus; one with a green shell and one with a red shell. Ones with green shells throw Spinies at Mario, and Mario can steal their clouds by stomping them. Ones with red shells aren't able to have their clouds stolen, because they have spikes on their shells, and throw Sky-Blue Spinies.
Spiny NSMB2 Spinies are young Koopas with spikes on their shells. They can't be stomped on. Spinies, just like green Koopa Troopas, don't turn around before they fall off of cliffs, despite their red shell.
Sky-BlueSpiny Sky-Blue Spinies are a light-blue varietion of Spinies. They turn around before they fall off of cliffs, and will go in Mario's direction if he jumps over them.
BuzzybeetleNSMBU Buzzy Beetles are similar to Spinies, but don't have spikes on their shells. To compensate, they have the strange ability to walk on walls. If a Buzzy Beetle is walking on the ceiling and notices Mario, it will drop down to the ground shell-first and make a bee-line towards Mario.
Spike Top SMWU Spike Tops are red-shelled Buzzy Beetles with giant spikes on their shells. They appear commonly in Deserted Dunes. If they're frozen by iceballs, they instantly break out of their ice block, and if they get hit by fireballs, their shell protects them from the fire. The only way to defeat them is by using a shell or the cape.
Buster Beetle SM3DW Buster Beetles are black-shelled Buzzy Beetles. They're much stronger than Buzzy Beetles or Spike Tops, because they can pick up blocks and throw them at Mario, specifically light-blue blocks. Mario can jump on the block to stop it, and he can throw it back at them. Buster Beetles are also faster than their red and blue variations.
Spike NSMBWii Spikes attack by pulling spiked balls out of their mouths and throwing them at Mario. Like Lakitus, they have unlimited amounts of ammo. Some Spikes throw spiked rollers instead of spiked balls.
Mecha-Koopa Mecha-Koopas are a strange combination of Bob-Ombs, Dry Bones, Goombos, Bowser, and Monty Moles. They chase after Mario like Monty Moles, breath fire like Bowser, stop moving when stomped like Dry Bones, can be picked up and thrown like Goombos, and eventually self-destruct like Bob-Ombs. It's a very weird combination to say the least.
Swooper Small Swoopers are blue bats that appear in cave levels. They rest on the ceiling, and swoop down at Mario if they notice him. Like their Super Mario Galaxy counterparts, after they swoop down at Mario, they'll try swooping at him again if they don't succeed at first. They can't be defeated with fireballs.
Piranha Plant NSMBU Piranha Plants are carnivorous plants that usually hide inside pipes, but some of them live outside of them. Piranha Plants inside pipes will come out of them and try to chomp at Mario, and after a few seconds go back inside. They won't come out if Mario is standing beside or above the pipe. Some of them are able to breath fire/ice (Venus Fire Traps and Venus Ice Traps). They can be defeated by anything except stomping on them.
PtooieSMWWii Ptooies are another type of Piranha Plant. These ones are extremely dangerous, because they blow spiked balls above their pipes, making it hard for Mario to get past them without defeating them. Some Ptooies aren't inside pipes, and instead walk around on legs, but they still blow spiked balls above them.
Ink Piranha Plant Inky Piranha Plants are black Piranha Plants. They don't hide in pipes, and they don't actually try to attack Mario. They spit balls of ink at the players screen, blocking their view.
Nipper Plant NSMBDIY

Nipper Plants are infant Piranha Plants. They attack by jumping up to bite at Mario when he jumps over them. They can jump fairly high, especially for such young Piranha Plants.

MuncherU Munchers are infant Inky Piranha Plants, and are completely indestructable. There's no way to defeat them, but they can be walked on if the player has a star, Yoshi, or a Goomba's Shoe.
MontymoleNSMBU Monty Moles hide inside of the ground, and jump out of them when Mario comes close. When they come out of the ground, they charge after Mario and stop at nothing to do so. They can be defeated by pretty much anything.
RockyWrenchNSMBW Rocky Wrenches are Monty Moles that hide under manholes in airships, and throw wrenches at Mario. They have an infinite supply of wrenches down in their hole. They can only be defeated by stomping on them.
215px-Shyguy MP9 Shy Guys are Bowser's antisocial minions. They can't be stomped on; If Mario tries to, he'll just stand on it and won't defeat it. To defeat a Shy Guy, Mario has to pick it up from above and throw it at another enemy. Sound familiar? They also have blue variations that don't fall off of cliffs.
FlyGuy Fly Guys are Shy Guys with propellors on their heads that allow them to fly. Red ones fly around aimlessly, and blue ones swoop down at Mario when he comes close. They're defeated the same way as Shy Guys, but Mario has to jump on the Fly Guy first to make it lose its wings.
Snifit YG99 Snifits are a sub-species of Shy Guys that wear gasmasks. They spit metallic balls from their mouth as a projectile. They are defeated the same way as Shy Guys. They also have grey variations who don't walk around, but instead stand in a specific spot shooting projectiles unpredictably.
CheepCheepNSMBU Cheep Cheeps are fish that swim around casually in the water. Since it is underwater, Mario cannot stomp on it, and instead has to use another method. Some Cheep Cheeps decide to jump out of the water to attack Mario if he isn't underwater. There are also green Cheep Cheeps that swim a little bit faster, as well as purple ones with spikes on their heads that swim after Mario.
Boss Bass 3D Art Big Berthas are fully-grown Cheep Cheeps. The swim after Mario like purple Cheep Cheeps, but if it catches up with him, it eats him whole, instantly killing him. It can be defeated by using fireballs, the star, or the cape.
PorcuPufferNSMBU Porcupuffers are fully-grown purple Cheep Cheeps. They swim near the surface to pursue Mario and leap up to attack when it gets close enough. If it gets defeated, another one will soon appear to take its place.
BlooperMP8 Bloopers are squid-like sea creatures that swim in Mario's general direction. Unlike purple Cheep Cheeps, however, it swims in a different pattern. For some odd reason, Bloopers are able to "swim" in the air. If it's in the air, Mario can stomp on it, but otherwise it has to be defeated with a fireball. The cape could also be used to defeat it, but it's extremely risky.
BloopernannyNSMBU Blooper Nanny's are normal Bloopers with 3-4 Baby Bloopers following behind it. If one of the Baby Bloopers are defeated, the Blooper Nanny becomes enraged and it and the Baby Bloopers attack Mario. If Mario defeats the Blooper Nanny, all of the Baby Bloopers are defeated.
UrchinNSMBU Urchins are purple spiked sea-creatures that float in the water, usually in a specific path (left and right, up and down, etc.). If Mario gets close, it puts out its spikes. If Ice Mario freezes them, they're only frozen for a short amount of time, so Mario has to move fast.
BooNSMBU Boos are ghosts. Go figure. When Mario has his back turned on them, they slowly float towards Mario, and stop if Mario turns around. They can't be defeated normally, and have to be defeated using a Star.
NSMB2 Fat Boo Boohemoths are ginormous Boos. They act like normal Boos but are always on the left of the screen. If Mario looks away, the level scrolls to the right, but if he turns around it stops. The level will never progress until Mario looks away again.
BulletBillWii Bullet Bills are black projectiles that are shot out of a Bullet Blaster. It flies straight ahead in the direction it was shot. There are also Bullet Bills that home in on Mario.
BanzaibillNSMBU Banzai Bills are bigger versions of Bullet Bills, shot out by a Banzai Blaster. Banzai Bills fly slower than Bullet Bills, but their larger size make them more of a threat to Mario. For some reason, King Bills don't make an appearance in this game.
BobombNSMBU Bob-Ombs are walking explosives... Literally. Normally, Bob-Ombs walk around aimlessly (they don't fall off of cliffs, by the way), but if Mario jumps on it, its fuse is lit, and after a few seconds it blows up.
275px-ChainChompMP8 Chain Chomps are Bowser's guard dogs, and are chained up to prevent them from going stray. They chomp in Mario's direction and their chains are connected to a wooden stake (no, not those kinds of stakes) that Mario can ground-pound on to set it free. When it's set free, the Chain Chomp can defeat enemies and destroy blocks in its path.
NewPodoboo Podobos are balls of fire that jump out of the lava to attack Mario. Unlike the lava itself, the Podobo doesn't automatically kill Mario. It can be defeated by either an iceball or a Star. It has two counterparts; the Fire Snake and the Fire Ring. The Fire Snake is a line made out of a Podobo that jumps around, and occasionally turns into a bigger version or itself. The Fire Ring is a new enemy that looks like a Fire Snake and has the same amount of fireballs connected to it, but spins around in a circle in the air.
PokeyNSMBU Pokeys are large cacti with multiple spiked layers. The average Pokey has about 4 parts. They can't be stomped on, but they can be defeated. If Mario is riding Yoshi, Yoshi can eat the Pokey's parts one by one, or he can eat the head to eat everything at once. The green cactus version of the Pokey from Super Mario Bros. 2 also appear.
Wiggler Walking Wigglers are cute caterpillars that live in forests. They walk around and have no interest in attacking Mario, because they weren't possessed by Bowser's magic like most of the other enemies... Until Mario attacks them. If Mario jumps on a Wiggler, it becomes enraged, turns red, and goes on a rampage. One thing to also note is that in its angered state, the Wiggler loses the flower on its head.
FooNSMBU Foo's are clouds that blow fog at Mario, messing up his way and slowly pushing him away. Unlike the ones in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and U, Mario is able to stun Foo's by spinning. Stomping on them is the only way to defeat them.
FuzzyNSMBU Fuzzies are round, black-furred creatures that are always seen connected to a wire of some sort. If a fireball is thrown at them, they get bigger. They can only be defeated by the Goomba Shoe.
ThwompNSMBU Thwomps are giant, spikey stone blocks that spend their days hitting theirselves against solid ground. Usually they float above the ground on the ceiling, but if Mario comes too close, they slam down on him. Mario can pretend to go under them, and then going back as the Thwomp tries to squash him, which is a popular strategy amongst the fanbase.
Angry Sun Art

(Apologies for the small image.)

The Angry Sun is a fake Sun that stalks Mario throughout certain levels in Deserted Dunes. It will occasionally swoop down to attack Mario, and if it succeeds, Mario is killed instantly regardless of whether he has a powerup or not. Like Fuzzies, if Fire Mario throws a fireball at it, it gets bigger, making it more dangerous. There's also an easter egg involving the Angry Sun - If Mario defeats it, the level will go into night-time, and the Angry Moon will take its place, doing the same thing as the Angry Sun. Vice versa happens when the Angry Moon is defeated.

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