Just like the previous New Super Mario Bros. games, items and power-ups help the Mario Bros. along their adventure. However, in this game, the player can customize where the items are, but they have the exact same function as they do in the previous games. New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y. brings back a few items from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Image Name Description
Brick Brick Block A simple brick that Mario can bump to receive Coins or power-ups. Some Brick Blocks have nothing and are just there for Mario to stand on.
Ice Block NSMBDIY Ice Block A type of Brick Block made of ice that Mario can't bump but can pick up like a Koopa Shell and throw at enemies. Being made of ice, they will break when they hit the ground or an enemy, and will melt if Mario holds them to long. Buster Beetles are known to pick up and toss them.
Block ? Block Another simple Block that can contain an item or power-up that Mario can bump to receive whatever it inside. If these blocks are on the ground, they must be hit by a Koopa Shell or Ground Pound to retrieve the item.
Winged Block NSMBDIY Winged ? Block A perfectly normal ? Block, only with wings, flying back and forth, making it harder to bump. They can also contain just about any type of item.
Red Flying Block NSMBDIY Red Winged ? Block A type of Winged ? Block that roams the map and moves after Mario completes a level. If Mario goes to the level the Red Flying ? Block is at and bumps it, he will get a random power-up of the creator's choice. If Mario is not fast enough, it will fly off screen.
NoteBlock ♪ Block A bouncy Block that Mario can use to jumps higher, or it can just get in his way. The ♪ Block can't contain Coins, but it can hold power-ups. Most ♪ Blocks however, hold nothing at all.
PinkNoteBlock Pink ♪ Block A Block version of the Beanstalk, leading Mario to the clouds with one high jump. Like the ♪ Blocks, they are quite bouncy but unlike the normal ♪ Blocks, they contain no items whatsoever.
POWBlock POW Block A classic Block that like any Block in the game, can be bumped by Mario. After the Block is bumped, all the enemies on screen are eliminated and Coins, Star Coins and even floating enemies will drop to the ground.
SuperGuideBlock Super Guide Block A special green block that appears every time the player looses eight lives. You, as the creator can create the hit video this plays when the player bumps the block. Cosmic Mario is the one that plays in the videos.
PSwitch P-Switch P-Switches are an object that Mario can jump on and preform various things, including turning Blocks into Coins and vice versa, turning enemies into Coins, or making doors appear.
RedRing Red Ring After Mario jumps though a Red Ring, eight Red Coins will appear. If Mario collects then all before the time runs out, he will receive a random power-up of the game designer's choice.
NSMBWiiCoin Coin A simple gold Coin that Mario can collect during the game, and if he gets 100 Coins, he will receive an extra life and starts collecting from one.
Red Coin Red Coin After Mario jumps though a Red Ring, eight Red Coins will appear. If Mario collects then all before the time runs out, he will receive a random power-up of the game designer's choice.
StarCoin Star Coin Three Star Coins must be hidden in every level of the game. When Star Coins are found, they can buy hint videos, made by you, at Peach's Castle.
NSMBWii1upMushroom 1-Up Mushroom Another simple Mushroom that, instead of powering Mario up, it gives him a free life. It can be found more than once, if Mario dies.
1-Down Mushroom NSMBDIY 1-Down Mushroom A false 1-Up Mushroom that instead of giving Mario a life, takes off one of Mario's lives without killing him, unlike the Poison Mushroom.
3-UpMoon 3-Up Moon A moon-like item that can be collect to earn three free lives. Unlike the 1-Up Mushroom, they can only be used once, if Mario dies.
BeanstalkNSMBW Beanstalk An items that appears from a Block and goes all the way up into the clouds. If Mario climbs the Beanstalk, he will find a cloud area, with tons of surprises that you have waiting, but ground pound on the Block and down it will go.
N/A Toad Balloon A special item that appears in groups in enemy courses. If Mario collects all the Toad Balloons, while avoiding the enemies in course. If Mario collects them all, he will save Toad or Toadette, depending on the player.
Warp Pipe Warp Pipe Most Warp Pipes appear for Mario to stand on or jump over, but some will lead to other areas, or launch Mario up into the air or to the sides. Some enemies like Piranha Plants come out of Warp Pipes. They appear in all different colors.
Warp w5 Warp Cannon Warp Cannons are black cannons that will appear on the map after finding a secret exit. They will then shoot Mario to a certain World, depending on the cannon.
MidwayFlag Midway Flag Midway Flags are type of flag, that can appear in the middle of the level, so that if Mario losses a life, he will start back at the Midway Flag if he touched it before.
OvertheFlagpole Flagpole A tall flagpole that if Mario jumps over it, he will finish the level. The higher Mario gets on the Flagpole, the more points he will get. If he jumps on when the time limit is at double digits, he will get up to six fireworks, depending one which numbers.
Red Flagpole NSMBDIY Red Flagpole A Red Flagpole will also let Mario end the level, but unlike normal Flagpoles, they will lead Mario to a secret level. They will still give Mario points when he jumps on them however.
SuperMushroom Super Mushroom A simple Mushroom power-up that turns Small Mario into Super Mario, though eating it. It is the main power-up for Mario, found in ? Blocks. There are many different types of Mushrooms for Mario to munch.
Poison Mushroom Poison Mushroom Disguised Mushrooms, that are bumped out of Blocks just like Mushrooms only they will make Mario die if he eats one. They can defeated with Stars only.
FireFlower Fire Flower Another basic item that allows Mario to shoot fireballs at enemies as Fire Mario after touching the flower. The fireball not only defeat enemies, but also melt some ice. Fire Flowers are only available after becoming Super.
Ice Flower Ice Flower The totally opposite of the Fire Flower and Mario can use to shoot iceballs and freeze most enemies for a good amount of time, but after no more than 30 seconds, the ice will break and enemy must be refrozen again.
Star Super Star A temporary Star item they only lasts about ten seconds before wearing off. The Super Star makes Mario Invincible Mario, and allows him and run super fast and defeat just about any enemy in his path, with very few exceptions.
Ztar NSMBDIY Ztar An extremely powerful item that can also be extremely dangerous. Ztars not destroy ever enemy in Mario's path, but also everything else, including the ground and other objects. Mario must run extremely fast to escape it's power.
Red Star NSMBDIY Red Star The second type of Star that that turns Mario into Flying Mario. It allows the heroic plumber to fly after he preforms a triple jump. It lasts a long time but it will end after the limit is up.
Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom A gigantic Mushroom that turns Mario into Mega Mario. From there, the giant can crush anything in his path, including enemies, Bricks, Blocks, and even Warp Pipes. The Mega form will wear off after about 20 seconds and Mario will turn back to Super Mario.
NSMBWiiMiniMushroom Mini Mushroom The Mega Mushroom's opposite that powers Mario down into Mini Mario that allows the plumber to jump extra high and can be easily controlled. Downsides are that he can't crush enemies with jumps and dies if hit.
Bomb Flower NSMBDIY Bomb Flower The third model of the Fire Flower that turns Mario into Bomb Mario and allows him to toss Bombs at enemies. The bombs will set for a few seconds before exploding if they just land on the ground, but if Mario throws a Bomb right on an enemy, it will explode right there.
SuperLeaf Super Leaf A classic returning item that turns Mario into Raccoon Mario, giving him the ability to fly after reach top speed. Mario is also given the ability to thwack enemies with his raccoon tail, as well as brake Blocks with it.
Tanooki Suit NSMBDIY Tanooki Suit The Super Leaf's successor that still includes the raccoon tail ability, allowing him to fly and thwack enemies as well as the new ability for Tanooki Mario to turn into a statue for a limit of time to dodge enemies.
PenguinSuit Penguin Suit The updated version of the Ice Flower, not only giving Mario the ability to shoot iceballs and freeze enemies, but as Penguin Mario, he also has the ability to slide on the ice and swim in all directions in the water.
HammerSuit Hammer Suit By obtaining the Hammer Suit, Hammer Mario takes the ability of a Hammer Bro. to chuck spinning hammers at enemies and jump extra high, just like a Hammer Bro. can.
Spike Mushroom NSMBDIY Spike Mushroom Another type of Mushroom that turns Mario into Spike Mario. He then gains the abilities of a Spike and can toss rolling Spike Balls at enemies that will disappear once they hit a wall.
Green Shell Koopa Shell Stomp a Koopa Troopa, green or red, and Mario has the option of grabbing the Shell and toss it at enemies or brake Blocks on the ground. Mario only has to watch that he doesn't kill himself by deflecting it off a wall.
BlueShell Blue Shell After a hop on a Blue Koopa Troopa, Super Mario will gain the Shell Mario power-up. Mario can then slide inside his Shell to defeat enemies and brake Brick Blocks, but it will also cause you to deflect off walls.
BowserMushroom Bowser Mushroom A special suit that is the advanced version of the Blue Shell that turns Mario into Bowser Mario. It not only allows Mario to slide, but to also breathe fire and brake Used Blocks. It however, makes Mario extra slow.
Goomba's Shoe NSMBDIY Goomba's Shoe This power-up is one of the only ones that doesn't appear in a Block. Goomba's Shoe is worn by a Goomba, which Mario can stomp to retrieve the shoe. Inside, Mario can jump around and easily crush enemies. The only way he will die is if something jumps on him or he jumps in an abyss.
FLUDD NSMBDIY F.L.U.D.D. Mario's old pump friend, who once helped him clean up an entire island. F.L.U.D.D. can use his nozzle to spray enemies and shoot them backwards, and uncover Coins from bushes and flowers. If Mario switches to the Hover Nozzle, he can hover in the air for a short time. F.L.U.D.D. can be used to defeat some bosses, such as Petey Piranha.
Lakitu Cloud Lakitu's Cloud After stomping Lakitu, Mario can jump onto his Cloud for a free ride, for a limit of time of course. Mario able to toss Spiny Eggs on enemies, just like Lakitu, being careful that they don't hatch into Spinies.
YoshiEggNSMBW Yoshi Egg An egg that appears after Mario is Super Mario from a ? Block. The egg will hatch into the dino buddy, Yoshi, who can eat enemies, Coins, and hammers with his tongue and flutter in the air for a short time. He is also able to jump on enemies that couldn't be jumped on otherwise.
Birdo Egg NSMBDIY Birdo Egg A second type of egg that hatches into Birdo, another dinosaur that Mario can ride. Birdo can flutter kick and jump on odd enemies like Yoshi, but the only difference is that Birdos have the ability to shoot eggs, replacing Yoshi's tongue move.

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