It should be noted that all enemies can be enlarged with the Enemy Scale, when the player is inserting them into the level, so enemies such as Grand Goombas and Big Boos are not listed below. There is also a mode where the player can customize their own enemies.

Image Name Description
180px-Goomba Goomba A basic enemies, that attacks by walking straight forward, and will walk off cliffs. They can be defeated by a single stomp. There are many kinds of Goombas.
Spiked Goomba NSMBDIY Spiked Goomba Spiked Goombas are pretty much the same as Goombas in their movement and style, and would be easy to defeat it wasn't for the huge spiked helmet on their heads. They obviously can't be jumped on but can easily be beat with fireballs.
Paragoomba NSMBDIY Paragoomba Paragoombas are a winged type of Goomba that drops Micro-Goombas on Mario, all the while flying around the stage. Micro-Goombas do not kill Mario, but slow him down and reduce his jumps. Red Paragoombas are a variation of Paragoomba that just straightly jump around the stage. Stomping will cause them to loose their wings and turn into a Goomba.
Pile Driver Micro Goomba Pile Driver Micro-Goomba Pipe Driver Micro-Goombas may look like Brick Blocks, but they are really Micro-Goombas in disguise. They will set on the ground and try to jump on Mario when he comes near. They can be defeated with a ground pound or Star.
Goomba's Shoe Goomba NSMBDIY Shoe Goomba A type of Goomba that jumps around in Goomba's Shoe. They able to jump quite high before they land for a few second. Shoe Goombas are also able to attack Mario directly, unlike most Goombas. If Mario stomps one, he will become Shoe Mario.
Goombo Goombo A type of round Goomba that walks and moves just like a normal Goomba, the only difference is that if they are stomped, they flip over and can't be just defeated like a normal Goomba and a fireball or Star must be used. A bit later, they will flip back if they are not defeated.
Strollin' Stu Strollin' Stu A possible relative of the Goomba that act just like Goombas, only they can chase Mario, until normal Goombas. They are still quite weak and can be defeated with one stomp just like Goombas.
Soarin' Stu NSMBDIY Soarin' Stu A fluttering Stu that flies back and forth, not paying the least bit of attention to Mario. They can easily be crushed in the air but Mario can also use them as springboards to jump off.
200px-Koopa Koopa Troopa A basic turtle-like enemy that will hid inside it's Shell if it is stomped. Mario can then pick up the Shell and toss it at enemies. Green Koopas walk straight and turn around at walls, but will walk off cliffs, Red Koopas turn around at cliffs, and Blue Koopas will flee from Mario but it's Blue Shell will turn Mario into Shell Mario.
180px-Paratroopa Koopa Paratroopa A winged Koopa Troopa that jumps around the stage like a Red Paragoomba or flies like a normal Paragoomba. Green jumping Paratroopas will jump off cliffs like normal Koopas, but Red ones will turn around. If a Paratroopa is stomped, it will loss it's wings and become a Koopa Troopa. It's Shell can then be use as an item.
MP7 DryBones Dry Bones A skeleton Koopa Troopa that walks back and forth through out the stage. When Mario jumps on it, Dry Bones will shatter. However, after a bit, it will reassemble and can only be defeated with a Star or an iceball, followed by a ground pound.
Parabones NSMBDIY Parabones A winged Dry Bones that flies aimlessly back and forth throughout the stage. Unlike Paratroopas, they don't loose their wings when they are crushed, but after a few seconds, they will get up and fly again. Stars and iceballs will defeat this flier.
Hammo2 Hammer Bro. Very annoying foes that jump while tossing hammers at the Mario Bros. Hammer Bros. are usually seen in doubles, and their hammers can be eaten by Yoshi and spat back at them. Mario can also stomp this guy for victory.
BoomerangBro Boomerang Bro. A boomerang tossing Hammer Bro. that moves and jumps just like a Hammer Bro. It's boomerang will be thrown toward Mario and then fly though the air back to the Boomerang Bro., making them quite dangerous.
FireBro Fire Bro. A fireball shooting Hammer Bro. that uses Fire Mario's attacks against him. He shoots a fireball every few seconds in a particular pattern. Fire Bros. are must more dangerous when they appear in doubles.
IceBro Ice Bro. An ice shooting Hammer Bros. that has all of Ice Mario powers and can actually freeze Mario if his is hit with an iceball for a few seconds. When Mario is unfrozen, he will loose his power-up or just die.
Bomb Bro. NSMBDIY Bomb Bro. The newest type of Hammer Bro. that tosses Bombs, in a same motion of Bomb Mario. If the Bombs hit the ground, they will take a few seconds to explode, but will explode at the very moment they hit Mario or an enemy.
SledgebrosNSMBW Sledge Bro. An obese Hammer Bro. that attacks by throwing large sledge hammers. It will stun Mario if he is on the ground when a Sledge Bro. jumps and pounds down on the ground. They can easily be killed with fireballs.
Lakitu NSMBWii Lakitu Another Koopa Troopa cousin that rides around in a cloud, that Mario can ride into if he jumps on Lakitu. This cloud rider, rides around, dropping Spiny Eggs on Mario, that hatch into Spinies.
Pipe Lakitu NSMBDIY Pipe Lakitu A species of Lakitu that hides in Warp Pipes instead of riding on clouds. They still throw Spiny Eggs at Mario, just from the pipe. Pipe Lakitu can also be defeated with a single stomp.
Spiny2 Spiny Enemies that are hatched from Spiny Eggs, with minute they are dropped by Lakitu and hit the ground. Spiny attack like Buzzy Beetle, only they are red with spikes and can be defeated with fireballs.
Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetle A tough enemy with a hard shell like a Koopa that can be stomped and kicked. They also turn back at walls and cliffs. However, unlike Koopas, fireballs don't phase this guy. A Star must be used for defeat. Some Buzzys walk on ceilings and fall off when Mario is near and spin rapidly around.
N/A Buster Beetle Fast placed Buzzy Beetles that run toward and will pass by Mario if he jumps over one. Buster Beetles will also toss Ice Blocks if they get close to one. However, Mario can just toss one back at him, and unlike other beetles, they can be defeated with a stomp.
Spike Top Spike Top A cross between the Buzzy Beetle and Spiny, Spike Tops walk slowly on the ground, not letting Blocks getting in their way, walking right over them. Like Buzzys, they can also walk on the ceiling and can not to destroyed with fireballs.
Para-Beetle Para-Beetle A type of flying Buzzy Beetle that if Mario is careful, will cause not harm to them. If he jumps on one, it will lift him up until he jumps off. If he jumps on six in of row, he will get a 1-Up Mushroom. The larger Heavy Para-Beetles fly low when Mario jumps on them however. Use a Star to defeat them.
Spike NSMBWii Spike Koopa-like foes that harmlessly stand in one spot, and exhale giant Spiked Balls from their mouths, that roll and don't stop until they hit and wall. If Mario times it right, he can easily stomp Spike in one blow.
Stone Spike NSMBDIY Stone Spike Blue Spikes that stand on rock ledges and toss stones down at Mario. The stones with fall from ledge to ledge, but will be defeated once they hit ground. Stone Spikes can also be defeated with stomps, but it is much harder when on a ledge.
Magikoopa Card Magikoopa Magician Koopas that use their wands to send flying balls toward Mario. They can also disappear and reappear in a different area, like their boss, Kamek can be defeated with a stomp like most enemies.
Mecha-Koopa Mecha-Koopa Mecha-Koopas petrol around the stage, following Mario in a slow movement pattern. Mecha-Koopas will stop if they are jumped on, and can be picked up like Koopa Shells and tossed off the stage.
Paramecha-Koopa NSMBDIY Paramecha-Koopa Flying Mecha-Koopas that fly after Mario while shooting fireballs, and unlike basic Paratroopas, they can only be red. Paramecha-Koopa can only be defeated with a Star, and can't be jumped on like the Mecha-Koopas.
N/A Swooper A bat-like foe that will hang from a cave sealing and then swoop down when Mario is near, then will keep flying forward. Mario can easily crush Swoopers, or use an ice ball to freeze to reach higher places.
NewPiranhaWii Piranha Plant A carnivorous plant enemy that usually appears in Warp Pipes, but occasionally chomps around out of Pipes, sprouting out of the ground. Piranha plants in Pipes with come out for a few seconds and then travel back down. Piranha Plants can be defeated with anything, just as long as Mario doesn't jump on top of them.
Vinus Fire Trap NSMBDIY Venus Fire Trap A type a fire-breathing Piranha Plant that come out of Warp Pipes and shoots fireballs in Mario's direction. This plant will lock a target and then shoot. Mario can defeat it just like a normal Piranha Plant.
Venus Ice Trap NSMBDIY Venus Ice Trap The Venus Fire Trap's opposite that shoots iceballs instead of fireballs. The iceballs will, like Ice Mario's fireballs, freeze Mario for a limit of time, turning him into Small Mario or killing him. Defeat it just like the Venus Fire Trap.
Ptooie NSMBDIY Ptooie Ptooies are Piranha Plants that ether appear in Pipes or walk back and forth, while spitting a Spike Ball up and down in the air. Mario will have a harder time jumping over one, depending on how tall it is. It can be defeated like Piranha Plants.
Ghost Piranha NSMBDIY Ghost Piranha An undead winged Piranha Plant that flies up and down, upside down. Mario must defeat it with fireballs, or anything other than jumping. However, they can be touched by Yoshi, like the other Piranha Plants.
Nipper Plant NSMBDIY Nipper Plant A species of small plant that attacks by jumping up to try to nip at Mario when he jumps over it. They don't move around until Mario jumps over them and can be defeated easily with fireballs.
Mucher Muncher A small indestructible plant that grows in one spot, waiting for something a munch. They can't be jumped on, however, they can be walked on using a Star, Yoshi, or a Goomba's Shoe.
MontyMole Monty Mole Monty Moles that a type of mole that hinds in the ground and bursts out when Mario gets close. They will then charge in Mario's direction even if it takes and million hits to the wall. They can be defeat will just about anything but they will dig back down if Mario sprays them with F.L.U.D.D.
RockyWrench Rocky Wrench A sub-species of Monty Mole that hides in man holes and tossing wrenches that spin in the air until they travel off screen. Rocky Wrenches can be defeated with a stomp, but will return after a while.
ShyGuy Shy Guy Another peaceful enemy like a Goomba that does not attack Mario directly. They however, sometimes will jump out of Pipes in Mario's direction. If Mario stomps one, it will flip over, and can be picked up in a similar matter as a Koopa Shell and tossed off an abyss. Mario can still defeat them permanently with fireballs or crush or eat them with Yoshi.
FlyGuy Fly Guy Flying Shy Guys that will hold items such as Red Coins and 1-Up Mushrooms. They will fly away after a while and must be defeated with fireballs, since jumping will only harm Mario. They can however, be crushed by Yoshi like Shy Guys.
N/A Snifit A strange Shy Guy species with nozzle mask. Unlike Shy Guys and Fly Guys, they stand in one spot and shoot nightmare bullets at Mario, which are a type of metal ball. Just like their shy cousins, they will be flipped, hopped on, and then can be picked and tossed like that of a Koopa Shell. Snifits will always shoot in Mario's direction.
Cheep-Cheep Cheep-Cheep Fish type foes that swim slowly through the water, not paying attention to Mario. They can also be yellow and swim in schools, which is a bit more of a threat. She can be defeated with a fireball or Star. In shallow waters, Cheep-Cheep can jump out of the water and try to hit the plumber.
Deep-Cheep Deep-Cheep A green Cheep-Cheep sub-species that swims just like the normal Cheep-Cheep, only it will chase Mario when he gets in front of it. Deep-Cheeps will give up once Mario swims to far ahead and can also be defeated with fireballs.
Spiny Cheep-Cheep NSMBVR Spiny Cheep-Cheep Navy-blue Cheep-Cheep that are more powerful than their red and green cousins. They have the ability to chase Mario until he gets to far ahead. The spikes on the Spiny Cheep-Cheep don't make them more powerful, since they are underwater, but they do stand out more than normal Cheep-Cheeps.
Cheep-Chomp NSMBDIY Cheep-Chomp A giant Cheep-Cheep that swims though the water, trying to eat Mario. If it does succeed, it will kill him instantly. They can be defeated with fireballs, but if Mario uses a Star, it will flee from him, making it hard to defeat. 3 1-Up Mushrooms will be rewarded if Mario can defeat one.
N/A Spike Bass Another giant Cheep-Cheep that seems to be a cross between a Cheep-Cheep and a Spike Ball. It will swim quickly in beach areas and jump out of the water, trying to hit Mario, although it doesn't do it directly. Fireballs will easily phase one, but in less than a minute, it will return.
600px-Blooper Blooper A squid-like enemy that swims in a pattern after Mario. Once two or three are gathered, it becomes hard to escape them. Bloopers not only appear in the water, but can float in the air as well, where they can be stomped. In the water, however, a fireball must be used for defeat.
Blooper Nanny NSMBDIY Blooper Nanny A basic Blooper with four Baby Bloopers that follow it. If Mario shoots the Baby Bloopers with fireballs, only that Baby Blooper will die, but if he shoots the Blooper Nanny, it and all the babies will be defeated.
Squito Blooper NSMBDIY Squirto Blooper A brand new type of Blooper that swims around in a more normal fashion, still chasing Mario, and squirts large balls of ink, slowly heading in Mario's direction that will injure him if their are touched. They can be defeated just like Bloopers but can't be found in the air.
Urchin Urchin Urchins can be harmless if Mario simply avoids them. They mostly float in and above the water. Mario can defeat them with fireballs and Stars but if he using an iceball, he will freeze them for about two seconds before freeing it self and sink lifeless to the bottom.
Big Boo NSMBDIY Boo Ghostly foes that chase Mario when his back is turns, but will freeze when Mario faces him. Boos can not be defeated with a stomp. Only the Star will destroy this ghoul. The pink versions turn into platforms when sprayed by F.L.U.D.D.
Dark Boo NSMBDIY Dark Boo The opposite of Boos that chase Mario when he looks at them, but in high speeds. They will freeze when Mario runs away. This foes can also be defeated with a Star, and a Star only.
BroozerOmega Broozer An undead boxing ghost that runs in Mario's direction, flinging their fists back and forth. If they miss Mario, they will turn around, and can break Brick Blocks as well. Broozers can be defeated in three stomps, and one of the only enemies that must be defeated in more than to stomped.
Splunkin Splunkin A species of pumpkin that must be stomped twice to defeat. At first they walk at the same speed as a Goomba, but on the second stomp, they will speed up, challenging Mario a bit.
CrowberOmega Crowber Crowbers will fly back and forth in the sky, but as Mario nears, Crowbers will swoop down and start flying at that height. They can be defeated in mid air by a single stomp.
Phanto NSMBDIY Phanto A guardian of a few different things, including power-ups or enemies. If Mario gets a power-up or defeats an enemy when a Phanto is near, he will give a chase. He will only stop after Mario ether loses the power-up, the enemy returns, or Phanto is defeated with a Star.
BulletBillWii Bullet Bill Medium-fast bullet enemies that fly straight, not turning around to chase Mario. Most Bullet Bills are shot out of Bill Blasters, but some just appear out of nowhere. Surprisingly, they too can be defeated with a single stomp. There are also Missile Bills that can chase Mario.
Bombshell Bill NSMBDIY Bombshell Bill A golden Bullet Bill that is extra tough. It can follow Mario like a Missile Bill but in high speeds. However, if it is stomped, it will drop a Star. They can be launched out of Bombshell Blasters.
BanzaiBill Banzai Bill A giant Bullet Bill that flies though the air just like Bullet Bills. It may look hard, but if Mario can get over top of one, he can stomp it just like a Bullet Bills and it can be launched from a Banzai Blasters. Missile Banzai Bill can change directions to chase Mario.
King Bill NSMBWii King Bill The biggest Bill (and biggest enemy in the game for that matter) of them all that attacks from all directions and surprisingly also can be launched from a King Blaster. It is invincible and can't even be defeated with a Star. Mario must simply avoid them. The more dangerous Missile King Bills can chase the plumber.
Bob-omb walking Bob-omb Walking Bob-omb guys that blow up few seconds after they are jumped on. Mario can still die from running into them. They don't really attack Mario, they walk around for Mario to run into.
N/A Para-bomb A Bob-omb wearing a parachute that slowly floats down out of nowhere and will loss their parachute when hitting the ground. If Mario jumps on them before they hit the ground, they will also turn back into normal Bob-ombs.
Chomp Chain Chomp A dangerous chained up enemy that tries launch attacks at Mario by chomping at him. He can be defeated with a Star or Mario can earn extra Coins by freeing him by a ground pound on his stake. The larger Red Chomps are also available and unlike Chain Chomps, roam free and are extremely dangerous.
Chomp Head NSMBDIY Chomp Head As the name suggests, it is the head of a Chain Chomp that rolls and turns around when it hits a wall. Chomp Heads don't really attack Mario but they can crush him if you gets to close. Chomp Heads can be defeated with a Star.
N/A Fire Chomp A type of floating Chain Chomps with fireballs as a chain. They fly quite slowly and shoot fireballs toward Mario, while following him. They can be defeated with a fireball, but the next minute or so, they will return.
Podoboo NSMBDIY Podoboo A fireball foe that jumps out of the lava, every few seconds. They can only be defeated with a Star or an Ice Flower.
Fire Snake NSMBDIY Fire Snake A snake made up of a Podoboo head and three fireballs for a tail. It will just around the stage and it's head will grow huge when it nears Mario. It can easily be defeated with anything but jumping, which can be fatal.
FireBar Firebar A rotating bar made up of a certain amount of fireballs. They can only defeated with an iceball followed by a ground pound, but other than that, Mario must just avoid them.
Roto-Discs Roto-Disc Roto-Discs rotate around a red ball-like object much like a Firebar. The only difference is the fact that Mario can avoid them by standing by the red ball, and like Firebars, they can not be defeated.
Pokey Pokey Tall slow-moving cactus enemies that can't be stomped, but can be eaten by Yoshi. If Yoshi eats the head of the Pokey, he will eat the whole Pokey, but he can also eat part of it. The same thing goes for fireballs. If Fire Mario destroys the head, he destroys the entire Pokey.
Poison Pokey NSMBDIY Poison Pokey Poison Pokeys are deadly foes, that can extend their spikes to prick Mario and poison him, by killing Mario in one shot. Yoshi can not eat these foes, but fireballs can defeat them.
Wiggler3 Wiggler Cute caterpillar guys that are harmless, until Mario jumps on them. They will them go on a rampage and Mario must avoid them. They can be defeated with fireballs. Mega Wigglers however, will not get mad when stomped.
Foo NSMBDIY Foo A species a cloud enemy that blows fog that can get in Mario's way. Their fog however, does not blow Mario and Foos can easily be defeated in any way possible that there is to defeat an enemy.
Fwoosh Fwoosh A possible relative of the Foo that can blow Mario away from him, while floating around the stage after Mario. If the hero is careful, stomping a Fwoosh won't be a problem.
Fuzzy giant Fuzzy An odd enemy that rotate around wires. They are exposed to fireballs and iceballs, which must be crushed after. However, they can also help Mario if he freezes them, them having the ability to ride the blocks to secret areas.
Thwomp2 Thwomp A huge rock baddie that attacks Mario by thwomping down when he comes near. Mario can escape them as they lift back up and they can not be stomped. However, Mario can defeat Thwomps with Stars and Mega Mushrooms.
Sandy Thwomp Sandy Thwomp A normal Thwomp will brake into tiny sand particles when it tries to crush Mario. They are only be defeated with a Star because using fireballs will just brake them. They will hurt Mario is he is crushed or jumps on them however.
Whompin Whomp Another type of rock enemy that attacks by falling over, believe it or not. Whomps will fall over when Mario is near, and he can use them as bridges and just ground pound on them to get a bunch of Coins.
Tox Box NSMBDIY Tox Box A large rock-like cube enemy that flips itself over and over until it hits the wall, where the Tox Box will turn around. Their is only one open part that Mario can survive under. Otherwise, it will crush him. Tox Boxes can be defeated with a Star or a mega form but Mario can just just on and over them.
N/A Angry Sun The Angry Sun will follow Mario until he gets to a certain spot. Then he will start swooping down and Mario must avoid him until reaching the flag, which is the only way to defeat him.
N/A Cosmic Clone Clones of Mario that appear out of black holes. They will follow Mario and do exactly as he does. Multiple Cosmic Clones will come out of a black hole, and they can be defeated by stomping them twice. The Shadow Mario boss can be defeated in the same way and can also create Cosmic Clones with his brush.

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