New Super Mario Bros. Déjà Vu (also known as NSMBDV) is the latest edition to the New Super Mario Bros franchise made by Nintendo. The game is a remake of the first three Super Mario Bros games and Super Mario World.

New Super Mario Bros. Déjà Vu
New Super Mario Bros Deja Vu
New Super Mario Bros. Déjà Vu's current boxart.
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Super Mario
Predecessor New Super Mario Bros U


Part 1

Bowser has stolen Peach yet again, meaning Mario and Luigi has to do their duty of saving the Princess once again. Though, their path seems to be similar to their first adventure. They end up beating False Bowsers and rescuing the other toads kidnapped by Bowser. After the final battle with Bowser, they rescue Peach, and go home. Mario is tired after all of this adventuring, and he goes to sleep.

Part 2

Mario has a dream about revisting Subcon, where everything is in havoc again and Wart's causing trouble. It's up to Mario and Luigi to save Subcon. After the defeat of Wart by using all the vegetables scattered around from his machine, Mario wakes up from his slumber.

Part 3

After waking up, Mario is told that Bowser has kidnapped the Princess yet again, so the Mario Bros go off through the same territories they've been through in Super Mario Bros 3. They defeat Bowser and the Koopalings and save the Princess once again. They decide to revisit Dinosaur Island, as they have been through the some Déjà Vu.

Part 4

Bowser kidnaps Peach once again, as always. Mario and Luigi has to save her and go through Dinosaur Island along with the helpful Yoshies. They save the Princess, go home and the game ends.


The game plays similarly to New Super Mario Bros. U.


Move Name Action Description Exclusive to..
Walk Left or Right A mandatory part of the game. You use this to move around. Everyone
Duck Down You can use this to dodge projectiles or to squeeze past tight areas. Everyone
Look Up Up The character will tilt his head up, and the camera will move upwards so you can see above. Everyone
Jump A Button or B Button You can use this to jump onto enemies or jump up to higher areas. Everyone (Luigi's jump is higher)
Run Y Button Increases walking speed when held down but comes with the cost of skidding. Everyone (Luigi's skid is longer)
Pause Start Pauses the game and enters the Pause Menu. Everyone
Spin Jump X Button Activates a lower, yet stronger jump. Mario
Flutter Jump Hold A Button while in the Air Gives a short float. When riding Yoshi
Skuttle Jump Hold A Button while in the Air Similarly to the Flutter Jump, but it only makes the decent reset. Luigi
Megavitamin Y Button Throws a Megavitamin, similarly to a Fireball. Dr. Mario


Image Character's Name Description Attributes
Mario fightning pose Mario Mario is the main character of the game, a well rounded character and a great character for beginners. Mario is the basic character, the only special attribute he has is a Spin Jump.
Luigi's Mansion pose Luigi Luigi is Mario's brother, the scared one who ended up facing his fears in a haunted mansion. Luigi seems to be slipperier than Mario, he slides more and jumps higher, flailing his legs about to do the Skuttle Jump.
Dr.Mario SSB4 Dr. Mario Dr. Mario is Mario's doctor atler-ego, who can only be unlocked when the game is beaten. Dr. Mario is slower than Mario, but he always has Megavitamins.


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