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New Super Mario Bros. Bubble is a game for the Nintendo Bubble made by Keyhole Gaming.


Mario, Luigi, Peach and Goombario are walking down a hallway. Mario accidentally trips on his shoe, and hits a painting on the wall. The painting falls down, and the group looks down into the hole. Bowser appears behind them, and pushes them all in. He sends his minions down the hole, and he takes over the castle.


World Name Description Boss(es)
Gardens of Squish These nine gardens might lead to an exit... Or something else that will lead us to the exit. But why are these plants so... Bouncy? Koopa the Quick
Larry Koopa
Haunted Beach This beach is rumored to be haunted by an ancient Dry Bones King. At least that's what the guy back there said. I just hope we don't run into him. Dark Bones
Lemmy Koopa
Candy Mine Why do these people mine for candy? I don't know. Maybe we will find somebody who can help us. I guess Wario could be down here. Wario
Wendy O. Koopa
Mushroom Moon Yay, Wario's flying candy sent us to the moon! Wait a minute. WE HAVE TO GET BACK DOWN! Harley B. Koopa
Peach's Castle Well, it looks like we've made it back here. Now to defeat Bowser! Roy Koopa
Trickster's Hideout Come on, Bowser sent us back down here again? Maybe there's somebody in this mansion that can help us. King Boo
Larry Koopa
Pyotr I. Koopa
Thunder Forest Maybe we'll find Donkey Kong or Wiggler here. They probably know how to get out! Let's go search for them. Lakithunder
Jackson Koopa
Town of Ice Brrr... It sure is cold out here... Well, Wiggler told us to find a guy named Dr. A. Choo... Where could he be? Coldoboo
Iggy Koopa
Bowser Jr.
Dry Bowser
Dark Bowser


Image Name Description
MarioCrossedArms Mario This plumber is ready as always to save Princess Peach- except this time, she isn't captured. He needs to work with the group to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom!
50px Luigi Mario's high-jumping brother is always willing to help Mario to get some credit on saving the Mushroom Kingdom. He must use his jumping techniques to defeat Bowser!
Peach (NSML) Princess Peach The usual damsel in distress is ready to fight Bowser for the first time in a while. She has a parasol that can help her float. She must float and fight for the Mushroom Kingdom!
250px-Goombario NSMBDIY Goombario Goombario is Mario's old friend. He has come to visit for a little bit, but once they fall down a hole, he is willing to help Mario find his way back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

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