New Super Mario Bros. Beta,(or New Super Mario Bros.Γ), is a game for the Wii that is due to release somtime in the distant future. The game features the events from SUPER MARIO BROTHERS: DIMENSION X where Mario, Bowser, Luigi, Bowser Jr., Kamek, Peach, Toad, Wario, Waluigi, the Koopalings,(including Risen) are sucked into the Negative Zone,(or Dimension X), where everything is Negative.


Note: This is a very brief description of what happens

One day, Mario and Peach are taking a walk. Then Bowser steals Peach, and flys away. Mario and Co. chase after him, Mario and Mario's friends fall into a purple hole. Bowser and the Koopalings laugh, and then the Airship gets sucked in as well! The whole gang is sucked into the Negative Zone, and are forced to fight there Negative Zone counterparts for the 15 Negative Keys. Once they retrieve them, the gang is transported back to the Mushroom Kingdom, where the fight for Peach starts up again. For a better, longer version of the story, go to SUPER MARIO BROTHERS: DIMENSION X.

Playable Characters

Image Name Description Ability Unlockable by...
NsmbMario Mario Our hero. He has battled Bowser so many times, it seems like a regular occurrence to him. The Bad-guys attack him most in the game, but no-one can run as fast as him. He can run the fastest He's already unlocked
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi He's the guy who's always in his brother's shadows. He is however, very popular among Mario fans. He's not to brave,(as he's scared of ghosts), but nobody can beat him in high jumping! His jumps are higher than any other character He's unlocked when you beat Negative Mario
Toad A smart Toad which also has the courage to save the princess back. Toadbert and Toadsworth both train him, and he can sense hidden pathways and exits! When an pathways and exit is near, the Wii Remote of the player playing Toad will shake a bit. He's unlocked when you beat Negative Luigi
Princess Peach Shes been kidnapped many times by Bowser, and dislikes him. Her true love is Mario. She can fly using her umbrella. Can fly with umbrella She's unlocked when you beat Negative Toad
NSMBΩWario Wario A gross, big, sturdy man with a huge moustache. When he senses money or treasure, he runs towards it. He is fairly slow, however. When money or treasure is near, the player playing Wario will lose control, and Wario will take off by himself. Don't worry, he won't die! He's unlocked when you beat Negative Peach.
NSMBΩWaluigi Waluigi A skinny, long purple-clad dude. He thinks everyone else cheats, while he himself cheats. Nobody can swim better than him, though. Fast and good swimmer. He's unlocked when you beat Negative Wario.
Bowser Mario's old enemy is working on the good side again! But this is only because he has to get out of the Negative Zone so he can kidnap Peach again. Is immune to Koopa Troopa shells. Bowser is immune to Koopa-Troopa shells

He's unlocked when you beat Negative Waluigi.

Risen Nonia Koopa Bowser's son, Risen Nonia Koopa, is working alongside the other Koopalings with there father. He is the only Koopaling unlockable in the beginning of the game. Risen is able to throw fireballs without having the Fire Flower Power Up. He's already unlocked
Kamek Bowser's caretaker was sucked into the Negative Zone to. He helps the gang with his magic and power, and he himself opens up the gate to the Mushroom Kingdom with the Negative Keys Kamek is able to use Magic that works like fireballs He's already unlocked
[1] Morton Koopa Jr. One of the 7 Koopalings, Morton is the biggest, but the second-youngest. Morton can plow through enemys He's unlocked when you beat Negative Bowser.
[2] Roy Koopa Another of Bowser's sons, Roy is pink. He say's "Pink is a manly color". Roy can blind enemys with his purple glassees He's unlocked when you beat Negative Morton Jr.