Image Name Type Description
180px-Goomba Goomba Basic The most basic enemies can be found in almost any terrain, desert, ice, grass, fort, waterside, etc..
Paragoomba Card Paragoomba Basic They hop or fly. Another basic enemy to stomp on.
Hyper Goomba Hyper Goomba Basic A goomba that takes 2 hits to defeat.
Terekuribo Terekuribo Undead Terekuribos are an undead Goomba found in Ghost Houses. They have earned a major redesign.
Disgused Goomba Disguised Goomba Grotto A disgused goomba with player's mask and acts like a regular goomba, but takes 2 hits to defeat.
Goombarr Goombarr Valley A Goombarr is a species of Paragoomba that can spit out goop. They are a tough enemy that take 3 hits to defeat.
Dark Goomba3D Dark Goomba Undead These Goombas haunt Ghost Houses
120px-TanookiGoomba-SM3DL Tail Goomba Basic They swing their tails at Mario, attempting to defeat him.
200px-Koopa Koopa Troopa Basic The basic forces of the Koopa Troop are walking their way to their doom.
180px-Paratroopa Paratroopa Basic The airborne Koopas are back, hopping, flying, whatever, they are easy to kill.
BoombaTroopa Boomba Troopa Weaponry Boomba Troopas, also known as Nokobon Koopas, are a bombing species of the Koopa Troopa that, when stomped on, turn into Boomba Shells.
544px-Mparty6 koopa kid Mini Bowser Castle Mini Bowsers are tough enemies that take 3 hits to defeat.
DarkKoopa Dark Koopa Grotto Dark Koopas are purple Koopa Troopas that lurk underground and in caves. Watch out for when they retreat into their shells and slide, because if you hit one, you get knocked out.
Magikoopa Card Magikoopa Fortress These koopas cast spells on Mario, one takes powerups away, one tskes healt away, and the last takes coins away.
Copter KoopaSMWWii Copter Koopa Grotto Copter Koopas are a Koopa species that wish to be a Paratroopa, so they have proppellers to fly.
Conductor koopa Counductor Koopa Grotto Counductor Koopas are koopas that use whistles to summon Choo-Choo Plains.
Smelli Smelli Grotto Smellis are koopa shells that poison Mario!!
ShyGuy Shy Guy Basic Shy Guys are a basic enemy. No one knows what is under that mask...
FlyGuy Fly Guy Airborne Fly Guys are the airborne versions of Shy Guys.
No Guy3D mf01 No Guy Basic An unmasked Shy Guy.
Tennis Guy Tennis Guy Basic A Shy Guy that hits Spiny Eggs at you with his tennis racket.
Bandinero Bandinero Basic Wario's arch-enemies are here as well.
NewPiranhaWii Piranha Plant Flora A plant that tries to eat Mario from pipes.
VenusFireTrap Venus Fire Trap Flora The fire-breathing Piranhas are back again.
Wild Piranha Wild Piranha Flora A Wild Piranha is a purple, poisonous Piranha that chomps down with their teeth.
NipperPlant Nipper Plant Flora An infant version of Piranha Plant. If Mario attempts to jump over them, they jump up and try to bite him.
MuncherU Muncher Flora These guys are unbeatable, but Mario can walk over them with Yoshi, a Mega Mushroom, or a Starman.
Kritter Kritter Jungle Kritters are a critter from the Donkey Kong games. Watck out because they can swing on any hanging vine.
KlaptrapOmega Klaptrap Jungle These biting crocs will try to eat Mario.
Lakitu NSMBWii Lakitu Airborne These flying Koopas are returning with some new toss-ammo.
Dark Lakitu Dark Lakitu Airborne Dark Lakitus are a red shelled Lakitu that will toss down Sky Blue Spinies.
Spiny2 Spiny Plains These spiky Koopas are not really a threat, unless you touch their shell.
Thorn Spiny Thorn Spiny Plains These koopas look perfecty normal, but when you get near, you'll get spiked torture!
Sky-Blue Spiny Sky Blue Spiny Grotto These koopas are tossed by Dark Lakitus.
MontyMole Monty Mole Valley These moles are a surprise, so, watch out or they will POP!
Rocky Wrench Rocky Wrench Airship They hide in manholes and throw wrenches at Mario.
BlooperNanny Blooper Underwater These bloopers often appear in groups.
Dark Blooper Dark Blooper Underwater These Bloopers are more powerful than their counterparts.
Panser Panser Flora These florecsent flowers will stop at nothing to burn Mario with their fire.
Wiggler Walking Wiggler Grotto These caterepillars need a Ground Pound to defeat. If you try to stomp them instead, they'll get angry and chase after you.
Squigglerpj Squiggler Grotto These tiny Wigglers come out of pipes, crawl across ceilings and up/down walls, and can be defeated with any ability.
Spike NSMBWii Spike Plains The spike-ball throwing creatures will dominate.
SnowSpikeSMWWii Snow Spike Snow Snow Spikes are a snow varient of the Spike enemy. They can throw snowballs that get bigger the more they roll.
BuzzyBeetle Buzzy Beetle Underground Buzzy Beetles are immune to fire, but after their flipped, their history!
Noko Bombette Noko Bombette Weaponry These explosive buzzies are known to be a real pain!
Spike Top Spike Top Desert These spiked buzzies are invincible unless an Ice Flower or Star is in hand...
BooNSMBWii Boo Undead Boos are a ghost enemy that will turn shy when Mario looks at them.
Pink Boo Pink Boo Undead Pink Boos are a pink variety of Boo which are a stronger, braver type.
Spook Spook Undead Spooks are a species of Boo that are invisible untill Mario gets close to them, then, BOO!
Booline Booline Undead Boolines are yet another Boo sub-species. They aren't as shy as when Mario looks at them, they approach faster.
BroozerOmega Broozer Undead A boxing glove boo, takes 3 hits to defeat.
120px-MP8 HammerBrother Hammer Bro. Plains This Koopa throws hammers to Mario. They can be stomped on to be stopped.
FireBro Fire Bro. Volcanic Fire Bros. are a red, fire spitting Koopa Troopa Watch out for incoming fire balls!
BoomerangBro. Boomerang Bro. Grotto Boomerang Bros. are a blue, boomerang throwing Koopa. Watch out when they throw boomerangs, because sometimes more than one are thrown.
IceBro Ice Bro. Snow Ice Bros. are a cyan, ice spitting Koopa. When they pull back, they will spit out a barrage of ice balls.
AmazingFlyingHammerBro. Amazin' Flyin' Hammer Bro. Airborne These pesky flying Hammer Bros. only need a jump to be gone.
ShurikenBro Shuriken Bro. Mountain These ninja hammer bros. are ready to take down Mario!
ThunderBro Thunder Bro. Grotto These lightning hammer bros. are ready to take down Mario!
VortexBro Vortex Bro. Valley These tornado hammer bros. are ready to take down Mario!
Crazy Hammer Bro. Crazy Bro. Grotto These psychotic hammer bros. are ready to take down Mario!
250px-SledgebrosNSMBW Sledge Bro. Mountain Obese Hammer Bros. that create a shockwave when they land after jumping.
Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro Amazin' Flyin' Sledge Bro. Grotto These new enemies are a cross between the AFH Bros. and the Sledge Bro., so look out!
Unidentified Flyin' Hammer Bro. Unidentified Flyin' Hammer Bro. Grotto A new enemy that is similar to the Amazin' Flyin' Hammer Bro., but uses a tractor beam to suck up Mario and hurt him badly. They also use hoverpad blocks instead of winged ones, which gives them easier control and more stability.
BillBlaster Bill Blaster Weaponry Shoots Bullet Bills at Mario when not close. Imortal enemies.
BulletBillWii Bullet Bill Weaponry Bullet Bills are a fast-moving enemy that can trample Mario in seconds.
Bombshell Bill Blaster Bombshell Bill Blaster Weaponry Shoots a stronger Bullet called a Bombshell Bill that will lock on to Mario.
Bombshell Bill Bombshell Bill Weaponry Bombshell Bills are a Bullet Bill that will lock on to Mario and chase him untill they hit something.
Missile Bill Missile Bill Weaponry Missile Bills are a dark purple Bullet that will stock Mario, and if it hits something-KABOOM!
BonzaiBillSMWWii Banzai Bill Weaponry Banzai Bills are giant Bullet Bills that try to hit Mario.
KingBill King Bill Weaponry King Bills are immortal, so only speed can save Mario!
Cheep-Cheep Cheep-Cheep Underwater Fish are not evil, or are they? Cheep-Cheeps are the evil fish from down-under.
Deep-Cheep Deep-Cheep Underwater Deep-Cheeps are a sub-species of Cheep-Cheep that will chase Mario when he nears them.
Creep-Cheep Creep-Cheep Underwater Creep-Cheeps are Cheeps that are like Deep-Cheeps, but faster.
Thwomp2 Thwomp Fort They try to stomp Mario. They are imortal, unless you have a star!
Thwimp. Thwimp Fort Small versions of the Thwomp that bounce around in huge arcs, trying to hit Mario. Like Thwomps, they are only vulnerable to a star.
146px-Whomp Whomp Fort They jump and land face-down, trying to flatten Mario. They can be defeated by Ground-Pounding on them subsequently.
160px-Whimp Whimp Fort The Whomp's little brother is easier to deal with (simply Ground-Pound once on them) but can still squash Mario!
DRY Dry Bones Undead The undead Koopas are walking around to kill Mario.
DrySkull Dry Skull Undead Dry Skulls are the head of Dry Bones. They can reconnect to any lying Dry Bones' body.
Tornabones Tornabones Undead Tornabones are Dry Skulls with Tornado for bodies.
Splunkin Splunkin Horror Splunkins are a pumpkin enemy that is similar to a Goomba. If you stomp them once, they'll get angry and move faster. If you stomp them again, they'll let out a small explosion.
Crowber Crowber Airborne Crowbers are a bird-like enemy that swoop down and try to hurt Mario. They are found in Ghost House levels.
Shroob3D Shroob Alien Shroobs are an alienoid race of living mushrooms making their first platformer appearence. They're tough enemies that take three hits to defeat, and can shoot lasers at Mario.
Chomp Chain Chomp Grotto Chain Chomps are metalic creatures that can slice you into peaces with thier metal razor-sharp teeth. If you Ground-Pound on their post three times, they're gone for good.
Chomp Head Chomp Head Plains Chomp Heads are the undead rolling heads of Chain Chomps.
Red Chomp3D Red Chomp Grotto Red Chomps are a sub-species of Chain Chomps. They are a stronger species with a longer chain, which means they can reach farther.
Red Chomp Head Red Chomp Head Grotto Red Chomp Heads are the undead rolling heads of Red Chomps.
Bob-omb walking Bob-Omb Misc.

Bob-Ombs are an explosive enemy, the bombers of the Koopa Troop. If you stomp them once, they stop moving for five seconds, and then explode.

Be careful—there are types of Bob-ombs that can chase Mario!

Fwoosh Fwoosh Airborne Fwooshes are a cloud enemy that will try to blow Mario off an edge. Be careful when around a Fwoosh.
Lune Lune Space Lune are a species of moon enemies from Outer Space that have formed an alliance with the Shroobs.
PodobooOmega Podoboo Volcanic These living fireballs will try to hurt Mario, Fire makes them grow, but Ice kills them.
Firesnake Fire Snake Volcanic/Desert They are defeated in the same way as Podoboos, but can jump towards Mario. Some varieties can even make their heads bigger!
UkikiSMWWii Ukiki Jungle These monkeys need 2 hits to defeat.
Tap-Tap Tap-Tap Basic Tap-Tap are a spiked ball with red foot and nose. Jump on their nose!
Cosmic Clone Cosmic Clone Basic These Cosmic Marios are invincible until Mario completes what is needed on the landspace.
Choo Choo Pain Choo Choo Pain Robot These Enemies are piloted by Conductor Koopas.
E-1001 Egg Pawn Egg Pawn Robot

Eggman's minions have joined the Koopa Troop and will not rest until Mario and his friends are destroyed.

Red ones simply charge at you, green ones shoot lasers, and yellow ones will use combat against Mario. Some can even fly, so be careful!

150px-WaddleDee Waddle Dee Basic These little guys have returned and are ready to defeat Kirby, as well as Mario!
1waddle doo Waddle Doo Basic They're more difficult to defeat then Waddle Dees, so watch out!
Undead Toad Undead Toad Horror They haunt Ghost Houses, and need three hits to defeat.
Motobug Motobug Robot/Basic These enemies originated in the Sonic series. They patrol areas, but watch out—they chase after Mario when he comes near!
Kab-Omb Kab-omb Misc. If Mario hits them with a fireball, they run around for five seconds, and then explode into fireworks. Beware!
Torpedo launcher Skull Box Underwater/Weaponry Shoots Torpedo Teds at Mario when not close. They can only be found underwater.
Torpedo Ted NSMB2 BB Torpedo Ted Underwater/Weaponry Torpedo Teds are the underwater cousins of Bullet Bills.
120px-S4 Burrobot Sprite Burrobot Robot/Grotto Like Monty Moles, they can burrow through walls. Unlike Monty Moles, they are only vulnerable to a Water Mushroom.
Mecha-Koopa Mecha-Koopa Airship

If stomped, they can be picked up and thrown as a projectile. This time, Bowser has rebuilt them to be waterproof.

Paramecha-Koopa NSMBDIY Paramecha-Koopa Airship Mecha-Koopas that can fly. They cannot be stomped due to their blades, but they are vulnerable to Mega Mushrooms. They are waterproof.