New Super Mario Bros. Adventures is a game for Nintendo 3DS. It is very similar to other games, but is also slightly similar to the Zelda DS games. It also noticeably has text like the 3-D games.


Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, and Peach are having dinner at Peach's Castle, when they notice glowing out the window. They see the Koopalings turning all the toads into stone. The team go to a strange tower that has appeared in the middle of the kingdom and defeat Iggy. They find a lock door and see an acorn on the ground. They try exploring Acorn Plains and at the end find a key. They return to the tower and this process goes over until Wendy is defeated. As they go along the worlds, they find out Bowser is trying to find the seven crystal stars, which would open the gate to the galaxy and would hold the ultimate power. They then see an opening leading to Bowser's Castle and follow it there, while destroying the tower (which can still be replayed) They find Bowser, who reveals that he was hoping for them to find the crystal star so he could take them from the team. Mario and Co. defeat him. Bowser Jr. comes out of nowhere, makes his dad bigger, and the two battle the team. At the end, the team are defeated and all the Toads are restored.


Image Name Description
Mario Jump NSMBU Mario Mario the main character of the game. He has been saving Princess Peach from Bowser for a long time and has agreed to save her again traveling through various worlds to defeat Bowser and get Peach. Mario's stats are in the middle, normal jumping, good traction and normal running speed.
NSMBULuigi Luigi Mario's brother is on the journey with Mario to save Princess Peach. His jumps are much higher than his brother but he has bad traction.
Princess Peach Princess Peach is no damsel in distress in this game. She is slow, but can hover.
Blue Toad NSMBW2-BB Toad Toad is back as well with the Mario Bros. His jump isn't as high, but he can run like crazy.


The available items are:


A boss is fought on each floor of Koopalings Tower. Another boss is fought in a ghost house on the road to Bowser's Castle, and Bowser and Bowser Jr. are fought in Bowser's Castle. Except for Bowser, it is implied the bosses are killed after battle.


Image Boss Level Description
IggyNSMBU Iggy Koopa Koopalings Tower Floor 1 Iggy Koopa is the first boss and is encountered in the first level. He is a mad scientist and loves violence. He fights on a balancing platform in a lava pool. He'll throw balls to push you back into lava. He is immune to Mario's jumps and they instead knock him back. Iggy is defeated by pushing him into lava.
[[[File:Morton Koopa Jr Solo.png|130px]] Morton Koopa Jr. Koopalings Tower floor 2 Morton Koopa Jr. is a bot of a grouch and a blabber mouth. He seems to hate life and is mad at the rest of the world. He cannot be hurt while moving, and when he reaches a wall, he runs on it and then onto the ceiling. When he is above you he will slam down, causing a shockwave that stuns you. It will also stun him, allowing you to stomp on him. Stomping on him three times sends him flying to the back wall, crushing him.
[[[File:Lemmy Koopa NSMBU.png]] Lemmy Koopa Koopaling Tower floor 3 Lemmy is a playful Koopa who just wants to have fun and be in the circus. He will appear out of a random pipe (each at a different hight). Two Koopas wearing masks like his will also pop out. A Bomb ball is constantly bouncing around and will hurt Mario. After three stomps, he will accidentally fall into lava
[[File:Ludwig von Koopa|Wendy O Koopa 3D Wendy O. Koopa Koopalings Tower floor 7