New Super Mario Bros Adventure Pack is a game pack with the four installments of New Super Mario Bros Adventure.

New Super Mario Bros Adventure

Mario and the Gang build an Airship for Prircess peach, but she was kidnapped by Bowser and the Koopalings. Find information Here

New Super Mario Bros Adventure 2

Mario and the gang goes to defeat the Koopa Bros that kidnapped Peach. Find information Here

New Super Mario Bros Adventure 3

Mario found out that Bowser stole Peach, and that Reznor try to steal here first. Here

New Super Mario Bros Adventure 4

Mario and Luigi found themselves in a Lavaland. Then Rosalina tell them what happens. Find information Here

DLC Pack

Part of this game has a buy able DLC pack which involves 12 episodes: 4 DLC Packs, 3 world each.

DLC Pack #1

  • W1: Sunken Trainyard

-Boss: Bombshell Koopa

  • W2: Airship Antics

-Boss: Army Hammer Bro

  • W3: Yoshi Island

-Boss: Kamek

DLC Pack #2

  • W1: Gusty Gardens

-Boss: Major Burrows

  • W2: Rusty Robot

-Boss: Cosmic Rosalina

  • W3: Pine-Tree Mountain

-Boss: Big Branch Bro

DLC Pack #3

  • W1: Jungle Hideout

-Boss: Diddy Kong

  • W2: Pumpkin Fields

-Boss: Reznor

  • W3: Cotton-Candy Cloud-top

-Boss: Ty-Foo

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